Amend to ensure the offenders inside our homes are held just as guilty as the stranger on the street. It is horribly tragic when prisoners in our jails are given more protective rights than the innocent children they choose to attack.

Sadly only 6% of crimes against children are committed by someone outside the family circle. Prosecution for family offenders who use terroristic threats and attacks against young victims for the purpose of preventing prosecution and maintaining fierce control; thus preventing this victim or other persons in the home from speaking up or contacting assistance. We have a moral responsibility to our children to ensure we investigate, justify, and prosecute the family crimes, especially when committed against young victims.

Sign today & pass it forward. Our children deserve to have the same protection under the law as any adult. They deserve the greatest of our efforts to inspire positive success and encourage their future.

‘Family Crimes and Terroristic Abuse Act’ – Federal Prosecution for Grievous Injury and Sex Crimes against persons 15yrs or younger.

Please ask your #Legislator to review this information and make it an issue for our #Election2016 – Who is brave enough to stand in solidarity and end this pattern of extremely destructive, life altering, and forced silence in constant fear about the 92% of #CrimesAgainstChildren which are committed by #FamilyOffenders.

The greatest human tragedy; #FamilyCrimes the disease that passes into every generation and infects the life pattern of more people than any other disease known to mankind. Now it is time to open the door, end the silence, stop this destructive cycle in our human society today. You have the elective power to force their political direction. You have the voice and the freedom to inspire the greatest possible change for those who cannot defend themselves. Please take that chance and join with myself, Lisa Chilton and Ms. Dana Pfeiffer today. Together we can give them something better!!!


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