Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery

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Welcome to Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery


Inspiring new ideas, changing old perceptions, and empowering daily recovery for men, women and children dealing with some form of past or present abuse, violence or trafficking. Together we are ending the cycle of what has become – Family Crimes and Terroristic Abuse
Common Human Behaviors & Our Greatest Human Tragedy

Welcome to Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery providing pages of educational knowledge, and working to change our common perceptions about the Family Crimes of Child Sexual Abuse, Sex Trafficking, Violent Home Environments.

We are here to help your recovery and rebuilding, while providing Warning Signs, Relationship Red Flags, Mental and Emotional Wellness to live in a SAFE life to become positive loving role models for tomorrow. You will learn how goal lists and positive guides can help rebuild your life and we have Family Crimes information to help find other resources and build stronger bonds within your community. No child or person should feel abandoned to live in a dangerous home without someone being concerned for their wellbeing. before we can change their future, we must rebuild from our past.

Patricia A McKnight;

Author/Advocate/Speaker/Trainer/Survivor – Woman, Wife, Mother & Grandmother. This site is not a replacement for any form of professional therapy or counseling.

Copyright protected: Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery founded November 2012

Source: Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery

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