Your destruction carries a beautiful treasure 🙂 thanks for always being positive Eva Tenter!!!

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“Where there is ruin, there is hope for a treasure.”

~ Rumi

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Self Harm Awareness Day, thank you JD Stockholm – fabulous read!!! It is true most of those who harm themselves will indeed go to great lengths to hide their wounds. Many teen girls are cutters, but it takes months or longer before their parents ever become aware, mainly because we don’t look at the bodies of our daughters so we don’t see the marks they leave on themselves. Thank you for sharing your wonderfully talented writing in this message!!! trish

JD Stockholm.

Today is self-injury awareness day. It’s one of those things that has many sides. Many people do not understand it, it can be brushed off as an attention thing, yet in truth those that do it, do it alone, they hide it and they are ashamed, there is no attention in that. Most self harmers go to great lengths to hide what they have done. 370px-Orange_ribbon.svg

Last year I, self harmed to the point of needing it to be stitched, I had to go to the walk in centre for this, and it was probably one of the most shameful things I had to do last year. The staff knew what I had done, I didn’t tell them, but there’s nothing like them making you wait to see the on call psychiatrist to be assessed and the fear of being admitted to hospital. In a world that’s so silent in my head…

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A fascinating story of innocence and stolen childhood!!!

Stacey M. Kananen

This month is one of happiness and yet so much pain and turmoil for me. It is happy because on March 12, 2010 the jury came back with the Not Guilty verdict in my murder trial. On the other hand, this month, my mom would have turned 75 if she hadn’t been killed in 2003. In an interesting bit of synchronicity, my family’s story will be told this month on television on March 3. Investigative Discovery will air a show called Catch My Killer.

The night of the not guilty verdict, and the subsequent days, were overwhelming and joyous. Shortly after that, I decided to enter therapy to begin to heal from my childhood. These last few years have had their ups and downs, and the therapy has been difficult most of the time but I am healing slowly.

The hardest memory of this month: My mom’s birthday, March…

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