“Everyone is Disposable to the Narcissists–Even His Spouse and Children”

A Narcissistic Personality cannot care about the emotional destruction of others, especially their children. It doesn’t matter if they are male or female offenders with this personality disorder, there is a huge number of parents with wounded personalities from previous childhood harm and torment. These are behavioral patterns we carry forward, we enforce and allow as ‘traditions’ within our family way of life. Thanks for this blog, excellent site 🙂

Parental Alienation

Narcissists are incapable of sincere feelings and deep relationships. They are brilliant actors. You make believe, even if you have been married to a narcissist for a number of years, that this person loves you. The narcissist in incapable of loving anyone. This is not part of his psyche. He/she views human relationships as stepping stones that will enhance their image socially and professionally, impress the right people.(Bernice). They are vehicles that smooth their way toward goals they have been fixated most of their lives. Absolutely no one, not even their spouses or children is permitted to create obstacles as they climb professionally, creating greater influence and connecting with the right people. When push comes to shove the narcissist is compelled due his dark motivations to manipulate and exploit those closest to them. Narcissists often substitute one family for another. It isn’t unusual for them to start with…

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