Survivor finally feels FREEDOM

  Victim Impact Statement St. Clair County Courthouse Wed, July 10th, 6pm Court Ordered Offender Program Domestic Violence or Abuse Charges           Survivor/Author/Advocate/Founder: Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery Patricia ‘Trish’ McKnight – ‘My Justice’ Recently I was given an opportunity, which most Survivors like myself, have not had a chance or as of yet been givenContinue reading “Survivor finally feels FREEDOM”

Scams and Fraudulent Acts Used To Kidnap Children During Summer Vacations

Originally posted on CHASING THE CYCLONE:
Peter Thomas Senese Discusses Parental Child Abduction Summer Scams:  Ways Abductors Fraudulently Trick Targeted Parents In Order To Kidnap Children THE ARTICLE 13 CONSENT OR ACQUIESCENCE DEFENSE: PETITIONERS CONSENTED TO OR ACQUIESCED IN THE REMOVAL OR RETENTION. I have previously written that during the summer school break children are at…

Meet Our Butterfly Dreams Team!

Butterfly Dreams Talk Radio Discusses FREEDOM Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery & talk radio programming Meet Our Special Team!! Dr. Brenda Joyce Orozco Markert-Green, DMFT, LMFT, CPGTSP Owner/Director/CEO: Afterglow Counseling, Mediation & Family Therapy Educator & Adjunct Faculty Member @ La Sierra University in Southern California Clinical Member; American Association of Marriage & FamilyContinue reading “Meet Our Butterfly Dreams Team!”

Praise for a modern day ‘Peter Pan’

  Peter Thomas Senese Best Selling Author Devoted Child Advocate Founder: I CARE Foundation Preventing International Child Abduction Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about those who have played a role in the voice I have today and the path I’ve come to follow. When I first published ‘My Justice’ in Feb 2011, it wasContinue reading “Praise for a modern day ‘Peter Pan’”