Love is More Than Just Flowers and Chocolates

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Humanity Against Local Terrorism

Jamie PictureAfter an exhausting courtship of just over a month and a half I was lucky enough to marry my soul mate.  Yes, just a month and a half from the first moment we met to the exchanging of our vows, in my house with our friends and family, exactly twenty minutes into the New Year.  Some may call it my way of never forgetting our anniversary date, but I look more at it as fate.  You see I believe in the ‘Happily Ever After’ that Walt Disney sold me on with all of his adventures and stories when I was young. However, I did make sure that we renewed our vows ten years later in a church.  Again, some may see it as romantic but I see it as a way to take away any doubt that I had with her original ‘I do’s’.  You see, at the same time…

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