Magical Merry Christmas wishes for all!!!!

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A magical Merry Christmas from me to you,
I hope you’re not at all feeling blue
Stuck in the thoughts of Christmas past
Perhaps some memories are searing and bad,

When you feel the sadness bearing down,
Let me share a few things to lift up your frown

This time of year can bring lots of tears,
Many may remember with fear
Perhaps thoughts to trigger those feelings lost
Swirling, reeling, through your mind they are tossed,

Don’t get caught in the trap as you ponder the how
Keep a tight hold of the love around you now

Grab hold of a smile from here,
Think of the laughter caught in your ear,

Take a little hug from there
See all the glitter swirling through the air

Take a breath, close your eyes and dream
Of the moments that make Christmas time gleam
There is no better time of year
To find magic all around; some there and a little here

Watch the children’s excitement grow
Watch the stars above you glow
Hold the magical moments tight
These will give you the power of light

You no longer have to fear, those times are no longer here

Those moments are gone, although some may be strong,

Tell the bad to let go, it is your time to grow

It is time to break free, open your heart and see

The beautiful star is glowing inside, there is no reason for you to hide

  Tickle your child; listen and hear
All the magic that is this time of year
Live, love, laugh & be free
Surely there is magic in that beautiful tree

This Magical Merry Christmas Wish
Is for all of you, from little old me
Here’s a smile and a hug to hold you tight
Your new beginning has now taken flight

Patricia A. McKnight



Author: ‘My Justice’

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2 thoughts on “Magical Merry Christmas wishes for all!!!!

  1. Had a wonderful Christmas this year in spite of having to cut it short because of Winter Storm Euclid making its way through Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas on Christmas day. We are safe and warm at home earlier than planned and that is okay. We have some wonderful new memories of time spent with family on Christmas Eve. Hope that you had a glorious Christmas too, Tricia. Love and blessings to you and your family.

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