A Survivor’s Words

A Child’s Story of Abuse

A Woman’s Story of Domestic Violence

A Survivor’s Honesty about the

Crimes and their Scars

There are many different sites that will provide you with statistics about Child Abuse and/or Domestic Violence. The majority consensus is that 80% of our children will be or have been a victim of Child Abuse. Also, one in four women live as victims of Domestic Violence.  In my life there was a total of 32 years of abuse; surviving 12 years of brutal sadistic torture from my stepfather; continuous severe neglect from my mother; and then 20 years in multiple abusive adult relationships. In the novel “My Justice” , I have finally removed the hand that has kept me silent for over 40 years about the abuse I’ve survived and the scars it has left on my soul, my skin, my mental well being. This story is meant to give it’s reader a honest look into the thoughts, feelings, and trauma of a child so completely controlled by terror while all of her basic needs for existence were disregarded. The simple necessity of a toothbrush, a smile, a tender moment of kindness; all of the most simple things in her life were ignored; especially that need of safety. This story will suck you in and allow you to feel the pain of this child; her struggles just to survive in her home each day.

As she grows to become a decayed person inside and out; you will feel her need and walk through her life as she searches for that one true person to support and love her. You will be able to share the desperate need of this true survivor as she walks from one abuser to the next in her life. When she thinks she will be rescued from her home of torture; it becomes just another cage of control. When she finds the one to father her children; you will feel the depression as his actions of emotional and financial control rule her world. Walk through her adult life and see the multiple of violent abusers that hide behind the promise of true love, but instead threaten, beat, and attempt to take away the very breath of her soul.

The survivor in her is determined to provide her children with love and safety, but she lacks the skills and training of a good parent. You can step into her family and see how the scars of her abuse have caused pain, chaos, trauma in the lives of her children. Through the help of a friend, she finally makes that choice to escape from the madness of evil. Her spirit will push through that path she was trained to follow. She is able to escape and tries desperately to become the woman, mother and person she was truly born to be. Her strength fights each day to conquer the nightmares as she struggles to provide that safe, loving home that her children deserve. The choices of men come and go; disrupting the home she creates for them. When she feels that her world is finally safe you will also be sucked into the sadness she has when her health is what fails her now. Once again she is left with three children to care for and no way of making that possible. She reaches out for the needed love of her mother, but finds only the mother who had neglected her cries and left her to rot; the stepfather who continues to stalk and haunt her nights; this is all that she has left.

She returns to her home determined to be safe and bring her children back. Again she will fight to rebuild her safe world and attempt to guide her children into adulthood. It takes strength and time, but when she reaches the end of her violent path she will become successful at being a survivor, reaching her happiness, and also feeling that true sense of safety as true love comes into her life. His tenderness and love support her as she heals to find her voice. You will want to stand for this survivor as she continues to grow; now speaking out for all victims of these silent crimes. The strength of this story will fill your soul as the author shares the nightmares that haunt her sleep; the flashbacks that haunt her days; and the peace she is determined to give all survivors of these traumas.

This author and survivor, Ms. Patricia A. McKnight, is asking you now to read her story in the novel, “My Justice”, and give your voice to stand up for the millions of those who are trapped in the forced silence of abuse. It is time for us all to put and end to these continued crimes of silent torture. It is now that she requests us all to be aware of those around us; protect and help the lost souls of all abuse victims. As you read her story, you will feel how lost; abandoned; threatened; tortured these victims can be. Let her story provide you with the insight and knowledge you need to be vigilant and stand up against these heinous crimes. If the silence continues then the scars of these crimes will continue to affect the lives of our children. It is only by talking about the affects of these crimes that we can create a safer world for them.

My Justice

is a brutally honest glimpse into one woman’s struggle to overcome the abuse – and its long-term effects – that nearly comes to define her. It offers a powerful narrative and stirs the emotions of fear, sadness, desperation; strength, happiness, and finally peace. Safety!!!

About the Author

Patricia A. McKnight is a survivor of abuse who is driven to speak out and help empower other survivors from similar environments. She acts as an advocate, encouraging all to speak about their experiences so that we can educate others about the horrible cycling affects of abuse.

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