Its a Family Affair with Children’s Author, Julie Federico 03/31 by Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery | Self Help Podcasts

Its a Family Affair with Children’s Author, Julie Federico 03/31 by Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery | Self Help Podcasts.

Tonight’s show, beginning at 9pm eastern time – welcome Award Winning Children’s Author, Author Julie Federico!!! This is a show for all ages & we encourage parents & educators to listen in as we share Julie’s latest works. Its never too early to begin reading to your children and with these vibrantly illustrated and empowering stories, you or your school, will connect with the children and provide them with courage to speak up. Remember a child reporting a violent or abusive crime, either in their home, their school, or in their neighborhoods, carries a lot of power and demands prompt attention. Join us and help teach our children to believe in their own true power. Butterfly Dreams; connecting hearts & holding hands of help around the world. Together we are providing the next generation with a path to secure their happy childhood!! Pass it on and invite friends from your circles. Remember our amazing Butterfly Volunteers & Helpers are always in our chatroom for your commentary or to provide support. Thank you!!!

Actress Tammy Fox gives praise for ‘My Justice’



My dearest friends, as I have shared with you many times before, there is just no way I can explain how my life has turned around. Just the people I am honored to call dear friends, the survivors & families who have touched my heart with words of support, and the many unexpected voices of those in film documentary, P.R. profession, education & therapy; advocates, organization leaders; all giving ‘My Justice’ outstanding reviews and support.

Here I would like to share the latest from one of these angels who I am honored to call a Warrior Sister & Friend

Actress Tammy Fox – Chicago Illinois  557841_369989493087636_74563328_n

My dear friends,
please say a prayer, send a note of encouragement, or whatever you have in you, to my dear friend Patricia A. Mcknight. If you have not heard/read her true story of struggling with being in a very, very bad situation, please do so. My Justice is a hard story to read, but it’s non-fiction and shows the strength and courage Patricia has to share her story in order to help others. Unfortunately, Patricia’s story is not the only one, she’s just the one I know who has come forward, not an easy thing to do at all.

The book, Soul Parole: Making Peace with My Mind, God and Myself, by
Tommy Connolly is a very good example of what true courage is about. If you read that story about drugs, addiction and beating the odds, you will feel the connection to My Justice by Patricia as well.

Patricia, like many of us, goes through struggles. The physical scares of her abuse are still showing, and she is trying to repair them, however it is the inner scares which are hardest to repair.

Again, please show your kindness and love to her. She’s an amazing woman.
Thank you, sincerely.

 A personal message:  I have read your book/story, from cover to cover and I must say, honestly, you are the bravest person I have ever known. It’s one thing to be brave on the streets as an officer, it’s quite another to be brave sharing the deepest parts of our soul and the feelings that come with being abused.

Today as many know I am Owner/CEO of Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery & Talk Radio Programming

If you or someone you know is having difficulty or is suffering in the destruction of these types of family violences & abuses, please visit or listen to our shows at




A simple spark to brighten your spirit ~~ enjoy always


Hopefully you woke with a spark in your spirit that something you are focused on will indeed come through. We all need something to keep us going and inspire the drive to create something better for ourselves. What if we carried just a small consideration of that same drive to keep those around us safe from harm, all forms of harm. Not to shelter them from knowing the REAL world and pitfalls that trap us, but to keep them personally safe. It is one thing to experience a life skill, but being beaten or controlled, trapped & used as an object – this is not a harm which any living being should have to endure. We don’t allow it for our pets, our farm animals, so why in the world do we turn away when it is a child in our family circle? No more friends. You can choose to be a Family Defender, allow that bright new spark to guide you through. May you always know happiness everyday ❤

Help is always there!! If you have been harmed sexually or physically, please reach out and give yourself a chance to LIVE SAFE.

You are not trapped, there are resources to help you rebuild, recover, develop the skills you need to truly survive. Give those who need us a hand to help them through. Thank you ~~ Always believe anything is possible with you in the active equation ~~ trish

Survivors World – National Crime Victims Week 2014 03/26 by Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery | Self Help Podcasts

Survivors World – National Crime Victims Week 2014 03/26 by Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery | Self Help Podcasts.

Tonight Survivors World is calling out to ALL VICTIMS of ALL TYPES OF CRIME!! When you have been robbed, suffered through Identity Theft or some other form of personally violating or threatening crime you and your family are still effected by the fear & trauma you are trying to cope through. It’s a huge pleasure to welcome a personal friend & a strong advocate resource helping reduce all forms of Human Trafficking and build awareness through their recent grant award for the National Crime Victims Week 2014. Butterfly Dreams is hoping to encourage others to be aware of how ALL types of crime leave an ongoing ripple effect until the trauma is healed. Let’s hear your story and how a crime has changed your life.

Kristen Eng of Rescue & Restore of Southwestern Illinois is joining me here tonight to share about the upcoming event to honor all victims. Restoring the Balance of Justice Glow-Run 5K, Vigil & Resources Fair. I love bringing local resources of support and help to share here in my area. Also, I will be speaking to help kick off the event on April 11th, so come on out if you can.

Get ready for a terrific broadcast and we hope you pass this on to your circles. I believe next month is a time to rise everyone. We are the generation with a grand opportunity to truly make a difference with all the courage we have built in our mission thus far. We are the Generation No More and this is a broadcast outreach program of Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery & Butterfly Dreams Talk Radio. Thank you.

Restoring the Balance of Justice Run 5K

Restoring the Balance of Justice Run 5K.

Friends it is an honor and incredibly exciting to share – This upcoming National Crime Victims Week Event by Hoyleton Ministries and Rescue & Restore of Southwestern Illinois. I have the huge pleasure to speak to help kick off the VIGIL & 5K RUN. Be there and give voice for all VICTIMS OF CRIME. Through support & resources we can Restore the Balance of Justice!!

Alienation : The Lost Childhood!

Parental Alienation is without a doubt child abuse & destructive up through adulthood. If there is not a true healing process the connection between that parent & their child will be difficult at best throughout the child’s life. If one parent is a truly violent person AGAINST THE CHILD, then you have cause. However, your in ability to get along or your dislike, your revenge against the other parent or using your children as pawns in the greatest chess game, this is the destruction of their DNA who they were intended to become!!!

Sexual and Emotional Abuse Scar the Brain in Specific Ways

In both emotional and sexual abuse, a decrease in connectivity of regions that are overwhelmed by maltreatment may be interpreted as a self-protective response. But it can ultimately prove harmful because it interferes with subsequent healthy sensation and experience.

The changes seen were not small: Pruessner says if a region typically was 5 mm. thick on average, in abuse survivors it was just 3 mm. to 4 mm. “The effect size was quite significant,” he adds.

The perception of personal value I passed into my children’s lives

My only perceived value was in my sexuality as an object, not as a person. Needless to say, seeing my value only through my being wanted by a man flowed into my adult relationships and my example as a mother. The broken spirit of ugliness, overweight teen with scarred disfigured skin from not bathing; black broken fangs for teeth from never given the human kindness and decency for proper hygiene; the teen I was with all my distorted perceptions felt grateful for any man wanting to be with me or choosing me as their wife.
“I was well trained to be submissive; accepting their degradation, control, beatings and almost murderous actions because I was nothing without them.”

Survivors World – Emotional Abuse, the bruises you can’t see 03/20 by Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery | Self Help Podcasts

Survivors World – Emotional Abuse, the bruises you can’t see 03/20 by Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery | Self Help Podcasts.

It is our Survivors World night and we are talking about the bruises you can’t see, the control strings our parents & partners use to keep us in ‘line’. You are not a puppet on strings. You have value & You are capable of living without them. Call in at 347-215-7754 or connect in our chatroom with our volunteers. Show starts at 9pm eastern/ 8pm central/ 7pm mountain/ 6m pacific time. We welcome men, women & most certainly teens. Emotional abuse is a vile destruction of the person you were intended to be, but you do not have to give them this power!!

On this show we are looking at the studies on this type of harm, but more importantly we want to hear about your experiences. Did your parents commonly use the word ‘Stupid’ to describe you as a person? Did/does your patner or spouse have you believing that you have absolutely no identity without them, that you are completely incapable of achieving/completing the slighest small task? Are you constantly struggling to see yourself in a mirror, some reflection of a person who does exist? You are invited to come share this with us as we open up our phones to hear your voice!!

Control Games with Words

We all know a bit about emotional abuse, but this write up is one of the best I’ve seen. These bruises cover our spirit and strip our soul. We begin to second guess everything about our person, our behaviors, habits, absolutely everything. Have a read and absorb the information, you just might meet someone who just might need someone and you will have a resource you can turn to for help. United together ending abuse, it will take our generation continuing to make a difference in their lives tomorrow. thanks much 🙂

From Torn 2 Pieces 2 Peace

If you fear having feelings independent of and in opposition to one of your parents and becoming a target of rejection you’ve seen him or her direct at others who disagree, you’re likely being manipulated.

You (or a friend) may have a parent who is so controlling and possessive, he or she will want to cut those you love (or once loved) out of your life.  This hurts. It hurts because, among other things, it’s not loving.  It’s called Parental Alienation, and some experts call it “the worst form of child abuse.”  imagesCAZ5BLXM

Tragically, some parents will use the following to cut your other parent out of your life:

  • guilt (e.g., “I don’t know why your father left us; everything seemed okay”);

  • intimidation (e.g., “Go to your mother’s if you want, but you are not to hug her cute little boyfriend anymore. Do you understand?”);

  • fear (e.g., “I just want you kids to know that I’11 be here the whole time…

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