Tricia McKnight is the new host of “Survivors Speak Out” a Dreamcatchers for Abused Children blog talk radio program. She is an author and also the founder & manager of an online private support group. This group, Survivors World, is there to help support and guide the women who are suffering from the aftermath of abuse, either childhood or domestic violence. She has created a safe and friendly place within this group for women to gain positive support and encourage those struggling while they continue moving forward in their healing from these traumas. Tricia is committed to end the silence attached to these crimes and has created a cause of awareness. This cause, Stop Whispering, is directly focused at gaining the many strong voices needed to break down that brick wall that traps its victims in secret. You can also join this cause by following the link given on this blog. This cause creates a place where voices gather to speak out against the crimes that exist within our homes. Please join us by going to and give your voice against the crimese of abuse.

Tricia has also initiated the 911 Cell Phone Bank Recycle Program in her local area, using the credited phones to support victims of violent homes. This will help provide emergency phone services for those in her rural area who do not have quick access to reach out for the help when needed.

Other than her published novel, “My Justice“, which can be purchased through;; barne’, she also enjoyes her many volunteer hours as an advocate, guest writer and sharing her many awareness short stories through blogging. You can find out more by connecting with her at

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