Male Abuse Awareness Feature Broadcasting

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Male Abuse Awareness Week


Presented & Provided by

Barbara Ochoa    ae79f4140cfe346f9ad15312ccf3a5ae[1]

Founder; Pluna Foundation

Special Radio Interviews

Nov 25th – Dec 7th

Official Press Release by P Luna Foundation

Nov. 25th, Monday Philip Paris; Author ‘Men Cry Alone’
Barbara Ochoa & Stephen Spires


Nov. 27th, WednesdayDave Pittman, Fndr – Together We Heal
Blair Corbett, Fndr – Ark of Hope for Children


Nov 29th, Friday Dean McVay, Survivor & Childhelp USA Rep.
Jim Schwartz, Pluna Foundation Board Volunteer


Dec 2nd, MondayMolly Wolfe, Research on Male Abuse
Lori Barnes, Representative Pluna Foundation


Dec 3, Tuesday – Ms. Jennifer Irons, C.E.O. MEStudios/Writer/Producer

                         ‘Shame’ Short Film, Domestic Violence Male Victims w/ Cast

                               Barbara Ochoa, Fndr. PLuna Foundation /–shame-the-movie


Dec 4th, WednesdayMichael Skinner, Fndr Surviving Spirit & Musician
Harmini, Christian Rap Artist/Actor/Model                        

Barbara Ochoa, Fndr: Pluna Foundation/ & Musician


Dec 5th Thursday – Mr. Bill Murray; Advocate/Speaker/Survivor

                                              S.C.A.N. Blog Talk Radio Programming

                                       Fndr. National Assoc. Survivors of Child Abuse


Dec 6th, FridayMartha Flores, Research & Studies
John Miller, Survivor & PlunaFoundation Rep.–closing-it-out


Butterfly Dreams Talk Radio broadcasting time zones:

9pm eastern, 8 pm central, 7pm mountain, 6pm pacific

Join us for this very special event in tribute to all males harmed by

the ugly & painful acts of abuse, violence and/or trafficking!!!

Let’s Hear It For The Boys!!


©Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery Nov.2012

Patricia ‘Trish’ McKnight

Fndr/C.E.O. Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery

Butterfly Dreams Talk Radio

Author: ‘My Justice’

About PatriciaMcKnight

I am a survivor of over thirty years trapped inside the silence and brutality of abuse. In Feb. 2011 the true and graphic tale of my abuse was published in the memoir "My Justice", where I have finally removed the coal stained hand which sneaked in to terrorize and steal away my voice, holding me captive in the dysfunction of the aftermath casting a shadow of darkness on everything good in my life. Living in the true spirit of freedom, I have now become a strong advocate against the Family Crimes and Terroristic Abuse we have continuously taught our children to tolerate, keep secret, and burdened their lives in shame. You can join with me in this mission by visiting our new resource and recovery website. You will find a full collection of other survivor resources, and information I've learned and created as the result from finally finding my voice, learning to live in my new found freedom; along with a determined mission to update our outdated laws and investigation process for every maltreatment report made across the country. Always believe in those wonderful Butterfly Dreams. Thank you. Thankfully sharing my story has helped hundreds find the courage not only to face their past, but conquer the demons. Abuse, Violence, Forced Servitude and even Sex Trafficking occurs within our homes and our family unit every single day. It is a destructive force which can take decades to face and a lifetime to recover. Maintaining a healthy positive attitude, focus on your daily and long term goals, understand the emotional and life challenges you deal with as a result of lasting wounds, all of this daily work will allow you to find inner peace. Completing small daily goal lists will help build the value in your person, which is commonly destroyed through degradation and dark actions. There is a lot we can do to help survivors recover and rebuild. There is much we can do as a society to help end crimes within our homes. The first step in this mission is to STOP TEACHING SILENCE within our families and placing shame on the victims of these crimes. Using your voice, sharing our surviving stories, is the best teaching guide we can give to empower society with the tools to prevent, report, prosecute, and assist the many families and victims in need today. There have been years suffering the damage inflicted, decades of struggling through the lifelong battle of self destructive behaviors. It is an honor to have 'My Justice' already used at the collegiate level for psychology classes, upcoming therapists and educators. Today my life is very blessed. I'm finally safe, finally truly loved, finally feeling the magic of what life is supposed to be like. Please help us in the mission to give our children the power of their voice. Teach your children to respect themselves and others, to never tolerate or be silent again about those who harm them, even if that person is a parent. We will recover, we will rebuild, we will conquer the pains of yesterday to live in the true sense of life, freedom and safety today. Feeling grateful, trish Author: 'My Justice' Creator: Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery Trainer/Creator: 'Family Crimes - The true human tragedy'
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5 Responses to Male Abuse Awareness Feature Broadcasting

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    • Hey listing all the archive files of our interviews during this entire event. I am so grateful to have taken part in this opportunity, Petra thanks for believing in Butterfly Dreams and my work. Together we are changing the world and helping to prevent a crimes like this in some child’s life. Cheers!!

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