One Victim of Familial Child Sex Trafficking – Microsoft Word Online

One Victim of Familial Child Sex Trafficking – Microsoft Word Online.

Friends pls read & share>>> today I am just one of the many thousands who grew up as victims of Familial Child Trafficking. Please help us end this danger which grows within the protective given rights of every parent. We can no longer pretend not to know, but we can provide a healing support path and encourage every child trapped in this vicious path to speak up and seek the help of rescue today. Thanks so much – become your own ‘Family Defender’ by visiting our website

2 thoughts on “One Victim of Familial Child Sex Trafficking – Microsoft Word Online

  1. I was brutally molested by my father, and two uncles as well as trafficked to strangers beginning when I was approximately 12, or slightly younger.
    I became pregnant and was taken for an illegal abortion with no explanation about what was going to happen. It was on a table in an abandoned building in Newark NJ.
    I was given low cost therapy by a psychoanalyst who saw a drawing I did, ” the girl with the ghost” which summed up my childhood.
    As an adult I have spoken about the horror that was my childhood in women’s workshops and in my Masters Thesis ” God of the Godforsaken, image and witness”. It included several paintings that came from my experiences.
    I fall very easily into PTSD states. Work has been very hard.
    But I have spoken in a few settings as a way to fight back.
    Thanks for this site and all the good work being done.
    mary donelle ramsay.

    • My heart reaches out in hopes of some type of comfort. These horrific stories are the teaching tools to change the way we deal with these actions in our court system today. Never believe that it doesn’t matter. Never believe that you don’t matter. It’s crucial to share these stories and teach our kids to speak up today no matter who is harming them. Biggest hugs & blessings always

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