Trowler sets out accreditation test for children’s social workers

The chief social worker said a different method will have to be used to assess practice leaders for the accreditation

Source: Trowler sets out accreditation test for children’s social workers

Just my take on things!!! trish

I think this should certainly be a part of their advancements. There are not enough agents to handle the 3.7+ million reports of child maltreatment across the United States every year for the past five years. This means they absolutely have to be aware of the most tragic cases and be able to sense when a case is minor in comparison. However, when there are medical records, or even the lack of any medical or dental records; when there are bruises visible, when a child knows more about sexual activity than is age appropriate, and also when a child is showing signs of distress or fear; when the case involves a person 0 to 15 years old – these should be the PRIORITY CASES and these should require no less than a three stage, 6 month review process.

Mandated Statutes of Child Maltreatment Investigations 
1 – Report made to call taker
2 – Report handed to agent for investigation, which includes –
a) personally meeting with the child in question at school environment with most favored teacher & principle.
(b) personally meeting at the family home, first with appointment followed by 2 unscheduled checks (c) review of parental wellness & home environment, including any addictions, mental health, past trauma problems
(d) review of child’s educational & behavioral records and 2 follow up meetings w/ child
3. Submit all information to Accredited Directors for review and disposition

No decision should be made by call taker of initial report. The review to meet Mandated Statutes of Maltreatment should be determined prior to report into Social Services. The determination to involve Social Services can be and should be determined by a qualified reporter. If a person who is not a qualified reporter wishes to make a report, this should be directed to a community resource responder, law enforcement or medical professional who is a qualified reporter of child maltreatment. In this respect we are able to use the agents in different stages of knowledge, training, and years in actively determining cases. In no way should Child Maltreatment be taken lightly or dismissed without complete review. By creating new standards in which to train, qualify, and provide the best protections for the children, then we will know these services will be triple checked before removing a child who is not truly in danger or at risk of being grievously injured. At the time a child names a person in their family, or in their home, who is hurting them; REMOVE THE OFFENDER NOT THE CHILD!!

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