This is a very powerful look into the abuse we continue to push on the child who was the victim. We blame them and are disgusted by the horrible acts they did. We don’t seem to acknowledge that they were forced to do those acts, had no choice in the matter. When we see the acts as something we did because……..then we will stop believing in the connection we need with the parents who abandoned and abused us. Thank you J. D. Stockholm for this fabulous share!!! Your book is a definite must read for me as these post allow me to see what lies inside. many hugs to help relieve your pain, (()) tricia mcknight

JD Stockholm.

Yesterday I wrote about forgiveness and how to do it, almost after I had posted it and replies came in, it occurred to me that perhaps it isn’t my father or even my mother that I have to forgive. Perhaps it is the little boy himself that needs the forgiveness. 

I’ve hated him for a very long time, to the point if anyone asked me I would say, I would happily push him down the stairs and hope it hurt for the things he did.  But I have to ask myself, if he were a real child stood in front of me, if he was anyone but me, would I do that to him and no of course I wouldn’t  I would never hurt a child.

In a way it is like I am on the side of my mother and father, I help them to abuse him even more because I blame…

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  1. I agree with you, because Child Abuse have been kept a really hidden secret, and the child who been abused is not the one who should be shamed at all, and they should not carry the damn guit that was put on them, the shame, and the guilt should be put on the people who did abuse the victims.

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