Steps to Recovery

‘Steps to Recovery’

Some things I still use during those challenging days or in a triggered situation. Some who go through harm will recover right away and not every person is affected by PTSD, Depression, or other ongoing emotional or life challenges. What I’ve come to understand is that it is as individual as the actual attack or ongoing abusive harm. We all have different tolerance levels and are affected by different challenges. However, you will find that survivors of any type of ongoing extreme harm have struggled beyond measure just to stay alive, to actually feel there is something to live for and a reason to keep moving forward.

YOU ARE NOT ALONE!! Believe in yourself and never give up, because sometimes hope just might be the only thing you have.

We want to help others understand the lifelong impacts & the ongoing struggles of trying to function when there are so many secondary triggers. Keep in mind that like a war veteran who has suffered life threatening battles during a one, two, or three day battle at a time; a survivor of ongoing daily personal attacks & control will usually suffer the emotional setbacks of Post Traumatic Stress, Depression, Anxiety, fears of what might happen next. The CDC supports the comparison of a child sexual abuse survivor, a trafficking survivor, can only be compared to that of a Holocaust Survivor or Prisoner of War. t You have been in a constant battle for your safety and that emotional reaction will not just suddenly go away.

It is important for you to wake every morning, put both feet on the ground, and tell yourself ‘I CAN DO THIS, I MATTER, MY HAPPINESS MATTERS, AND I CAN BE HAPPY TODAY’. Hang onto the hope of being in a better place, even if you don’t yet know where that place might be. Life brings many pitfalls and stumbling points. Survivors, even myself; we battle addictions of all types and even suffer with habitual behaviors. It’s okay, this has been your coping strategy. You may commit acts of self harm, especially when all the acts come racing into our head. Try not to condemn yourself because of these battles, but rather understand why you go through them. Remember that you did not ask to be attacked or harmed, it is a choice that someone else made to act against you. Hang in there, it is not easy, but believe in your ability to conquer the trauma and move forward each day. Reach for new and exciting life adventures and develop a new sense of self by first and foremost, pushing past your comfort zone one breath at a time. Don’t be afraid to enjoy your life!!!

Source: Steps to Recovery