#Bullies Come in all Shapes and Sizes!

This blog site is one I highly recommend for everyone. I’ve never seen a site that stays so up to date and discusses so many varying issues of child welfare and human justice.

Check out this one about Bullying, the quote I love best on this blog -‘There is only one RACE the human RACE and that is a RACE we all have to WIN!’
Yeah to Davey1 for always awesome write-ups

World4Justice : NOW! Lobby Forum.

Why even successful women are insecure about their looks.

You are unique, but  then again so is everyone else, who are we to judge them?

Rebecca Adlington

Olympic medallist Rebecca Adlington got upset about her body in the jungle

On a TV show, designed to create argument and disharmony, where contestants are
scrutinised by millions of people watching on TV, any insecurities are always
going to be magnified and exposed.

There is this subtle message running through all mass media..

. that beauty is equated with happiness and success”

 Quote Dr Helen Sharpe  Institute of Psychiatry
cyber bullying photo: Bullying cyber.jpg

Childhood is such a short spam of time and should be preserved for as long as possible!

Even as I started this slightly off topic item, I was seeking suitable images, when up popped an advert for a concert I had been enquiring about an hour earlier.  The technology that has made us so aware of world…

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