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Tricia A. McKnight

           We have had a very busy 6 weeks on the radio program, with so many amazing advocates and survivors coming to share their empowerment and inspiration with us. This will continue through the month of May and into June, so I thought I’d share our scheduled programs for the rest of this month.

Beginning with tonight; we have MMA Fighter/Advocate; Joey Primak.  Together he and I are going to discuss the Males Survivors of Domestic Violence. While we can see by the stats provided that the majority of physical attacks of battery have been primarily men abusers, there are also many men who have been financially, emotionally and physically abused by their wife/partner (male & female). As we await updated information on the passing of the Violence Against Women Act; which now included men in its language to provide the same resources that are available for women. Unfortunately at this point however, there are very few resources for men at this time. Most men remain silent because of the fear of being shamed or not believed when they report a case of Domestic Violence. Joey is a survivor of this crime as well a survivor of child abuse that we have chatted with before. Now he is coming back to share the spirit of his courage in speaking out about the need for better resources to men for the crimes of rape and domestic battery.

On Thurs. May 24th- Our show will be; GETTING OUT & MOVING ON! This will be an Open Discussion Format with your calls and your shares. If you have a special topic of discussion or a story that you would like to share, you can either email me at tricia.mcknight@hotmail.com or you can message me at http://www.facebook.com/triciagirl62 For this program I strongly encourage you to invite family & friends to listen in live or to the archive as we will be discussing the need to recognize the violence, gauge the level of danger, making a plan of escape, getting out safe and then moving forward.

Monday May 28th – Ms. Kelly Karius will be joining me for a share on her organization, NO SUCH THING AS A BULLY. It was through a mutual friend that I became acquainted with Kelly and have had the pleasure of sharing a blog talk program with her before. Her program is aimed at changing the language, the stigma, and the violence attached to BULLYING. I believe you will enjoy this program and find it very informative on dealing with and explaining a bully to your children. Again this is a topic for all family members!!!

Wednesday, May 30th – Musician/Advocate Michael Skinner will be coming back to do a show focusing on May – Mental Health Awareness Month. Michael and his organization Surviving Spirit does a lot to recognize the mental illness related to the aftermath of abuse. Also how hard it can be to cope with BiPolar Disorder; Schizophrenia; Depression; P.T.S.D. and other related problems.

Thursday, May 31st – Advocate Ms. Shirelle “Diamond” Hogan will be joining me; hopefully we will also have two other survivors. The three ladies were a panel interview for a 3 part series of “What Goes On in the Mind of a Battered Woman”. It was Journalist/Author Jerome L. Whitehead who did this interview series and I would like to take a look at who they were while in the midst of the violence and who they are now. How did they first acknowledge the violence they were in? How did they go about getting out and being safe? How are they impacting the lives of others with their survival stories now?

This is the line up that will take us through the end of May and you can find this and more on our UPCOMING EVENTS CALENDAR which is available on the main website @ http://www.dreamcatchersforabusedchildren.com

Hopefully, all of you will join in for these shows and support our guests and those who call in to share. We want to give everyone that positive empowerment to share the information for educational and awareness purposes, but also to help anyone who may be struggling in the silence of these crimes. It seems the abuses that exist and go on everyday in our homes is still one topic that society does not wish to discuss, but we want to keep it in the forefront of our society to help create a change for something better, something SAFE FOR EVERYONE!!!

Please leave any comments or questions about this line up here or on my Facebook page. As always an event will be created with the Event on Facebook and invitations will be sent to those on my friends list. The team at Dreamcatchers wishes everyone safety and happiness in their lives.

We all deserve those beautiful roses in our garden of life!!!

Male Sexual Abuse Survivor/Author/Advocate; Jan Frayne

Dreamcatchers for Abused Children

Blog Talk Radio Programming

Welcomes Tonight

Mr. Jan Frayne


Tonight our guest is a man I’ve been communicating with personally via Twitter/Facebook for about 6 months now. I was honored when he asked me to provide a write up about his new novel, “Beyond Survivor – Rising from the Ashes of Childhood Sexual Abuse”. Even more, I was flabbergasted when he published this write-up on the back cover of his book. Jan and I have become quite connected and he is an extremely dedicated advocate. Hoping to inspire and empower more men to speak out of the cruelties against them, never to be shamed and breaking the myths of Male Childhood Sexual Abuse.

Mr. Frayne’s powerfully and beautifully written novel of Poetry and Short Stories will take you through his process of healing from this torture. You will be allowed to feel the true depth of his silence and in the end, finding the courage to speak up. He has become successful in his life and is hoping that the voice of our many men and boys, who have been held captive, will finally gain their needed support to speak  without shame.

You can go to the following sites to read his blog and find out more about this incredible man. Connect with him and allow his story to create an empowerment for others to come forward in safety. Our show will begin at 9:00pm e.s.t. and our call in number to listen or share is (917)932-1132.


New Novel: “Beyond Survivor – Rising from the Ashes of Childhood Sexual Abuse” http://bookstore.authorhouse.com/Products/SKU-000556774/Beyond-Survivor–Rising-from-the-Ashes-of-Childhood-Sexual-Abuse.aspx

Jan Frayne’s Blog Site; http://whatislove-2010.blogspot.com/

See his PRWeb Release Here – http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&frm=1&source=web&cd=18&ved=0CGUQFjAHOAo&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.prweb.com%2Freleases%2F2012%2F4%2Fprweb9435690.htm&ei=_wK1T-uONoSu8QSKweDVDw&usg=AFQjCNGJe4sFxWZBeM5WqnT1-oc3UGNOvg

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/jan.frayne

Domestic Violence Healing with Angelica Harris

Dreamcatchers for Abused Children

Blog Talk Radio

Welcomes Tonight

Author/Advocate; Ms. Angelica Harris


Our Dreamcatchers Blog Talk Radio Program w/ Exec. Director & Host; Patricia “Tricia” McKnight, welcomes an impressive survivor of Sexual Abuse and living within the Domestic Violence of her parents and her mother’s sinking into mental illness. This wonderful and inspiring Author/Advocate, is using her story, partnering with organizations such as, Institute of Violence, Abuse and Trauma and Amnesty International. Through this combined effort Ms. Harris is devoted to not only raising awareness about the damage these crimes can do, but also to bring a sense of support & healing to those effected.

Ms. Harris changed her world in 2010 by writing her memoirs. She had always enjoyed writing and believed it to be her great escape through her teens and onward. It is through this love of writing that she developed/founded the Excalibur Reading Program. This pilot program is now being used in designated Queens, NY Public Schools. The Excalibur Reading Program, is a non-profit program that brings the imagination of escape & coping, as well as mid-evil conquering, to these children; hoping to inspire a way to help them cope with these problems they live with each day.

Please join us beginning at 9pm e.s.t. this evening for another wonderful share from a highly inspiring survivor who is sincerely devoted to making a difference. Remember our call in number is (917)932-1132!! You can call in to listen through your phone or press 1 to connect and talk live with us.

Here is the main site for information on our guest & her amazing Excalibur Reading Program — http://www.angelicaharris.com/

You can find out about her book, “Living with Rage” and much more.

International Parental Abduction w/ Peter Thomas Senese

Dreamcatchers for Abused Children

Blog Talk Radio

Special Guest

Peter Thomas Senese & Attny. Ann Marquez


Tonight on the Dreamcatchers Blog Talk Radio our host & Exec. Director, Tricia McKnight, will be sitting in with two very special guests from the I CARE Foundation. Please join us in welcoming Author/Advocate Peter Thomas Senese and Attorney Ann Marquez, who are joining me for a sit down Q & A on the I CARE Foundation and International Parental Abduction.

Peter and Ms. Ann Marquez, who previously held the position of Senior Litigator for New York State Child Protective Services, are going to give us a few inside bits to the mess we call CPS; as well we will be chatting about a few of their recent international rescues of kidnapped children. They are also going to share with us what we can expect to see from this amazing team as they move forward in this battle to help prevent the abduction and human trafficking of our children.

Most parents may never know the fear of having their child kidnapped by the opposite parent and taken to a country where the laws to protect them from Pedophilia or Trafficking are not viewed with the harsh objectiveness as here in the United States. Some of us have known the anguish of having them stolen into another state or taken wrongly by the Protective Social Services unit. This leaves a parent with a mind racing full of unimaginable fear and worry over what could happen to their child; I am one of those parents and know this huge depth of pain that takes over our world. But imagine your child being taken out of the country!!! Where do you go for help? Who can you call to find out what resources are available to help you get them back? This is the amazing team at the I CARE Foundation who review laws and fight the international borders to hunt for these children and return them to the custodial loving parent.

Tonight’s discussion with Peter & Ann will be something for all of us to listen in on. We may never have to go through this unimaginable fear, but we may be the one to see a kidnapped child while out on vacation to another country or perhaps while out on a cruise ship. We want you to know what to do and also who to contact if you are the Chasing Parent and as in Peter Thomas Senese’s best-selling novel, what to expect when you are “Chasing the Cyclone”.

Please encourage your family and friends to join in for another great discussion on the Dreamcatchers Blog Talk Radio tonight. We begin our broadcast at 9pm e.s.t. and our phone lines are always open to allow your thoughts, shares, and questions. You can call in to listen or chat live at (917)932-1132. Please help protect the safety of all children and stay vigilant with us in this battle to end the many abuses against them.

Here are a few links to find out more about tonight’s special guests:




Mark A. Palmer & Jessica’s Law Now on the BTR!!


Dreamcatchers for Abused Children

Blog Talk Radio

Welcomes Tonight

Mark A. Palmer


 Tonight on our Blog Talk Radio, Host & Exec. Director, Tricia McKnight welcomes a man who fights endlessly to help locate and find our missing children. Please join us as we share a great discussion with Mr. Mark A. Palmer!!

Mark is a tireless advocate who strives above and beyond to locate our missing children. Having worked hard to enact some version of Jessica’s Law into 44 states. He and his organization have worked in over 500 cases of missing children and make it their mission to fight for tougher laws. The importance of creating laws across our nation to protect our children from the many pedophiles, monsters & murderers is very crucial. Please join in as we share all that Mark and the Jessica’s Law Now organization is doing to ensure just that.

Our blog talk program this evening is very important for all to get involved. We will be sharing not only about Jessica’s Law but also about some of the missing children that this organization is working at locating now, including Isabel Celis. If you recall there has been a lot of posts concerning this little girl’s disappearance. This beautiful little 6-year-old was stolen in the middle of the night while her family slept. Some 17 Sex Offenders that lived close by have already been interviewed and cleared. Where is this child and the many millions more who are missing? How can we help ensure that Amber Alerts are passed immediately for ALL MISSING CHILDREN???

Join in at 9pm e.s.t. tonight as we talk about these subjects with Mark. We encourage you to invite your family and friends to get involved. It is important that we reach out to all of society when we are discussing the protection of our children. Remember our phone lines will be open, which you can call in to share or listen by calling (917)932-1132.

***Mark will not be taking any calls related to specific cases of missing children tonight. This is a time to update everyone on the continued efforts of this organization to enact Jessica’s Law Now & Amber Alerts. We will be discussing a few of the major cases of missing children that they are working on at this time. You must contact your local law enforcement agency to report a missing child or question a specific case.***

Here are a few sites where you can find out more about our guest:

Facebook for Mark A. Palmer: https://www.facebook.com/mpalmer7

Jessica’s Law Now Blog: http://jessicaslawnow.wordpress.com/

Center for Missing & Exploited Children: http://www.missingkids.com/missingkids/servlet/PublicHomeServlet?LanguageCountry=en_US&

Email to President Obama-Stand on Child Abuse!!!

Email to President Obama

Sent – May 03, 2012

Who Will Stand 


Our Children!!!

 Dear President Obama:

 You don’t know me. I don’t have money; in fact I am on Disability because of an injury from Domestic Violence. I am now a full-time volunteer for Dreamcatchers for Abused Children, based out of Peck, Michigan. However, I live in Breese Illinois and what I do is mostly online.

In March I was appointed as Exec. Director of their blog talk programming. I am also a survivor of 12 yrs. of severe sadistic abuse from my stepfather, complete sacrifice of me by my mother. All medical and dental needs were ignored even though we had excellent health insurance from UMWA, but not so much as a tooth-brush could be provided for the rotting little girl.The neglect of my mother was so extreme that as a skin infection ate away at my arms and legs from not being able to have the safety to bathe in my home, she never cared or provided the medical treatment that was needed to stop it. For a period of 5 years I could not bathe and the infection left me scarred on every inch of skin that covered my arms and legs. I went to school with black rotting teeth, front teeth that were visible. My arms and legs and deep rotting infected sores on them and everyone dodged contact with me.

 A community of 1500 people knew who I was and who to contact if I did something wrong. A school system I attended for a repeated 9 years never asked about the silent girl whose skin was literally rotting away. The school mates who attended our many late night parties,were provided with drugs and alcohol, then were asked who would be the first to take me in the back and give me what I deserved, but no one ever offered to care. The police and neighbors who witnessed the girl getting beaten in the street, walking around with multiple bruises, drug by the hair and worse. Still with all of this no one ever said a word or questioned my parents. In Feb. 2011 I published my story, “My Justice”, is out there and I changed the names of the many who abused me throughout 32 years of my life, mainly because it wasn’t about the who but about the what was done.

In this novel I apologized to my children for the way my abuse had flowed into their lives and distorted their world. It meant most to me that if my story could help just one person gain the courage to speak out and heal for themselves rather than continue on the self-destructive path of despair, depression, P.T.S.D. and even dissociation; this makes me happiest. However, I must say that since becoming highly involved with Dreamcatchers I have succeeded many times at helping others heal and speak out,but there is still no direct attention where it needs to be. The laws of child abuse need to be radically changed!! Social Workers need to be made accountable for their actions. There are so many levels of wrong on this very important issue of protecting our most valuable asset, our children. I summed up the courage to send First Lady Obama a copy of “My Justice” along with a three page letter, which begged for her beautiful passion of family to be used to acknowledge the estimated 60 million survivors who, like me, have allowed their lives to be shattered and keep these secrets of horrific trauma, so that their family and work peers would not shame them. It is time, Sir, for the blame and shame to be put on the pedophiles and monsters who harm our children. We need to provide better resources to help children move past the abuse and heal so that they can achieve their dreams and possibly be the next great President of our America. Mr. President, I am not famous; I am not rich to put money into your campaign or into any other organization or political stand. I am a nobody, Sir, just a common citizen of this country trying very hard to devote all she has left to help change the laws and protect our children.

Sir, I know that the politician who makes Child Abuse a campaign issue will have the support of some many millions of citizens. There are so very many who are searching for someone to be vocal and let them know that it is alright, it is safe to talk, it is safe to take this stand. Please Mr. President, perhaps you will talk with your wife and find out if she received the book copy and the letter. You may want to read it yourself, but I warn you it is a true and graphic account of what happened. My former teachers have read it and apologized for letting me slip through the cracks. They said my book was so well written on the subject of being a silent surviving child of horrific torment that it should be used as a guide to teach others. The reviews I am getting from others on the story is the same, from counselors, survivors, advocates.

 In closing Mr. President, I beg you to take a stand on this issue. You have stood strong on our economy, our war, our joint communication between the lines of government; YOU SIR ARE STRONG ENOUGH TO DO THIS!!! Please help the many who are buried and tormented by these vicious and heinous crimes. Children are having to live with these monsters, 93% of all abuse is by someone the child loves and trusts. Our children will not speak against their parents and family so teachers and counselors have to be better educated and trained to pick up on the signs of the silently screaming child. Please Mr. President, please help our children, protect them, save them. Thank you and I hope you do get to read this, as I am sure you get many other emails about other issues. We protect our animals, do commercials to help children in other countries; we need to protect our children.


Patricia A. McKnight

Author: “My Justice”