Nominated for the Liebster Award for Domestic Abuse Advocacy Blog!

Thank you my fighting friend for the recognition and nomination for Liebster Award in blogging to end Domestic Violence. My target is about ending the harm we have been numbed to accepting within our family unit. The child abuse, the attacks on partners/spouses, the parental alienation which then turns into grandparent alienation. Our family units have been broken and twisted by what has been found acceptable in our homes. How can we tell our children we are looking out for your best interest then beat them, molest & rape them, emotionally destory all that they are inside and leave them abandoned in a world of hell. How can we say I love you to someone then in that same breath reach out and tear them apart, ripping them from the soul and causing severe physical harm? How can we as a society sit back and become so numb to all the evil that exists within our family unit and within our homes? Today matters in at least one person’s life and your kindness and caring attention could be what saves them from years of pain. We must do this as a united strong stand around the world if we ever expect to change these human behaviors and acceptance in our relationships. It is an honor to receive your nomination and I respect all you are doing. In kindness, respect, and full support of your efforts, sincerely Trish McKnight

2 thoughts on “Nominated for the Liebster Award for Domestic Abuse Advocacy Blog!

  1. I like the internet. Where one can journal to one’s hearts content and never have to fear that somebody is going to read it and accuse the author of a horrible crime. When I was 19, I had a drawer full of things I had been writing for the past two years, beginning when I was still in high school. One weekend, my mom was in my bedroom, and she went through this drawer and read every one of those pages that I had been writing for two years, and I got home, and she accused me of wanting and planning to kill her. I was so shaken up by this experience that I took all of it down to the incinerator and burned it and never wrote anything down on paper for 25 years. The experience did two things. First, it taught me to keep everything inside and not let it out. Second it told me that anything I was thinking should never be expressed, for no one could be trusted. Twenty five years of this. At the age of 45, I experienced the death of my father. My mother had died twelve years prior to this time. I was married to my second husband, who was more abusive than the first, who had taken my first three kids and molested the oldest two. My fourth child had been molested by his grandfather. My life was a disaster area. I had previously thought I was too dumb to go to college, everybody had told me that. However, I enrolled in college, not telling anybody how dumb I was. Guess what? I had to write to get through college. I had forgotten what a thrill it was to write. For 25 years, I had not written anything. Now, I was coming out of the woodwork. There was nothing stopping me. It took me thirteen years to get through college, but I achieved my Master’s Degree in English Composition, and started teaching Community College in Southern California. Now, I am doing all sorts of things; counseling, publishing, writing, and teaching. Anything I can do to further a sane community. Claudia Barlow

    Date: Tue, 18 Mar 2014 15:41:15 +0000 To:

    • Ms. Barlow, what an honor to have your comments and your spirit shared here. How I admire your determination and courage to build and survive as the person you wanted to be. It is always phenomenal to connect with another who is thriving, even in our struggles, as we continue the healing and recovery process. blessings & respect always, trish 😉

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