Speaking Out as a Child Sexual Abuse Survivor

Author: "My Justice"          Here is one local Illinois woman who has finally found the voice of the child she used to be!!!

          Ms. Patricia A. McKnight, is now an Author/Speaker/Advocate & Blog Talk Radio Host for Dreamcatchers for Abused Children, but just TWO YEARS AGO she was a mental wreck.

Ms. “Tricia” McKnight is now asking all News Channels and News Papers to give a voice of support and encouragement to all who have been Sexually Abused as Children.

She encourages all survivors of this heinous crime, “Never give up Hope for your happiness. Miracles do happen”.

After Such a horrible evil crime has BEEN COMMITTED AGAINST YOU – NOT BY YOU, first you must RELEASE YOURSELF OF ANY GUILT OR RESPONSIBILITY, even for carrying someone’s ugly secret. These crimes destroy our children every day. EVERY FIVE SECONDS, a child is being beaten, raped, molested, and murdered. Sadly 95% of these cases are not shared in our news releases; mainly because they are family related in some manner and no one chooses to report these allegations. The child is too young and too over powered, sometimes even threatened with the destruction of their safety system; murder of their family!! http://www.dreamcatchersforabusedchildren.com

The crime of Sexual Abuse will instantly murder the soul of that child. They are forever to carry the burden of having their world instantly destroyedby the person they love, trust and depend on for survival. In the wake of the recent publication of increasing survivor stories shared through our social networking sites and the major cases that are being shared in our daily local news; we must now as a society, All 60 Million Survivors, need to share their voice. We need to recognize the increasing numbers of these voices and show them our understanding, support and acceptance of who they are and what they’ve survived.

My life was invaded at the age of FIVE; in fact I found out just about a year ago that my mother was verbally warned, by this man’s own adopted son, just how evil my to-be stepfather was and the ugliness he carried inside. When he came into our lives, I became his target. The first act of cruel molestation was committed on the night of my mother’s bridal shower. His many different acts of physical and sexual torture lasted for the next TWELVE YEARS of my life!!!

Unfortunately, as tragic as it may be, we must first realize that for generations there has been a sense of acceptance and expectance of these acts. You’ll find in many families that fathers, mothers, aunts, uncle’s or even grandparents; someone has been sexually abused. “Fine, so this has happened. What do we do now?”

As a Blog Talk Radio Host I have the sincere honor to talk with many survivors who have shared their voices and some who still are burdened with that heavy secret. These adults, from ages 20 to 60, are the new survivors and WE SHOULD BE THE LAST!!! No longer should this be some ugly passage of our children’s lives. How can we possibly bury our heads in the sand for another generation to be stained with this darkness. We are generation “NO MORE SEXUAL ABUSE OF OUR CHILDREN”!!

Survivors who are asking themselves if they should speak out of what’s happened, I beg you – Please help – Give your voice now to correct the statistics of these crimes. We need to change what their world can be. We have to stop the cycle and stop whispering about these vicious acts of SOUL MURDER!!!

We live with the very destructive mental dysfunction because of the reworking of our brain. Our fight or flight system is all screwed up. We live as adults suffering at times with complete break down, inability to maintain employment or keep our homes stable. Many have turned to using marijuana, alcohol or some other type of drug, prescribed or not, to induce a calm inside just to get through their day. Everything lives in hyper mode and we can be forever in a roller coaster of destruction, but never give up survivors. You can have a happy life after you have made one simple statement, be it public or not, but admit first to yourself – I AM A CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE SURVIVOR!!!

May you continue to be that BEAUTIFUL BLOOMING ROSE you truly were meant to be.

Blessings, Empowerment, Praise for your courage!!!

(c) Author: Patricia A. McKnight

“My Justice” – ISBN # 978-1-45207-170-1 —You will find the direct links to purchase this in paperback; e-book; Kindle or Nook in the Blog Roll – Plus find many more survivor stories & blogs shared their as well!!!

If you have a survivor blog you would like to share, send it my way and I will gladly add you to the list!!!


email: tricia.mcknight@hotmail.com

10 thoughts on “Speaking Out as a Child Sexual Abuse Survivor

    • Chris, You have my hugs of support, my friendship to share and know that I will respond. Be proud of who you are and all that you have accomplished. You are an amazing star and I am so extremely proud to be connected with you 🙂 hugs always!!! trish

  1. I must get across my affection for your kindness in support of those individuals that actually need help with your topic. Your personal commitment to passing the message all over came to be quite insightful and has continuously made many people like me to reach their ambitions. Your own informative hints and tips can mean this much to me and far more to my peers. Thanks a lot; from all of us.

    • Cotizar, thank you for your words of support. It is wonderful that our voices are getting stronger, survivors supporting others, protecting our children and sharing kindness. If my truths, experiences can help make a difference in the safety and happiness of another, then I am truly blessed. ty 🙂

  2. God bless you and your courage, stay strong, and I pray that others will follow your lead! (I am not a sexual abuse survivor, I am a Personal Empowerment Guru… who started out in life with a psychopath parent who thought it was cool to use me as an ashtray- so in a way and on some level, I do relate) xoxoxox

    • Dear Louise, I’m so sorry that your parent harmed you in such a horrible way. So glad that you have found a way to release that energy into something positive for others. Happy to have you here with me. As you may know there are deep physical scars that cover my entire lower legs (from the knees down) up over my thighs, all over my arms – it’s hard to find a flat smooth surface of skin anywhere on my limbs. I know that when you look at the scars of the burns you too are reminded of what happened. Let this be your empowerment each day. You will let the world see what shines on the inside, rather than see the scars of your past. bless you & hugs, you too are a survivor 🙂 cheers!!!

    • Louise, if I didn’t reply earlier, so sorry!!! thank you dear for sharing your very kind words. I look forwrd to sharing with you and growing in that Personal Empowerment.
      cheers 🙂

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