She was a young developing child, abandoned by all those who had the power to change her life. She rotted away and was shunned by those around her. Her life was terror and it played out for twelve consecutive years. Today I’m trying to remind everyone that it doesn’t have to be this way. We can teach our children how wrong these actions are. Teach them about community involvement, teach them they can do something to help a friend or a senior in need. Teach your children the Positive Beauty of Life!! Please come visit the website, get your copy of ‘My Justice’, see where it all began for me and why it is so important still to this day.Changing the world just a little bit ❤ trish

artwork via: Michal Madison Art


One thought on “butterflydreamsabuserecovery.com/patriciamcknightsmyjustice

  1. So true Trish, there are so many positives that we can teach our children to think about. Just giving a smile to someone, can change that persons day. It’s so very important to teach children that helping others to see the beauty in life can make all the difference in a persons world.

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