Rising Out of Sadness & Nightmares…..A Call for Human Kindness



 “My Justice” is a true and graphic look into the very brutal world of Child Abuse and Domestic Violence. Through this brilliant new author’s story you will feel the power of a little girl who is left to rot in the, almost daily, sadistic abuse from her stepfather, while all of her most basics needs are abandoned by the mother who should be there to protect her. She will allow you to feel the extreme desperate cries of a child, whom her entire community ignored.

Inside this amazing novel you will be taken into the world of secrecy, shame and trauma. “Trecia Ann”, the courageous child of this novel, will guide society through the path of learning about the “trained” acceptance and expectation of cruelty as it follows her through life; destroying everything good in her world. As she conquers the many different demons that try to hold her down and break the true spirit within her, it is then you will feel the power and courage she has to gain back the happiness that was once stripped away from her.

This new amazing novel, “My Justice”, carries with it a very powerful awakening to our society. The strength of a survivor to take away the coal stained hand that has held her captive in the silence of abuse for over thirty years, has now come to life as she stands proudly before us and shares her sincere inspirations to always keep moving forward.

Peter Thomas Senese……..”My Justice” deserves to be described as gripping, empowering, compelling, and a read that you do not want to put down. Equally, there are, on occasions, a very different way of writing a review of an authors work, and for me, this is one of those times. So … “Ms. McKnight, your courage to share this story, your courage to stand up Unbowed and to live in Uhuru exemplifies what is right in this world. In reading “My Justice” I know my world became closer, and in that, a better place. “My Justice” is a book that I will recommend to others – not just those entrapped in abuse, but as the lessons shared cross many boundaries, I will share it with those who have forgotten to trust and believe in themselves. Thank you for writing “My Justice” – you have written a treasure that will make this world a better place.”

A note from Tricia……There are millions of survivors who struggle through the aftermath of abuse and it is important to recognize that each of their stories carries with it the desire to be validated. As a society it is our responsiblity to honor the spirit they show each day as they walk bravely out of their unbelievable sadness and nightmares.

You can purchase “My Justice” through the following links, where the author has given you the First Five Chapters Free. Be prepared to be shocked and hooked in immediately!!!




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