Books On Child Abuse

Here are some intense Child Abuse stories and reviews. There have been hundreds who have shared their horrific endurance of past childhood’s stolen by the acts of those within their family, usually found to be their parents. Check out this awesome list shared by Author Cathy Fox, and don’t forget, there is also another true crime history of a childhood stolen by an ENTIRE COMMUNITY – Get your copy of ‘My Justice’ through Amazon,, or today!!! You will walk the inside nightmare of a child trapped in a house of hell while an entire community watched her physically rot away in the trafficking, home slavery, and sever neglect which has left her scarred still today. “My Justice’ has been reviewed by many great literary leaders & survivors. Today it is compared to ‘Nothing so powerful since the release of ‘A Child Called It’ by Dave Pelzer back in 1990’s. His story led the way for survivor stories and was a top leader on the New York Times Best Seller List for months!!!

‘My Justice’ as many others, connects you personally with a young girl who was nothing more than the family slave, and the stepfather’s whore. Her abandonment by the entire community around her, set a path in life that would lead to 20 years of almost deadly relationship violence until she finally suffered the last brutal beating at the age of 37. Only after an entire life destroyed by one brutal abuser after another, did this courageous soul find the spirit to turn her world around, all for the hope of a better life for the children growing up in the aftermath of their mother’s hell. ‘My Justice’ is her own personal apology and explanation to her children for the destruction which invaded their lives and still impacts the lives of her grandchildren. A true cycle of trauma still leaving emotional wounds in its path.

cathy fox blog on child abuse


Over the past few months I have read these books. All of them moved me and I would recommend any of them. The descriptions/reviews are not my own, they have been found on the net. If anyone would like to recommend any books or do any reviews I would love to add them to the blog. They are in no particular order

Autobiographies of child sexual abuse

[1] Who Cares? Memories of a childhood in Barnardos      Fred Fever

Who Cares? I found a compelling read. My mother was a Barnardo’s ‘girl’ and I have always been fasinated with her stories. It is unbelievable that such things have happened in ‘more recent times’. I shed tears for Fred Fever throughout the book which tells of a story of a boy which goes from good to bad due to a lack of love, understanding and care taken with children in…

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