Please tell me why this is not a crucial point of attention!

Child Abuse Prevention & Sexual Assault Awareness So I’m a bit angry; why you might ask? There is actually a couple of answers to this question. 1) Another year has come and gone in which not a single politician or lawmaker who has the power to call attention to the ongoing Child Abuse and FamilyContinue reading “Please tell me why this is not a crucial point of attention!”

A Letter to an Angel…..Dearest Danyelle;

Wishing I could be like you…… You’re beautiful you know. When I first met you and we shared those first cheers together, we rode on the wagon through town in the biker parade. I didn’t know how to talk to you. I was afraid I’d say or do something that would cause you to seeContinue reading “A Letter to an Angel…..Dearest Danyelle;”

Why would you just stand there and watch me die?

This blog takes me deep into thought and I wonder about even publishing, but to heal I must see the reality of my world. You all allowed this to happen!! What the hell did I ever to to you? Then you have the audacity to turn away and abandon not only me, but my children.Continue reading “Why would you just stand there and watch me die?”

My Justice – A Child’s View of Abuse

My Justice – A Child’s View of Abuse.

Fascinating March Guest Line Up for Talk Radio Show

Butterfly Dreams Talk Radio & Abuse Recovery March Guests Our phones are always open and our chatroom always busy Come see what these shows are all about Not just another abuse talk radio program!!! (347)215-7754 March Premier Supporter: Ms. El Farris Friends is it always so exciting to put a month of fabulous guestsContinue reading “Fascinating March Guest Line Up for Talk Radio Show”

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Today is self-injury awareness day. It’s one of those things that has many sides. Many people do not understand it, it can be brushed off as an attention thing, yet in truth those that do it, do it alone, they hide it and they are ashamed, there is no attention…

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This month is one of happiness and yet so much pain and turmoil for me. It is happy because on March 12, 2010 the jury came back with the Not Guilty verdict in my murder trial. On the other hand, this month, my mom would have turned 75 if…