Her presence is not gone, Susan will be living in the lives of millions by the many books and the Evidentiary Abuse Affidavit; all of them she created to SAVE LIVES OF THOSE SHE DIDN’T KNOW!! This was her spirit, she was a justice seeker for those who had no voice. I will miss her dearly and having just gotten the news of her passing am still in the midst of disbelief. Susan was a huge beacon of light in my life and I know she will be in the lives of those who use her books and her tools designed to help them escape a violent relationship, move on with their lives, stay safe, and if unfortunately necessary; to speak from the grave. Anny your letter to Michelle Obama should earn Susan the recognition she is so deserving of and place her in line for the Nobel Peace Prize. No one has worked as diligently to protect the lives of women and children of domestic/initmate violence with the true devotion as this amazing woman shared. Susan will always be in my spirit pushing me forward and tapping me with her ever determined nature: “Get out of your own way Trish and do what you need to do. Don’t have a pity party and feel sorry and helpless, just live and do what you need to.” This is the Susan I knew, shared phoned calls with, did a couple of radio shows with and truly admired. In loving memory Susan, may God and the Angels keep you forever safe. much sadness over this loss and it will be felt for years to come through women and men of this crime who will benefit greatly from her masterful creations. blessings and sadness, trish

Anny Jacoby, Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Specialist, Personal Safety Consultant & Instructor

Susan Murphy-Milano

On Sunday, October 28, 2012 when many across the country were praying for Susan Murphy-Milano to find peace and to let God bring her home, she passed through the doorway of the mansion in heaven that was prepared for her.

Is she gone from us? No way.

Susan’s work lives on in each and every victim of violence that she figured out how to save, it goes on through each case she offered her expertise that got the attention it needed to make progress, she lives on through each friend who touched her life and to whom she gave so freely. Although her shoes can never be filled, her work will continue.

All of us have a favorite memory, picture and story about Susan. Please feel free to leave your words at Conquering Cancer in the comment section.

Memorial announcements will be made for a time in the…

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  1. I am sorry for your loss, and for the passing of a women who sounds truly amazing however as you said Trish the memory and legacy of a women who showed true strength, advocacy and balance will live on through those whose lives she touched.
    Never goodbye always cya later as her body may be gone her spirit is still with you always…………((hugs)))

  2. Angel, thanks so very much for you kind words. It is true this woman will never leave us. She is saving lives, will continue to save lives for many years to come. hugs returned 🙂

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