What are we going to do for them???

Mankind has accepted the acts of maintaining our homes through fierce control for decades. We’ve turned away as our sons and daughters are being beaten, molested, raped, sodomized; forced to do unspeakable acts, but even with all that I’ve seen change in the past two years it still is not enough!!!

I ask EVERYONE; When will it be bad enough to catch your attention and ask you to do something to help make a difference?

This past March I sent a letter to our wonderful First Lady Michelle Obama, asking she give her voice to recognize this crime and the millions of survivors in our country alone. In April I sent out a blog post asking all politicians, hollywood stars, sports players to speak up and be the one to give their voice and take a stand to protect our kids. In May I emailed President Obama asking our politicians who would be the one to make crimes of abuse against children and within our home a topic for this year’s political campaign. The email was then sent out to our Illinois Senator Richard Durbin. He is the only one who responded at all and that was a simple “Thank you for your interest“!!!

Really, to me it is absolutely unfathomable that we have a society, who I’ve seen only maybe a few hundred or so voices, willing to speak out against these crimes and do it proudly. Its not that we ENJOY talking about these topics, ITS BECAUSE THEY ARE LIFESAVING AND VITAL TO OUR CHILDREN.

How can we honestly look at our kids today, see all the stress and dysfunction they deal with, and not be willing to make this a public topic and one that ALL OF US TAKE PART IN? How can we sit back, turn up the television, block out the screaming babies and pretend we don’t know what’s happening?

The truth is ILLINOIS HAD A TOTAL OF 218 CHILDREN DIE IN 2011 BY ACTS OF PHYSICAL ABUSE OR NEGLECT!!! Senator Durbin, “Does this catch your interest yet?”

I see how the scars of my own abuse bled in to invade the lives of my children. I see how the broken process of thought and good choices, a trained belief that I deserved nothing better, led me to be thankful a man would have me at all. “You are only good for breeding” is just one of the constant brainwashing methods he used to keep me down and in control. He (stepfather) had to make sure that I would never amount to anything worth wild and that I would know the only value I had was between my legs!!!

Friends, if you are like me and carrying around the scars of the horrible acts of rape, molestation, degradation, control through fear; then YOUR CHILDREN ARE AT RISK OF BEING PLACED IN A CONTINUED PATTERN OF ACCEPTING WHAT YOU WERE TRAINED TO BELIEVE. Please do not make those same mistakes!!!

Our children, all around the globe, need us, as RESPONSIBLE ADULTS,  to step up now; PROTECT THEM NOW and make it a very important topic for everyone!!! There is no shame that a survivor of abuse should have to bear, simply because someone mistreated, beat, or raped them. Why is this their shame? Did they do something wrong? THEY WERE CHILDREN – how can a child fight off an adult they have to call Mom or Dad?

Yes we want to believe it doesn’t happen inside our wonderful little homes, but guess what???? This is exactly where 93% of these crimes exist, BEHIND THE WALLS MEANT TO PROTECT US!!! Again, using the Illinois DCFS stats for 2011. We had 14,028 cases of Parental Abuse called into the center; we only had 823 cases where a stranger or someone outside of the family circle was involved.


I invite you as one survivor to another, please check out the new website and you can sign the guest book for GENERATION NO MORE!!! You are also invited to request membership in Survivors World online support group for both men and women who have been victims of ANY FORM OF ABUSE!!! We all need the support of others. Most of us have know abuse all our lives and truly are just starting to find out what our lives were meant to be. We all need each other as we build this force to protect the next generation and walk away from the pattern of accepting these acts; standing proud, admiring what we’ve been able to get through, and acknowledge the pain of others.

The ONLY way we will ever end these types of acts within our homes, is by coming together; ONE AND ALL, protecting those within your family, speaking up when another kid is bullied, calling 911 when we see or hear an act of violence against another. These are the things only we can change. There is no miracle pill that is going to change what has been passed down through the ages, ONLY US!!!

Make it count, please do all you can, use your voice, respond to the abuse by speaking against it and protecting those who cannot protect themselves. Women, children, and Men are being battered, controlled, degraded, raped and MURDERED simply because someone needs to have all the power. Is this what mankind was intended to allow? I really don’t believe so and I know together we can give our children something better.

We are all human, We all deserve to be safe within our homes; this is where the fight against abuse begins!!!

(c)Patricia A. McKnight

Author: “My Justice”



17 thoughts on “What are we going to do for them???

  1. Patricia, Faith and I have found the same appathy with politicians, celebraties and most of our church leaders, but I have been amazed at the number of people and small ministries that are popping up all over to deal with abuse.


    Do you know the truth about abuse so wrong
    All the scars it has left behind,
    The secrets, so many, left untold, oh the hurt
    Poisoned us with words that corrupted our mind.

    Stole our innocence, controlled, by so much fear
    Made us believe we were useless and freaks,
    Only good for one thing and in our minds we believed
    In our families, eyes closed, no-one ever dared speak.

    Who really knows what goes on behind the walls
    Who really listens, who really cares,
    What they don’t see, to them nothing happened
    Those secrets are ours, the pain we must bear.

    The scars from abuse bled in
    Surrounded and invaded the lives of our children
    At risk they are, from the same pattern
    That WE had been subjected and lived in.

    We must fight for all the children
    Around the globe, to protect and care,
    Keep them safe from abuse so horrid
    From their lives that were never fair.

    BEHIND THESE WALLS!!! that were meant to protect children
    Their shame, it never should be,
    Trapped, they were too young to fight evil
    But as one, we can come together, and set our children free!!!

    Written by Mary Graziano
    October 31, 2012

    • Mary, absolutely awesome and perfect!!! Indeed we never know the truth about what exists behind the walls meant to protect us. No one wants to see inside for fear of invading privacy of the controlled environment, but if we on the outside, do not pay attention to what exists on the inside another generation of children will have their innocence murdered and their souls invaded by evil. ty, hugs back trish 🙂

    • Michal, every day you are a huge part of my inspiration, making it count and making it crucial to involve everyone in our society with the mission to end violence and abuse within our own homes. much love dear friend, ty 🙂

  3. Note- this is not about abortion- I am pro-choice for personal rights! Tthis is about all the other rights that every other woman also has a right to demand and whose choices are not considered as important and whose life , liberty and pursuit of happiness depends on more than reproductive rights! There is more to life then the right to end it- some of us are struggling to live it!

    Apparently the war on women has nothing to do with beating them, raping them, abusing them , starving them, or taking away their children to award them to the batterer who wants to avoid child support and alimony. It has everything to do with dividing women into two political groups; those who want children and those who want the right not to have them! In the process the majority is split into minorities without enough power to affect change for womankind but enough power to sway elections. We are being USED ladies and abused. WAKE UP!

    If you ask me – ignoring all the things that we really need- like the litany of problems I mentioned above and jobs, education, the debt, war, economy: price of food and utilities etc. etc. is the war on women.

    IGNORING all of US- is the war!

    When is the last time you needed an abortion more than food, safety for yourself and your children , a place to live, a job, your batterer jailed for his crime, or a court to listen objectively before turning our children over to the pedophiles or batterers who abused them?

    But what do we know – we are beaten, battered, stupid breeders who apparently don’t need equal rights, just a lot of rhetoric that reproductive rights makes us the most powerful beings on earth because we hold the power of life and death.

    What a load of shit- we are being murdered at the rate of 4 a day by our intimate partners. We are beaten by those we love and trust every 9 seconds – we are raped every 9 minutes and they tell us all we want is to abort a possible pregnancy?

    Gimme a break – I want the right to castrate the bastard who raped me and any other son of a bitch who rapes my child. I want these batterers locked away! I want pedophiles castrated and put on an island. I don’t give a rat’s ass about their civil rights.

    I care about the civil rights of the majority – which in case you have not noticed – WE DO NOT HAVE! What we have is the right to abort and nothing more! I care about the rights of innocent children who have no voice and are victimized by adults, the courts, pedophiles and would be mothers who take their rage out on the child instead of the perpetrator.

    • BJ – I am just getting back on this morn and wanted to share, this is powerful and very true indeed. It is horrifying to think that with all that we go through somehow the one thing our government tends to focus on is our right to abort!!! how unbelievable is it that we and our children, who continually are disregarded, raped, beaten, murdered never have these issues put forth on the ballots? What in the world is the greater issue here? I believe that to see us as simply child carriers is to not see all that a woman is capable and worthy of. I believe that if we were to see her beauty through the battles she has survived we would then see beauty in a different light. I believe that when we begin to address the true civil rights of every human beging, the right to be safe in our existance without fear of being raped, beaten, murdered; this would be the true rights of all humans. It is survival and the right to be safe that is needed in our world today, for all that lives and breathes. You have a marvelous and political way of looking at things, while my views are somewhat different in the matter of “what is right and fair for all human beings”. It is a human respect issue, not one that we are less because they need the power to control us. thanks as always for your input, you indeed have a valuable voice and are a huge representative for all that we need to balance in our world today. thank you 🙂

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