Survivor finally feels FREEDOM


Victim Impact Statement

St. Clair County Courthouse

Wed, July 10th, 6pm

Court Ordered Offender Program

Domestic Violence or Abuse Charges

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Survivor/Author/Advocate/Founder: Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery

Patricia ‘Trish’ McKnight – ‘My Justice’

Recently I was given an opportunity, which most Survivors like myself, have not had a chance or as of yet been given the honor;

I gave a Victim Impact Statement!!

Now, don’t get confused, it was not given for my specific offenders, but it made a huge impact on the Offenders and hopefully St. Clair County, Illinois; Prosecuting Attorney, Liz Nelson. The Legal Advocacy Dept,, Lisa Chilton Director and Ms. Tina Kempworth, Director of Counseling @VPCSWI are the ones to thank for this tremendous event.

The statement given, other than a few little changes due to the direction of the presentation itself, can be viewed through this link –

Giving this speech was an intense feeling of #FREEDOM!! I was there, in the very same courthouse, which would have given me justice and protection back then. I stood there in front of the Prosecuting Attorney, Legal Advocacy Dept, Offenders, and Survivors: ‘I am here as once a victim, but today a VICTOR!!

If you are not aware, my life was filled with one vicious attack after another for thirty two years beginning at age 5 when my mother gave me as property to the devil himself!!!

‘Why did everyone around me, all who new me;

Why didn’t someone help me?

All we can say is ‘Society itself let me down’. An entire community turned away from what they witnessed, took part in, or turned away from; but we didn’t have enforcement of the system we do today. We cannot loose the momentum that is pushing forward to stop these heinous crimes today. We must all demand that our lawmakers, politicians who have the authority to enforce stricter punishments and speak publicly against these actions will hopefully do so starting today!!!

No one should know this intense fear, especially within their very own homes!!!

I, along with millions of others like me, ask all in society: ‘Please help end the torture, molestations, rape, captivity, and terror that has grown within our families, our relationships; inside our homes. Help be a SAFE person for another. Please learn the Silent Signs to spot a victim in need.

Step up and Make It Count!!

Read the TRUTH about our millions of reports submitted for crimes of Child Maltreatment. Sadly, most have them have been dismissed without even an investigation. This should never happen. We have silenced 2.3 Million Child Victims by disregarding the reports and ignoring the deep personal violation of that child. How is it possible for us to do this today?

Our homes should provide us with SAFETY from the dangerous elements of the world, instead they have become a daily nightmare of vicious attacks by those who are supposed to love us, guide us, comfort us.

Thankfully we are part of the new generation, the VERY FIRST GENERATION to finally break the silence enforced throughout our forming years. We are Generation No More; speaking the truth of mankind’s most darkest evils.

Stop the torture within our homes!!

Learn how to rise above their actions,

Heal yourself to become the magic you are,

Become a stronger parent who can guide while teaching respect, love, and kindness.

One at a time we are breaking down the walls of silence!!

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Patricia ‘Trish’ McKnight

Author/Advocate/Speaker/Talk Radio Prod & Host/Survivor

Founder: Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery

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Scams and Fraudulent Acts Used To Kidnap Children During Summer Vacations

Pay Attention to PROTECT YOUR PARENTAL RIGHTS & the rights of your child. Careful of Abduction Risks!!!


Peter Thomas Senese Discusses Parental Child Abduction Summer Scams:  Ways Abductors Fraudulently Trick Targeted Parents In Order To Kidnap Children



I have previously written that during the summer school break children are at the highest risk of being a victim of international parental child abduction.  Often, cases of international child abduction that occurs during this time of year is when a parent initially travels with their child abroad with consent from the child’s other parent. Often, the other parent (typically unsuspecting of any acts of abduction) will travel with scheming parent who is in reality, in the process of fraudulently planning an international child abduction.  Once the scheming parent arrives in the country they are visiting, they unleash their abduction scheme, which can include legal petitions stating that the other parent had…

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Debby brings to our shows quite a list of professional expertise in the knowledge of Domestic/Family Violence & Abuse, but she is also a survivor. Most recently for Debby she is beginning a new leg of her own journey as she is furthering her education in Domestic Violence Policy at University of Colorado. She has developed her own special life skills program; Metamorphosis. This well honed in actual use program is developed to help anyone gain back or rebuild that drive for personal achievement or simply figure out how to overcome some of the many life obstacles we deal with in society today. Her very real and down to earth approach at helping us become independently goal focused and confident, commonly happy in ourselves, more importantly who we can become. You will love her personality as well as how she hosts her programs as only she can present. Join in with Debby & Metamorphosis every THURSDAY EVENING!! She’ll be sharing the direct show link and making the announcement, along with her special topic, so be sure to watch for them and connect with her fan advising page. You will also find a special page for this host and her program through our websiteMetamorphosis Debby



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Vice President: Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery; Michal is not only the VP and personal friend of mine, but she is a highly talented Watercolor Artist, whose creations you will instantly bond. Her magical talents have been most recently noted by Child Help (nationwide child rescue organization). This well noted organization has asked Michal in to their Art Therapy sessions at a local village in Southern California. She will be working directly with those rescued children to help them better express the many dark secrets inside. All the pain these children have felt is now about to find ways to disappear as Michal guides them through their creative path. All who Michal is today as a survivor of a lifetime living in control, sexual abuse, violence, she brings to our radio broadcasts and in the magic of her artwork. She can be found joining me for various broadcasts or hosting them individually. Be sure to check out all the artwork shared on our website and the special page we have dedicated to Michal Madison Art.


Patricia ‘Trish’ McKnight

Founder/CEO/Author/Advocate/Speaker/Talk Radio Prod & Host/Survivor

Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery & Talk Radio Broadcasting



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July 10th St. Clair County Courthouse; Victim Impact Statement

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Praise for a modern day ‘Peter Pan’



Peter Thomas Senese

Best Selling Author

Devoted Child Advocate

Founder: I CARE Foundation

Preventing International Child Abduction

Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about those who have played a role in the voice I have today and the path I’ve come to follow.

When I first published ‘My Justice’ in Feb 2011, it was just about six months later the first incredible Five Star Review was shared on Amazon. Amazingly enough, somehow this story had caught the attention of Best Selling Author/Child Advocate/Founding Director for I CARE Foundation; Mr. Peter Thomas Senese.

To me it was incredible that my story of a life endured and battled through more than thirty years of vicious, almost deadly, abuse and relationships, had made an impact on his already highly devoted heart at protecting children. He shared his novel, ‘Chasing the Cyclone’ which was taken from a few true events he had gone through in the aftermath of International Parental Abduction. Upon reading this page turning whirlwind of unimaginable dangers in which children are easily submitted to by an abducting parent, all I could do was give my unending support in his continued mission.

Peter then reached out to me on a personal level to share with me how my fight for true freedom had influenced his drive to push through even harder to protect and rescue as many children as he could. His team at the I CARE Foundation has developed tools which are battling through the international barriers; fighting through the Hague Convention Treaty; rescuing kids from Sex Trafficking Rings and they have now provided one of the most impacting of those protective measures; they have developed the ‘International Travel Child Consent Form’ which is dedicated to Officer Chris Morris and the mission to return his beautiful daughter to the land of her birth and the arms of a loving father.

To say the least, I’m very excited to know that my journey to live in ‘UHURU’, as Peter states, has inspired him to delve deeper into his mission of child protection advocacy & activism. He has written many blogs about this impact and has shared his views many times about seeing me as a ‘Hero; A conqueror over abuse’; to share I had the very blessed distinct honor to be his first chosen ‘Today’s Heroes’. He has shared many personal phone chats to encourage me and remind me of how important it is for me to continue; how I really am making a difference and how when he is in doubt he always asks himself, ‘What would Tricia do?’.

Throughout our friendship I’ve had the extreme pleasure to host at least three interviews with this ‘MODERN DAY PETER PAN’ who gives his heart to creating protection for children every day. He also makes sure to enjoy the simplest of pleasures in each moment as he well knows how things can change in an instant and our world becomes filled with darkened clouds of challenge.

There is an extensive personal interview I did with Peter, which was published in St. Louis, but I’ve also shared a much deeper interview in full length with him on the page of Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery, which I’ve dedicated to the great work of I CARE Foundation and most of their recent updates.

In the past two years I’ve watched as his foundation grows and the impact they are making to protect children around the world from international parental abduction continues as hundreds of cases are prevented each month. This new tool, ‘International Travel Child Consent Form’ is already being used by family lawyers around the world in just a few short weeks; imagine how many children will be protected from this growing trend in the next six months, or even within the next year. If you are planning a trip abroad from your child’s home country, check out this form to ensure that your parental rights and the rights of your child are protected.

Believe me, from what my own children and I went through during the 4 years when their father took off and ran, not once but twice to another state with them; breaking the bond between a parent and child is indeed a very deep wound that sometimes can never be repaired. Parental alienation is most definitely child abuse. Our children are NOT pawns in a chess match of the most strategic force, but should grow in the love and support of both parents equally for the most positive impact on their world and their healthy development.

When it comes to child abuse, we never know when tragedy will strike. Sadly, the repeated stats are published every year and the most harmful dangers to our children are often the pain endured from their own parents. We must teach ALL children the power of their voice to speak out when someone, ANYONE, is harming them. Also to let them know that there are millions of responsible adults out there who will believe them and help them when they reach out. It is horrifying to think that our children today must tell SEVEN ADULTS about being abused before someone will believe them. Always remember that young children will rarely make up such lies; that sexual abuse is a silent crime which rarely leaves any physical signs; that emotional abuse is extremely harmful; and kidnapping our children, even by a parent (unless it is a life saving measure) should never be permitted or supported, but instead fought against just as we would any other form of abuse.

The momentum we are seeing now with the rise in survivors of various types of abuses come forward and speak up, should be the teaching path of what we need to watch for in society today. We can no longer pretend these crimes don’t exist, or that they aren’t harmful; these are life changing and life impacting crimes that are being committed against 1 in 5 children every second of every day. We can no longer pretend not to know.

Join me in giving thanks to the thousands of advocates protecting children and raising awareness against all forms of abuse. Join me in thanking Mr. Peter Thomas Senese for the protective measures his team at I CARE Foundation are building everyday as he continues to give his financial and personal devotions to protecting and rescuing children from abductions and trafficking. Read the full personal interview with Peter through this provided link –


You will find the link to ALL OF PETER’S fascinating geo-political thriller novels through Amazon here –

Stay up to date with I CARE Foundation by visiting:

Read Peter’s many blogs and personal shares by visiting:

From one devoted abuse advocate/author/talk radio host, I am very proud to say that I have a trusted and incredible friend in the heart, soul, and passions of this magnificent modern day ‘Peter Pan’; Mr. Peter Thomas Senese thank you for all you have inspired in me today!!!

©Patricia A McKnight

Founder/CEO: Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery & Talk Radio Programming

Author: ‘My Justice’ 12156430-butterfly-dreams-abuse-recoveryBookcvr1