Land of the Free: where the government can kidnap your child and lock her in a psych ward for a year

This is an outright look into some of our nation’s law enforcing CPS, not all are working in a very backwards process but most certainly there are many who are. I realize we have very few case workers throughout our country, at least compared to the number of REPORTED CASES (specificially 33,000 workers vs. 3.7 Million Reports in 2011) of course this is just what we have on file. Many times it is up to that specific call taker who receives the report whether or not help will be provided at all. There is a lot of reforming we need to do in this country and reforming our family protective courts system is a big part of that entire measure. You’ll find this blog filled with some powerful information about our CPS and children stolen or intervened for medical reasons. Definitely a blogger with an open opinion and I believe I like the way he is addressing this issue. These are discussed cases where no crime at all has been charged against the parent, the children were taken for what was determined to be parenting decisions about medical care, what one doctor suggests compared to another, then compared to the states opinion. Check it out I’m sure you’ll have an opinion, I do; while you’re checking out this blog on the survivorsjustice blog, also take a moment to check out the state by state comparison of child maltreatment reports across every state. Sometimes there can be a underlying reason for the intervention, we must consider what we see reflected in the children themselves. Talk with them and allow them a voice to decide whether or not they are actually being harmed. How about if we focus on what is best for the kids, rather that our job security and family court income gained through these ongoing injustices. just sayin all, give a kid a voice!!

The Matt Walsh Blog

Imagine this scenario. You’re sitting in the living room with your daughter. Suddenly, a large man shows up on your porch. He starts banging on your door and demanding to be let inside. You don’t comply. He goes around to the side of your house, smashes a window, and crawls through. You tell your daughter to run and lock herself in her room. It’s too late. The man grabs her and starts to run off.

Are you imagining this? Have you put yourself in this situation in your head?

Now, what do you do? How do you react?

I can tell you my answer: with brutality. I’d fight this man, wouldn’t you? If I had a knife I’d stab him in the heart. If I had a gun nearby I’d put a bullet in his head. I’d kill him. I’d end his life without hesitation or remorse. This man is…

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