New Novel “My Justice” Gives Voice to the Madness of Abuse

In this heralded and incredible new novel, “My Justice”, the talented author,Patricia A. McKnight, will sweep you away in the madness of abuse and domestic violence. This author is taking her readers into a journey to find the happiness once ripped away from her. You will be taken through a campaign of hope and resilience against all battles as you read this astounding new novel.

Ms. McKnight has written an outstanding and highly inspirational novel that gives each reader a map of awareness and escape from the silence that traps so many of its victims. The main character of this novel, “Trecia Ann”, is sharing the voice of the little girl who could never speak out of the neglect and horror that filled her world. She became so engulfed in the household of cruelty that it created a path that she would travel for over thirty years.

This true survival story will take you on an exploration of mind and soul. You will walk through life in the eye’s of a young girl. Readers will experience the fears, dreams, wishes and darkest fears of a child. You will hear her cries, feel her rage and be overcome by her years of sadness; in the end to be lifted by her triumphant happiness. This novel will have you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. You will be taken on a ride that will reach the depths of your moral fortitude, which most leave untouched. “Trecia Ann” will have you crying and screaming, demanding justice for all. After all, this is only the story of one, of many, of the abused.

        Author, Patricia A. McKnight explains; It is only after years of healing that I am able to bask in freedom and the happiness that was  chased, but have chosen to remove the coal stained hand that held me silent. The horrific secrets and the behaviors of a “trained” abused child are now being shared. We all deserve to have roses in our garden of life and it is by talking that we can truly help to educated and protect those who cannot speak out and protect themselves”

Many reviews have been received on this new novel and the deepest of those are from people of this child’s past who speak out about the girl who was lost in the cracks of blindness. One such person was her fourth grade teacher, who is now retired but still involved in up and coming teachers.

Retired School Teacher, Ms. Linda Walcher, strongly praises: “This novel is a teaching of awareness for anyone who has direct contact with children to the extreme tragedy of neglect that is so commonly overlooked, but which can be the beginning signs of something much deeper. As a teacher, a mother, a person who cherishes all children; this amazingly well written novel made me want to scream and beg for others to read the details that are so exceptionally shared in the glorious strength of a child’s words.”

Best selling author, Child Advocate, Peter T. Senese; Director of I CARE Foundation comments: “Ms. McKnight has a beautiful story that she shares, one that is surely about abuse; however, “My Justice” is more about the mankind’s and the human spirits capability and capacity to triumphantly bask in the magic of freedom no matter how dark the present may be. Undeniably, this is a story of good over evil, a story of freedom over slavery, a story of courage over fear, and a story that does not simply entertain at the highest level, but it educates, makes us think, and makes us want to do better with respect to our own interactions with one another. “

        You will find “My Justice” available through;  Amazon; Barne’s & Noble. It is available in E-book; Kindle & Nook, as well as paperback version. This incredible and inspiring novel is now available wherever books are sold.

Published by @ButterflyTrish

I am a survivor of over thirty years trapped inside the silence and brutality of Family Crimes, Child Sex Trafficking, and a life-lived pattern of tolerance for over thirty years in almost murderous relationships. In Feb. 2011, I chose to publish the truth about what happened in our home, the community around me, and the learned patterns of self-hatred and tolerance which became such a huge factor in my life. I never felt worthy of life, breathing, love & respect; not until I honestly began a strong focus on healing myself. There were many traits and tragedies that influenced my life. It seemed to control everything inside me and it was nothing but sadness and fake emotions. Only by facing the horrors I went through, the choices I made as a woman & mother, then relating to the greatest guilt I still grieve; how the trauma behavior has affected my children's lives. It's my hope to help others get through their battles, regardless of the type of trauma because when we hurt our lives are forever changed. "My Justice' is not an easy read. It was published to release the thick layers of trauma, sex trafficking, and disfiguring neglect, the enslavement of a child to answer the ring of 'his' bell, and keep my own private terrorist alive. This memoir is NOT SUGGESTED FOR ANYONE UNDER 16 years of age. It discusses the permanently wounding life and the cycle of destruction that held me in expecting/tolerating ridicule and violence in my adult relationships. This truth was published to inspire others to take an in-depth look at their life and behaviors as a result of their past. When we connect the dots through rebuilding an understanding of the pattern of adult choices in coping addictions, parenting, and partners; even affecting our careers and self-sustainable life. I'm so honored to have 'My Justice' used at the collegiate level for psychology classes, upcoming therapists, and educators. Today my life is very blessed. I'm finally safe, finally truly loved, finally feeling the magic of what life is supposed to be like. My greatest power only began to show when I first made the choice to end the violent relationships and behaviors around my children; to give them something better, something SAFE!! In choosing to share my own story, I've also gone the serious extra step to educate myself through years of research, attending training opportunities, and collaborating with other advocate resources focused in human resilience and healing from abuse, sexual harm, and sex trafficking. Today there are experts digging deep to recreate help and healing. I've chosen to use my past as a way to inspire a greater good and; hopefully, somehow change the cycle of tragedy in our homes so that we empower our kids to live a more positive path. The best education we can give is healing our survivors of traumatic experiences so we understand what they felt then and what they wish they would have had available; those who could have and should have said something. We can change things for our life today, but best of all in healing our wounds, we give communities a supportive working strategy in assisting the people in our lives. One step at a time, one caring soul at a time, we can give them a path to changing our human society as a whole. This is a tell-all, which was written in the midst of my third nervous breakdown as I struggled to put all my distorted pieces back together, and help my children understand how the violence I tolerated against me invaded their well-being. My children have always been my world, but my behaviors, lack of healthy parenting and life skills, and an inability to remain stable have caused another generation of suffering for my grandchildren. This is a very difficult thing to watch and the continued tragedies that seem to keep affecting the choices in my family. Writing this book was only the beginning of trying to release all that has haunted me for so many years. I have finally removed his thick, cruel, coal-stained hand which trapped me in fear for decades. Those hands and his evil, her housemaid and caregiver; created a slave, and that slave submitted to horrific and brutal attacks but always felt it was her burden to bear. I lived with that hand holding me down, continually terrorizing and silencing, stealing my voice to protect their pure evil. Throughout decades the dysfunction caused by the chaos inside my head would affect every relationship, my children, and cast a shadow of darkness on everything good in my life. Living in the true spirit of freedom, I have now become a strong advocate against the life cycle of human destruction. If we want to control our life and achievements today, then we cannot live stuck in the tragedy of hardships and pain. Life is meant to be lived, to be enjoyed, to see what you can do and what you can achieve, to find out what is important to you. We all become adults. We all have a burden to bear. Stand up and keep moving, keep living, keep dreaming. You have two choices in recreating and rebuilding yourself. Do you stay stuck in the dark shadows of your past? Do you dig deep and find that spirit that kept you alive so that you could become the proud, strong, capable, resilient, kind human being? Which do you choose and how will that choice affect your children and theirs? We can be supportive, and provide resources and suggestions for help so that families suffering from addiction or past trauma can find a recovery balance to rebuild their family into a more positive life pattern. We will recover, we will rebuild, we will conquer the pains of yesterday to live in the true sense of life, freedom, and safety today. Patricia 'Trish' McKnight Author: 'My Justice' Fndr/CEO: Butterfly Dreams Alliance, NFP Mentor/Advocate/Speaker/Survivor

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  1. I do appreciate it but there are far too many problems that I am constantly being haunted with and I can’t pretend that I didn’t get hurt that way.I am at a lost. I have a blog;

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