Peter Senese Discusses The Warning Signs Of International Child Abduction

The heart & soul of Peter Thomas Senese has put forth his team at I CARE Foundation and the incredible Attorney Network to develop and implement to use of the International Travel Child Consent Form!!! This is the first implemented easy to use document to prevent your child from being parentally abducted!!! Check it out and download now!!


Attention: Parents With Children Traveling Abroad – Please Consider Utilizing The I CARE Foundation’s International Travel Child Consent Form To Prevent Abduction

International parental child abduction is a crime in most countries, including the United States and Canada, as it is a highly abusive act toward a child, often at the hands of a narcissistic parent that displays sociopathic behavior to cause suffering and injury to the other parent.  Generally, concern and care for the child’s well-being are not the relevant issue or concern among abducting parents.  In the majority of abduction cases there are warning signs, and parents need to be aware of these.

Tragically recent reports by the United States government stated that children who are crime-victims of parental abduction often face a high degree of severe violence and even murder at the hands of their parental child abductor. In fact, filicide – the act of – is a…

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