Steps to Recovery by a survivor for survivors

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Six Daily Recovery & Rebuilding Tools; created by a survivor & geared to help survivors reclaim their incredible self!!

​​​Take a breath and a moment of quiet in a safe place. Your panic response has developed through different traumas. This influence was probably a repeated dominance and harm over a period of time. It will take time to develop the ability to feel safe; to actually live life in a true sense of freedom. Do not feel guilty about your pain. This is something another person CHOSE to inflict against you. All the fear you carry, the panic, the distorted behaviors and reactions, these are an injury caused by personally harming actions against you.

​​Build your SAFE CIRCLE, try the daily behavioral skills, and see just how strong, intelligent, capable, and wonderful you really are.

​One breath at a time, one baby step at a time – you are in control and you will create your own dreams.

The one priority needed to begin any healing journey; FEELING SAFE.

1>>List the persons in your SAFE SUPPORT CIRCLE– family, friends, therapist, neighbors –             list should include emergency phone contact

2>>List contacts of help for your immediate daily survival needs
(Shelter, Food, Job Skills, Education Assistance, Counseling, Transportation)​

3>>Create Daily To-Do List– Making phone calls to get help, cleaning house, grocery shopping, laundry – completing small simple tasks helps to rebuild self esteem, sense of accomplishment – learning responsible behavior skills provides self sustaining survival which can help prevent being dependent on another person for life necessities.

4>>Create Positivity List– ‘I CAN DO THIS’, ‘I AM SAFE’, ‘THE DANGER IS GONE NOW’, ‘I AM IN CHARGE’;  ALWAYS CARRY IT WITH YOU, if panicked find privacy, read out loud, concentrate on breathing, slow pace- change negative reaction into positive thoughts ​

5>>Learn Emotional Wounds– understand you have anxiety, depression, perhaps Complex PTSD; research how these wounds will cause challenges in your activities today; going shopping, having lunch, being alone. Practice coping skills, monitor your actions/reactions changing behavioral responses & actions will prevent further victimization.

6>>Get Healthcare– A healthy body is a pathway to your recovery. It’s important to take care of any injuries or chronic health problems to allow the rest of your healing, and prevent any further victimization from another dominant person.

‘Always believe anything is possible with you in the active equation’~~
trish mcknight​​​​

livestrong_thumb.jpg  created by Michal Madison Art
​Developed by: Patricia A McKnight – Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery
copyright 2012-2016​

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