Three Men and a …….Me

Dads giving their very best to be the shining example of tender, kind, supportive, these are the dads who indeed deserve wonderful wishes always – passing it forward 🙂

Out of The Dungeon

So, I was thinking about Father’s day, which I really loathe for me.  I wondered if I would discuss all the men my mother had married.  I wondered if I would discuss all sorts of things that would really not build anyone up.  I came up with another plan.  A better plan, at that.

There are three men in my life who have shown me what a real daddy is supposed to be like.  I love each of these men, and if I could have ever picked how I wanted a dad, I would have chosen something about each of these men to make a “whole dad.”

The first man I ever met who, literally, was the perfect father was Dan Harley.  I had never known a man in my life who was such a good dad.  He loved his children regardless of what kind of messes they had gotten…

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