Survivor finally feels FREEDOM


Victim Impact Statement

St. Clair County Courthouse

Wed, July 10th, 6pm

Court Ordered Offender Program

Domestic Violence or Abuse Charges

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Survivor/Author/Advocate/Founder: Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery

Patricia ‘Trish’ McKnight – ‘My Justice’

Recently I was given an opportunity, which most Survivors like myself, have not had a chance or as of yet been given the honor;

I gave a Victim Impact Statement!!

Now, don’t get confused, it was not given for my specific offenders, but it made a huge impact on the Offenders and hopefully St. Clair County, Illinois; Prosecuting Attorney, Liz Nelson. The Legal Advocacy Dept,, Lisa Chilton Director and Ms. Tina Kempworth, Director of Counseling @VPCSWI are the ones to thank for this tremendous event.

The statement given, other than a few little changes due to the direction of the presentation itself, can be viewed through this link –

Giving this speech was an intense feeling of #FREEDOM!! I was there, in the very same courthouse, which would have given me justice and protection back then. I stood there in front of the Prosecuting Attorney, Legal Advocacy Dept, Offenders, and Survivors: ‘I am here as once a victim, but today a VICTOR!!

If you are not aware, my life was filled with one vicious attack after another for thirty two years beginning at age 5 when my mother gave me as property to the devil himself!!!

‘Why did everyone around me, all who new me;

Why didn’t someone help me?

All we can say is ‘Society itself let me down’. An entire community turned away from what they witnessed, took part in, or turned away from; but we didn’t have enforcement of the system we do today. We cannot loose the momentum that is pushing forward to stop these heinous crimes today. We must all demand that our lawmakers, politicians who have the authority to enforce stricter punishments and speak publicly against these actions will hopefully do so starting today!!!

No one should know this intense fear, especially within their very own homes!!!

I, along with millions of others like me, ask all in society: ‘Please help end the torture, molestations, rape, captivity, and terror that has grown within our families, our relationships; inside our homes. Help be a SAFE person for another. Please learn the Silent Signs to spot a victim in need.

Step up and Make It Count!!

Read the TRUTH about our millions of reports submitted for crimes of Child Maltreatment. Sadly, most have them have been dismissed without even an investigation. This should never happen. We have silenced 2.3 Million Child Victims by disregarding the reports and ignoring the deep personal violation of that child. How is it possible for us to do this today?

Our homes should provide us with SAFETY from the dangerous elements of the world, instead they have become a daily nightmare of vicious attacks by those who are supposed to love us, guide us, comfort us.

Thankfully we are part of the new generation, the VERY FIRST GENERATION to finally break the silence enforced throughout our forming years. We are Generation No More; speaking the truth of mankind’s most darkest evils.

Stop the torture within our homes!!

Learn how to rise above their actions,

Heal yourself to become the magic you are,

Become a stronger parent who can guide while teaching respect, love, and kindness.

One at a time we are breaking down the walls of silence!!

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Patricia ‘Trish’ McKnight

Author/Advocate/Speaker/Talk Radio Prod & Host/Survivor

Founder: Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery

Butterfly Dreams Talk Radio


Speaking/Writing/Special Interviews on our Talk Radio Programs!!!

8 thoughts on “Survivor finally feels FREEDOM

  1. Trish, your freedom gives freedom to so many other survivors to finally speak their truths too. This is how we will finally start the landslide to stop child abuse and domestic violence, with first one survivor speaking out and then more and more until we can’t be stopped and someone has to pay attention. Thank you Trish for all that you do, my dear friend.

    • Patricia, indeed 🙂 It was an amazing feeling to have this opportunity, such an empowering evening and I know it left a deep impression on at least some of the offenders in attendance. I hope we all continue moving forward. Each time one speaks out we can empower another and then we can make a difference in our children’s lives today, ending the nightmares that exist within our homes!!! love ya, trish 🙂

  2. You have finally been set free Trish, and by doing that, and by speaking in front of the judges and everyone else that was at that courthouse, you have hopefully now given others their own voice, to fight back and speak up for themselves from their own pasts that haunt them still. It’ is not often that you find someone with a strong voice who is able to finally step up to the plate and tell what should have been told all those years ago. To set others free. One voice, then two, and so on. We must break this silence, once and for all. Together more and more will come forward, united together so that finally someone will listen to what needs to be said and done. No child or adult should have to be silent any longer. You are an inspiration to many, and for that we thank you Trish, you have made a huge difference…am proud to call you my friend.

    • Mary, it is so very true. One survivor speaking out can empower another and then we can direct the focus where it needs to be, protecting today’s children. We cannot change what happened, we can’t go back in time, but hopefully we can change their future. Much love always, trish 🙂 We did this together girl, all of you were with me!!!

    • Lisa, thank you so very much girl. Indeed we must all get involved. Victims caught in this nightmare of terror have no voice, their voice is being held captive by their abuser. If we don’t speak up to help them and encourage others to support them, then we continue on through another generation of teaching silence and acceptance. This cannot happen!!! Cheers & thank you, trish 🙂

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