How To Tell If Your Child Is Stressed Out During Your Divorce

It is most important we become aware of the issues of stress that DO effect our children when going through a divorce or custody battle. Many times I’ve experienced myself, or heard, the nightmare battles to cover parental rights or child support, but rarely does our justice system ever take into account OUR CHILDREN’S VOICE. Rarely do parents remember it is about the child and not the divorce, it is about what is best for that child and that would be for both parents to ensure the child feels the love & support continuing throughout their life despite what the two adults who created them are going through. It is not about who has more power over the child, but about what the child feels. Its not about how much you hate or dislike that other person, you still made a person together and together is how the child should be raised. EVERY CHILD SHOULD KNOW THE LOVE & SUPPORT OF AN ENTIRE FAMILY, NOT JUST WHO IS BATTLING FOR WHAT CONTROL IN THEIR YOUNG LIVES. just my thoughts, great read & yes it is about time we focus on ABOUT THE CHILD!!! great stuff 🙂

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Taking Cues From Your Kids


            Young children often have a language of their own and it’s up to you, as their parent, to look for certain clues as to what emotional issues they are experiencing. In a divorce or custody battle, most parents make an effort to shield their children from the whole situation so the kids don’t have to deal with any of the stress that’s flying around during these kinds of cases. Despite our efforts to protect our children, they still get affected by what’s going on and it can be hard to tell what’s going through their heads in those young years because they’re brains and emotions are still developing and they’re still figuring out how to deal with them and process what’s going on in their minds and bodies. The bottom line is that it makes it hard for you as a parent to know…

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