From The Desk Of Darlene J. Harris- Familial Child Trafficking by Patricia McKnight A Survivor and Advocate

Friends I am so excited to share the article released from the desk of Ms. Darlene J. Harris, check it out my darlins. She is sharing my most recent writing ūüôā

And He Restoreth My Soul Project


First,  we want to thank Mr. Eric Marts for his wonderful article on Child Abandonment.  His insight and knowledge about abandonment is very valuable and we appreciate the contribution he makes to And He Restoreth My Soul Project.

Today we introduce Patricia McKnight a survivor of Familial Child Trafficking and author of ‚ÄúMy Justice‚ÄĚ. ¬†She works diligently¬†to have a message of empowerment and hope to share with others like herself. ¬†She has done massive radio interviews and documentaries. ¬†In addition,¬† ¬†Patricia works with various government agencies, and coalitions. ¬†She is often invited to participate as a speaker, and panelist member during¬†conferences held for legal advocates, etc.¬†¬†For more information about Patricia please see the following website ¬†

Patrica A. McKnight Finally Living True Freedom

Trecia Ann The Girl Who Found Her Voice

A Novel By Patricia A. McKnight

Ask a survivor of forced familial child trafficking; what can you do…

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