14 Steps To RE-Entering The World Of Dating

This entire blog is an excellent reading resource for those women who are attempting to rebuild, after being left with absolutely nothing. It isn’t an easy feat, but it is absolutely possible. I know personally because I’ve done it not just once, but at least some 3 or 4 times now. Your true partner will come when you find the value in who you are independently. We do not need another human being to give us value, we just need to feel loved and to give love. Take your time, find the courage inside you to live on your own, support yourself, and then when you feel the time is right; you will welcome the one who is absolutely perfect for you. Cheers on a fabulous supportive blogsite from Lady with a Truck ~~ trish mcknight

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dating gameI think there is a tendency these days for people to call anyone who disagrees with them, pissed them off, or who they fall in love with and doesn’t love them back, a narcissist. Narcissist has become overused to the point where it is losing it’s impact and not taken as seriously as it should be.

Everyone wants to label everyone else, put them in a nice little clearly defined category so they can say, “Not my fault”. “It’s not MY fault I got hurt, I am a sensitive caring person, I can’t change that”, “It’s not my fault he didn’t fall in love with me, he is a narcissist” Never mind that you knew going into the relationship the guy didn’t have a job, had a drinking problem, and told you that he was not into any kind of commitment.  You can not then sleep with the guy, be…

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Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery

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Welcome to Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery


Inspiring new ideas, changing old perceptions, and empowering daily recovery for men, women and children dealing with some form of past or present abuse, violence or trafficking. Together we are ending the cycle of what has become – Family Crimes and Terroristic Abuse
Common Human Behaviors & Our Greatest Human Tragedy

Welcome to Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery providing pages of educational knowledge, and working to change our common perceptions about the Family Crimes of Child Sexual Abuse, Sex Trafficking, Violent Home Environments.

We are here to help your recovery and rebuilding, while providing Warning Signs, Relationship Red Flags, Mental and Emotional Wellness to live in a SAFE life to become positive loving role models for tomorrow. You will learn how goal lists and positive guides can help rebuild your life and we have Family Crimes information to help find other resources and build stronger bonds within your community. No child or person should feel abandoned to live in a dangerous home without someone being concerned for their wellbeing. before we can change their future, we must rebuild from our past.

Patricia A McKnight;

Author/Advocate/Speaker/Trainer/Survivor – Woman, Wife, Mother & Grandmother. This site is not a replacement for any form of professional therapy or counseling.

Copyright protected: Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery founded November 2012

Source: Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery

Examining the Global Problem of Human Trafficking


Source: Examining the Global Problem of Human Trafficking

Check out the interview via WANDtv.com concerning the trauma & statutes in Illinois, which I’ve personally addressed with House Rep Jay Hoffman, States Attorney Brendan Kelly, U.S. Attorney’s Office, and even Congressman John Shimkus. However, no matter what I’ve researched through CDC, National Inst. of Mental Health, National Child Traumatic Stress Network, even PTSD.va.gov; we still do NOT have the attention or the support in updating Illinois or Federal Statutes to give children who are suffering today a chance to heal, grow up, understand what actually happened in all the ugly violence of what family members have manipulated, threatened, or forced them to endure.

Yes, it happens every single day right here in Illinois and across the country. I can prove to the readers here, as I have proven to all those listed above; 1 in 3 children are suffering in some type of sexual or severe physical harm. Illinois wants to give them just ONE YEAR after their 18th birthday to file charges. However, in all the research the above organizations have published, the trauma of these vicious crimes leaves a lasting wound so extreme it is compared only to those enduring Concentration Camp, Prisoner of War, Combat Veterans.

Think for just a moment if you would please; these kids cannot refuse their parents/guardians direction. Many times they may even be drugged, filled with alcohol, given as a prize at special private parties held inside their very own home. These children are used, beaten, raped, traded, sold, forced to endure grievous and heinous attacks over and over, throughout years in isolation and even within a community where teachers, law enforcement, neighbors, family friends all see how the child is distant, trained to jump at the second their ‘Family Terrorist’ calls their name. These children are living in a daily hell, never knowing when the next party, the next personal attack, or who will ever help them because apparently no one is ready to realize just how horrific their world might be.

This is a hell that is unlike any other. It beats a child into a pattern of tolerating the most vicious attacks, while their tears are silent, and their voice taken by the monster who has all the control. A life pattern of tolerating nothing less than attempted murders in any of their relationships; after all nothing is as bad as what they have already been through and the last thing they want is to be left abandoned by another person because they must not be worth saving. No one ever stood up for them. No one questioned the bruises, the sexual knowledge, drug use, failing grades, lack of attention, even outbursts of anger, sadness; inside these children are praying everyday for someone to help them.

They are asking themselves ‘Why doesn’t anyone care what’s happening? Am I not worth saving? Is sex and beatings, servitude for others all I am worth? Is this going to be my life? 

The words that swirl in the mind of these children, while the other kids are playing games or taking part in school activities; these children only worry about what is going to happen when they get home from school.

Will I have to do this all over again? My body is so tired. Please can they just let me rest or do my homework for one night without anyone demanding me to answer that little brass bell, to cook their dinner, clean up their mess, put my siblings to bed, and then maybe, just maybe; perhaps I can just sleep without attack for one single night? PLEASE JUST LET ME DIE!!!”

This survivor has worked constantly to research the aftermath she suffered, just so she could understand how everything inside her was so different from everyone else. I’ve researched the legal statutes, the child maltreatment investigation process, even published a full report on the statistics of these crimes and how many children actually do suffer these traumas. Please contact me to find out about introducing this program for your staff;

‘Family Crimes – Our greatest human tragedy’

This program has been quoted as ‘Groundbreaking material‘ from Dr. Elise Lobue of University of Illinois Springfield. Hoyleton Ministries Direct Care Workers and Foster Parents have reviewed this information as ‘Excellent, something every person should know about the true traumatic impact of a child who suffers in a violent home, a sexually harming home, and even worse for those who are dominated constantly by their own personal ‘terrorist’.

This news interview was done at our last presentation. You can help educate others in your network. You can help a child in danger. You can help a family who is suffering with mental health, drug addictions, even outbursts of raging violence. You can make a difference in our how society continues to force silence on these young victims, protecting their family monster, and pretending nothing is happening in their nightmarish hell. We can empower every young person to believe we will help them, to know they have written Constitutional Rights to be SAFE, and also a Universal Human Right to live free; free from harm & free from the fear of harm. We do not have to continue ignoring the CRIMINAL ATTACKS that happen inside our homes, within our families, and all while those too young to have a say in their life are beaten down, sold, used, raped, and forced to accept such ugly attacks until they are old enough to escape.

Help end this cycle today. Help us ask for a Federal Statute against these types of heinous cruelty against persons 15 years or younger. Please click here to sign the ‘Family Crimes & Terroristic Abuse Act’


Thanks for your time,

Patricia McKnight

Dana Pfeiffer

Lisa Chilton

Contact: trish.mcknight@live.com


Voices InJustice – Giving praise to our Veterans – Warriors for Freedom 11/15 by Voices InJustice Radio | Current Events Podcasts

Voices InJustice honoring our Veterans…. Sunday beginning at 7pm eastern time, please join in with Trish as we give praise to the warriors who protect us everyday. We depend on our Freedom of Speech, Freedom

Source: Voices InJustice – Giving praise to our Veterans – Warriors for Freedom 11/15 by Voices InJustice Radio | Current Events Podcasts

Giving Praise to our Veterans – Warriors of Freedom -Sunday 11/15, 7pm eastern time – Call in #929-477-3163 or use your social ID to log into blogtalk and join in the open chatroom. Share a special message for your hero!!

This week we’ve celebrated Veterans Day and Marine Corp Birthday, figured we’d do a special broadcast to honor our soldiers. Our’s is a history filled with brave men & women who leave their home and family, travel all over the world; giving their all to protect our freedom. Imagine, they cannot call in sick, take vacation anytime, and when they sign that contract; it is a follow anywhere & anytime we send you. Millions of amazing soldiers given the ultimate sacrifice and their families, while extremely proud, will carry a sadness for their brave hero’s loss. We see small towns across the country with their Flag at half-mast for the one who didn’t come home. Let’s use this show to give them a huge thank you for what they give to us everyday. We open our phone lines & chatroom, so all who would like to share a word of praise, a special story, a mention for your combat buddies any mention to honor those who protect your country. We welcome anyone who would like to share in this special broadcast. Thank you for supporting our programming and outreach services!!!

Trowler sets out accreditation test for children’s social workers

The chief social worker said a different method will have to be used to assess practice leaders for the accreditation

Source: Trowler sets out accreditation test for children’s social workers

Just my take on things!!! trish

I think this should certainly be a part of their advancements. There are not enough agents to handle the 3.7+ million reports of child maltreatment across the United States every year for the past five years. This means they absolutely have to be aware of the most tragic cases and be able to sense when a case is minor in comparison. However, when there are medical records, or even the lack of any medical or dental records; when there are bruises visible, when a child knows more about sexual activity than is age appropriate, and also when a child is showing signs of distress or fear; when the case involves a person 0 to 15 years old – these should be the PRIORITY CASES and these should require no less than a three stage, 6 month review process.

Mandated Statutes of Child Maltreatment Investigations 
1 – Report made to call taker
2 – Report handed to agent for investigation, which includes –
a) personally meeting with the child in question at school environment with most favored teacher & principle.
(b) personally meeting at the family home, first with appointment followed by 2 unscheduled checks (c) review of parental wellness & home environment, including any addictions, mental health, past trauma problems
(d) review of child’s educational & behavioral records and 2 follow up meetings w/ child
3. Submit all information to Accredited Directors for review and disposition

No decision should be made by call taker of initial report. The review to meet Mandated Statutes of Maltreatment should be determined prior to report into Social Services. The determination to involve Social Services can be and should be determined by a qualified reporter. If a person who is not a qualified reporter wishes to make a report, this should be directed to a community resource responder, law enforcement or medical professional who is a qualified reporter of child maltreatment. In this respect we are able to use the agents in different stages of knowledge, training, and years in actively determining cases. In no way should Child Maltreatment be taken lightly or dismissed without complete review. By creating new standards in which to train, qualify, and provide the best protections for the children, then we will know these services will be triple checked before removing a child who is not truly in danger or at risk of being grievously injured. At the time a child names a person in their family, or in their home, who is hurting them; REMOVE THE OFFENDER NOT THE CHILD!!

The Imbalance of American Justice – Celebrities who got away with murder…. 11/08 by Voices InJustice Radio | Current Events Podcasts

Voices Injustice is looking at an area very sensitive to our justice system, at least here in America – Celebrities who killed their spouses…..How many rich celebrities were able to buy their way out of punishment deserved of their crime?

Snooping around –
This is where the true injustice of our human society comes through. We are all consumed with who is dating who? Who is cheating on who? Who is divorcing who? However, there is a much more dangerous edge to the Who is Who; Celebrities who killed because of jealousy, power, dominance, control!!!!

Join Trish, Sunday Nov 8th, beginning at 7pm eastern time as we have some fun in snooping about the celebrities, but we are looking at the dark side of the person who allows the need for power, their ego, their needs to send them into a rage that ended in murder. Call me live to chat or listen, 929-477-3163 or use your Social ID to log in the Blog Talk Voices Injustice Chatroom!!!

Source: The Imbalance of American Justice – Celebrities who got away with murder…. 11/08 by Voices InJustice Radio | Current Events Podcasts