Let us help, we have fought these battles

rainbow-butterfly-dreams_thumb.jpg          There is always HOPE!!!

On the page tabs of our menu above, you’ll find information Ms. McKnight has either learned in her lived experience, through her research to produce over two hundred live talk radio broadcasts & special interviews, or in her ongoing mission of continued education in trainings which include; Child Abuse, Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, Human Trafficking, Elder Abuse & Mental/Emotional Wellness.

We’ve broken down the individual educational knowledge, then provided Resources and the ‘Steps to Recovery’ approach used by Patricia herself for almost a decade. She’s used these tools also in online support groups, through empowerment & motivational speaking. The hundreds of (men, women, & few teens) whom she has personally mentored over these last three years have responded in sincere appreciation for her connection and simple guide which can be written out and kept in a pocket to relieve a triggered moment at anytime.

It is our greatest hope that you find this information so absolutely refreshing in the empowerment to educate ourselves, talk with our teens, and also help one another in community support that you’ll recommend or share the website with your family, friends, in advocacy to change our past so that we might better protect their future. If you would like to invite     Ms. McKnight to give a presentation for your direct staff, churches, universities, please email her direct: p.mcknight@charter.net or connect on Facebook; facebook.com/triciagirl62

If you’re a survivor or know someone who is, we’d like you to visit the ‘Steps to Recovery’page. Try one little tool at a time and see if it helps you regain your inner sense of a positive self. The first step to changing anything in life, will always depend on the choices you make and the amount of personal effort you put in to help make it become your new reality, your new safe pattern of life. This is a choice only you can make but it will help you become a strong positive person for yourself and help you change the continued cycle of tolerance in your children’s lives.
“Let’s not allow any past trauma to destroy your true inner identity” ~~ trish

Be well & Be Strong!!
It is a new day and a new time in our human existence, we know more today about trauma and the impacts of these negative environments than ever before.

Change Begins With You!!!




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