Its a Family Affair – learning from voices in action 02/03 by Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery | Self Help Podcasts

Its a Family Affair – learning from voices in action 02/03 by Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery | Self Help Podcasts.

Calling all of you amazing Independent Advocates!!! Tonight’s broadcast of ‘Its a Family Affair’ brought to you throughout the entire February scheduling by the Premier Sponsor; Surviving with Faith McDaniel, we are opening up the phones for your VOICES in ACTION!! Please get ready for some outstanding heroes, many whom I’ve had the extreme honor of joining in this incredible mission of awareness, prevention, hope, help & healing. We want to share what you are doing, are you an author, a blogger, a poet, a support group admin? What services or service do you provide in your efforts of help? What arena is your special focus, is it survivors, children, trafficking, or do you provide special rescue or support? Please join me live beginning at 9pm eastern as our phones open up for your incredible voices helping to end the criminal acts against others. We are always stronger together with a friend, than we can ever be alone. Our path is always brightened when there is hope to light our way. Our spirit can rise above the painful past when we can gain the life skills, recovery, and build our bonds with positive support. Tell our listeners, our adults & our teens, what are you doing and how you got started; what is the reason behind your drive to be one of the amazing Voices in Action!! Call in live at 347-215-7754. You can set your REMINDER or FOLLOW all our shows through this link. Thank you and please pass it forward. Don’t forget our special Blog Feature and our Hot Topic Headline, so please share in the open Facebook group, Butterfly Dreams Talk Radio & Abuse Recovery.

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