Domestic Violence Healing with Angelica Harris

Dreamcatchers for Abused Children

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Welcomes Tonight

Author/Advocate; Ms. Angelica Harris

Our Dreamcatchers Blog Talk Radio Program w/ Exec. Director & Host; Patricia “Tricia” McKnight, welcomes an impressive survivor of Sexual Abuse and living within the Domestic Violence of her parents and her mother’s sinking into mental illness. This wonderful and inspiring Author/Advocate, is using her story, partnering with organizations such as, Institute of Violence, Abuse and Trauma and Amnesty International. Through this combined effort Ms. Harris is devoted to not only raising awareness about the damage these crimes can do, but also to bring a sense of support & healing to those effected.

Ms. Harris changed her world in 2010 by writing her memoirs. She had always enjoyed writing and believed it to be her great escape through her teens and onward. It is through this love of writing that she developed/founded the Excalibur Reading Program. This pilot program is now being used in designated Queens, NY Public Schools. The Excalibur Reading Program, is a non-profit program that brings the imagination of escape & coping, as well as mid-evil conquering, to these children; hoping to inspire a way to help them cope with these problems they live with each day.

Please join us beginning at 9pm e.s.t. this evening for another wonderful share from a highly inspiring survivor who is sincerely devoted to making a difference. Remember our call in number is (917)932-1132!! You can call in to listen through your phone or press 1 to connect and talk live with us.

Here is the main site for information on our guest & her amazing Excalibur Reading Program —

You can find out about her book, “Living with Rage” and much more.

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