Its a ‘Family Defender’ Campaign from Butterfly Dreams!!

Its a ‘Family Defender’ Campaign from Butterfly Dreams!!.

Hi there darlins, a very good morning wish your way. May you shine as if you were a wonderful BRANDY NEW PENNY 

Perhaps you’ll do me and your entire family circle a huge favor; maybe you will decide it is time to become your own ‘Family Defender’. You’ve heard me talk about things, and yes rant on about things for about four or five years now. Ha Ha, amazing my ‘friends’ have stuck around  love ya’s for that!! Now I am asking you to make a decision, to stand up straight and tell your circle of family & friends, ‘I’ve learned so much from Trish’s ranting these past few years, I am telling you all that’s it, we cannot sit quiet about this any longer. Tell them there is way too much family wounding from what we know or suspect already. Hopefully you’ll check out the many hundreds of websites available for assistance and different forms of support. Please friends today is the day we are A NEW GENERATION IN CHARGE. Do not let the old teachings, which have brought us to the level of violence and disregard of human life that we live in today. We can do better than this. We are not stupid, or incapable; we are strong and if we do this together as a society finally willing to open the door to these dark realities, protect those just in our circle, we can begin to make a change together. This pledge does NOT COST YOU A PENNY, all I’m asking for is for you to think about how you would begin the change of mindset in your house of friends? Submit your thoughts along with your email info and that’s it, your done and then of course I hope you live in what you commit to change within your circle.

Take care loves, finally got the computer online just now, so here’s to using a loaner, but thanks to the provider for helping out. TTYL 

2 thoughts on “Its a ‘Family Defender’ Campaign from Butterfly Dreams!!

  1. Hi Patricia! I’ve been on a healing journey for about 20 years trying to figure out who I am, why I am here etc. I’ve recently been guided to read your book and I admit I had some resistence to reading it. It was a hard read and I cried many times throughout it and it was a powerful trigger for my own crap. I just turned 50 this year and I am bound and determined to heal these deep wounds once and for all. Finding the right resources has been a challenge and yet in some ways I realize it’s a matter of being ready to face these deep layers. You are an incredibly brave soul to share your story and I have the utmost admiration and respect for what you have endured to get where you are. I chose not to have children out of fear I would be like my narcisstic mother. I couldn’t bear the thought that I would treat my child that way. I’ve been living in fear all my life, holding back the real me because I was afraid I was a monster deep inside. I just read the article about narcisstic abuse and it touched my soul deeply. I finally feel validated for what I have endured and I feel hopeful that I can heal fully and learn to love and accept myself for the brilliant soul I truly am. I have a ways to go yet to feel worthy of such love and yet I do see progress. I just wanted you to know how grateful I am to you for sharing all your love and support. You are a true blessing and I honor your journey here. Namaste! Date: Thu, 19 Jun 2014 13:37:08 +0000 To:

    • I cannot tell you how much your words here have touched my heart. Thanks so very much. I am so happy you were able to get through ‘My Justice’, yes it does indeed spark a lot of triggers for those who have been down that road of childhood stolen by the harm of those around us. Its difficult for me today to accept there are still so very many being harmed and I just do not know if we are truly making a difference sometimes, but then I receive an email like yours and I am strongly reassured that indeed we are, even if it is just helping one other survivor find their way through the troubled waters. If I can ever help you, please visit and complete the request form. These are completely confidential and come only to my attention, you can reach out at any time. I always respond and those are my priority emails every morning. You be well angel, stay strong and never give up on what you know inside is your own true power. You do have the ability to live the life of love, happiness and safety that you most certainly deserve. Take good gentle care of you at this time. hugs always, trish

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