Sex Trafficking In Hotels

Thank you for sharing and encouraging our St. Louis and metro area to be alert, get involved and know the truth!!! Too often crimes like trafficking, even when it is done by parents, is commonly overlooked and the victim is blamed.
“Why would they do such things”, it’s easy to turn away, but much more courageous to call 911 and report when you see a minor alone in places they should not be. Please help in some wayu, don’t turn away from them, let them turn to you!!!! Author/Advocate/Speaker/Writer/Blogger/Talk Radio Host/Survivor; ‘My Justice’ pub. Feb 2011

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ST. LOUIS, MO. (KTVI) – Nuns, hookers and babies all come together in tonight’s story about sex trafficking.  Chris Hayes explains how these three worlds converge in his ongoing expose on prostitution in St. Louis.

It happened through Kim Ritter, who coordinates travel and convention events for nuns.  One day the nuns told her to pressure the places pimps use most, hotels.

Ritter explained, “I was able to go online, go to and identify these hotel rooms by the throws in the room, by the curtains, by whatever was outside of their window.”

Almost every online sale of a human body shows a picture taken at a hotel or motel.  Sometimes you can even see St. Louis landmarks in the background — like the Ed Jones Dome and the old St. Louis Courthouse.

Ritter said, “If we could just get all of the hotels to stand together…

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