Butterfly Dreams Presents: Meet Your Resources


 Butterfly Dreams is featuring a very special event in Breese, IL at Northside Park, Sept. 27th from Noon to 4pm – Be sure to join with us as our local area providers for #ClintonCounty  gather to share their special work in assisting our families. Help share this event and encourage your neighbors to come listen in. We will also have a very special presentation from Jennifer Bishop Jenkins, Director of Marsy’s Law for Illinois, Protecting All Crime Victims Rights!!! If you live in #Breese   #Carlyle   #Aviston   #Albers   in or around the surrounding areas, please mark your calendars and bring your family!! Speakers will include #ClintonCountySheriff  Mike Kreke, Chief of Police Robert Fix, DARE Program w/ Officer Kurt Weh, Hoyleton Ministries, Children’s Home + Aid and more to join in!!
We all may know a family in need or a person who needs some extra support. We hope to introduce you to the resources here on a NOT FOR PROFIT SERVICE to help you and your neighbors at any time!!

5 thoughts on “Butterfly Dreams Presents: Meet Your Resources

  1. I am sorry but I see nothing to read. I would like to comment. Am I missing the point of this site or ? Thanks …Gwen

    • Hello Gwen, not sure why you were not able to read anything. When I opened it up I was able to see the event flyer. Sadly we did not gather enough support for this event so it has been postponed once again, but I am praying we are able to gather enough Family Service Resources to share their services for the many who remain in need, living in silence, feeling isolated without a place to go and no one who will support them. Please email me if you wish, trish.mcknight@live.com
      Thanks for visiting 🙂

      • Hello Trish..,
        Just an fyi that, I did receive your email and mostly why I have responded. I will do a better job keeping up with all events.
        So proud of you for all you do. I will be happy; when I get to help others. I am still at the point that everything seems to remind me of one incident or other. Thinking I am strong and boy it hits me at once it seems.

        Keep up all you are doing, know how much “Butterfly Dreams” is helping those ready for you!


      • Gwen, do not fear it my dear – all you are feeling and trying to process is difficult at best and even after these past five years of learning to accept things done to me, and the things forced by terrorism I have done. This is a complete vile destruction of our survivors either in Relationship violence or in child abuse, it can be overwhelming to take on the stories and the lives of others. I thought my story was the very worst ever, then I connected with others and heard their struggles, sometimes you really have to hold on tight so that it doesn’t push you over the edge. We will all walk in the path of recovery together and there is NEVER a competition when it comes to trauma, it all impacts our inner self in many horrifying ways. hugs & courage always, trish

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