Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery

Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery.

Seriously friends, have you seen our face-lift over the weekend, its really pretty cool!!

Check this out – “Do you know there are presently about 50 million survivors of Child Sexual Abuse in our society today? Do you know that at this very moment, every moment of every day, there is a proven statistical ​ (1 in 3) children who are being harmed in some form? You can check the facts yourself through our published report here – Child Maltreatment Report 2011” – come on pass it around, PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW THE TRUTH ABOUT HOW OFTEN THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING!! WHY IS NO ONE CARING OR PAYING ATTENTION? We are but one of the great resources of help out there. No matter where you go for help or empowerment, training or intervention; the key is to be active and help prevent this ongoing cycle within our human society. Check out all of our information, listen in to the radio shows with me live every Monday & Wednesday evening at 8pm central time. Begin teaching our kids to protect themselves and their community, be part of the ongoing mission to end the tolerance of violence and unacceptable child sexual contact within our families. Be part of #ResolutionforChange in 2014!!! Thank you for visiting our site and please check out our online store. A full catalog of special gifts and items to be used all around. All proceeds benefit Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery and other great organizations.

2 thoughts on “Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery

  1. So much of the sexual abuse is within the family. And this is when it is kept most quiet. What’s astonishing is the decisions judges make when sexual abuse actually makes it to court. Makes me wonder about the judges… Awareness & education is vital. Thank you for bringing attention to this.

    • thank you for commenting and yes indeed we must continue bringing the truth of this issue to the surface. It is only when we stop tolerating these acts within our family unit and begin to empower our kids to speak out no matter who is harming them, then we can begin to create a true change in our society and protect their world tomorrow. Praying we can gather the support of those needed to bring this in to today’s media information. I know I will never give up and will never stop believing in the cage of silence forced on our children. Much respect, thanks again, trish 🙂

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