‘My Justice’ the survivor story from hell that will change your perception of family harm

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Patricia A. McKnight ~~ ‘My Justice’

By John Miller on January 4, 2014 ~~ “Without any doubt, “My Justice” by Patricia A McKnight is one of the most horrifying, chilling and shocking accounts of child abuse, that I have ever read.”

By Stormy on March 26, 2016 ~~ “Difficult to read though it is worth it for the knowledge gained about one of the most horrific crimes against nature and the destruction that is left in its tracks.”

Lynn C. Tolson – Survivor/Advocate/Avid Reader/Inspiring Speaker for Survivors of Sexual Harm ~~”McKnight uses details, descriptions, and a direct writing model to convey the terror of her childhood and young adulthood. The style seemed stream-of-consciousness, as if telling a story all in one breath. While reading, I held my breath, waiting to exhale.”

Attention Media

‘My Justice’ is one of those survivor stories you will never forget. Described as ‘Shocking, Horrifying, Disturbing’; ‘It is amazing you are alive today’

I am constantly amazed in the types of careers who have focused their expertise in some form after reading ‘My Justice’ or have used this memoir to help others in their type of profession to truly understand the complex levels of the child, the woman, the mother who was brutally offended over a forty year period. From her early development extending into her third marriage this woman did not know what it was to have someone who didn’t try to degrade or harm you. She never received any medical care for her serious injuries sustained in the many attacks. Everything from serious concussions from being knocked-out or the many layers of filth, infected sores, and rotting, broken black fangs that replaced her childhood smile by the time she was thirteen.

Imagine never being hugged by your mother, never hearing ‘I love you, I’m here to protect you’ from the woman who brought you into this world. Mona kept me from the father & grandparents who would have helped me, rescued me and cared for me throughout my entire childhood. She permitted my stepfather to claim me and use me as property, to exploit me at our local taverns for a few beers, to hold private parties with large groups of grown men, or to take me on their dates to entice other men to buy our drinks while he grinded his groin against me as he slow-danced with me in front of everyone.

Imagine a mother who could be so dismissing and cold towards just one of her children, that she used her as a household slave. Everyday it was getting my younger sister to school, picking her up, walking her home, starting dinner immediately, helping my sister with homework, setting a proper table and cleaning up all the mess from whatever meat, veggie, and potato meal had been prepared by her alone. Imagine being told to use the toothbrush to scrub the lime from around the sink, scrub the crevices of the bathroom with bleach, to spend every day doing household chores and praying for just two or three hours during summer weekends to escape.

This is a survivor story that in truth still continues, because you simply cannot erase the physical, sexual, violent, and verbal destruction that became the only type of existence this one child ever knew. The depth of viciousness and disregard against this one girl is something so twisted, that not even the best psychiatrists have been able to understand. Most will say the story is completely unbelievable and that it was published as a ‘novel’ so it must not, and could not possibly have really happened. I assure society as a whole and welcome ANYONE who knew me as a child growing up in our small coalmining area to comment or prove me lying. If you know my family, if you grew up and went to school at Freeburg High School, Carl L Barton Elementary School, even those who passed through my life knowing my parents Malcolm & Mona White; I invite you to speak up and share whatever memories you might have of me. I know that if John Spurlock were alive today, he would be there supporting me and defending me as he almost gave his life on more than one occasion when he stepped between Malcolm as he was coming after me.

This is a story that is definitely happening to at least 1 in 20 kids in America today. It is a story on so many disturbing levels of harm, you may think of the brutal cultures that exist in other countries and just how horrific they really are against children. The worst tragedy of this story however, is that for the author, the influence and the impact of all the sustained injuries is a huge part of her life today. She desperately tries to fight to change our laws. She has educated her children on the rights and wrongs against other people and helping their children rather than living in the circling emotional suffering. This author gives her voice, her story, and reveals all of the ugly parts of her real person so that we can provide the support, recovery, and changes in our policies and healthcare system to ensure that we are able to be a society protecting tomorrow’s children today.

Join this strong advocate who gives presentations at universities, for nonprofit services, churches, and in community settings. You will find her across social media empowering others to honestly believe that life is in their control, they can change what is happening in their aftermath today and how it will affect their life skills, parenting, and even successful employment if they do not begin their own life changing recovery process today. She is a peer support person in addictions, substance abuse, sex trafficking, family violence, and most of all as an ‘expert’ in the constant drive to becoming whomever you wish to be as you take your chance at life.

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What it really takes to create a change in the cycle of Family Harm & Trauma

ocean header     Why do survivors of Child Sexual Assault, Child Trafficking, and extreme cruelty continue to tell their stories? Because our human society is still dismissing the depth of trauma and the life affecting changes from being a sexualized and/or brutalized, (even severely neglected) child.

We hear about African Child Brides and are horrified, as we should be by the topic of young girls either being tortured, sold, or given away as if they were property. We send money around the world to help lift women and children from brutal harm in almost every country. However, here in America, where we have a developed Constitutional Right to be PROTECTED UNDER THE LAW, regardless of age, ethnicity, religion, economic or geographic residence; here where we already spend an estimated $145 Billion(1) every year for prevention & recovery services from these crimes; here we still have such pandemic measures of destruction and sorrow swirling around us everyday.

The overall levels of family related harm never ceases to amaze me. Even with all of the laws listed in our Criminal Statutes, Inalienable Rights of our American Constitution, and United Nations General Assembly Universal Declaration of Human Rights; which all of these specifically outline what is NOT tolerated behavior against another human being. Still 1 in 3 children live with some form of dominating abusive behavior; 1 in 9 are confirmed sexual harm. Children’s Bureau Child Maltreatment Report FFY 2011 (DO NOT FORGET THESE ARE ONLY THE REPORTED CASES. Allowing the same formula as provided in the CONGRESSIONAL STATEMENT OF 2012  ‘FOR EVERY ONE REPORT THAT IS MADE AT LEAST SIX OTHERS ARE NOT) WE CAN SAFELY ESTIMATE A 1 IN 3 RATE OF SEXUAL HARM, WITH AN ALARMING 1 IN 15 AMERICAN CHILDREN/YOUTH LIVING IN HIGH RISK OF BEING TRAFFICKED/SHARED/EXPLOITED BY THEIR ABUSER.)

How in our modern society is this still possible? Why do our numbers of harmed persons by someone in their home & family circle still continue to climb every year? Did you know that our Child Maltreatment Reports, entered across the nation of those reported is more than 3.7 Million every single year for the past decade? HOWEVER, ONLY 1.2 MILLION EVER RECEIVE TREATMENT OR ASSISTANCE.

So what can we do to change this reality for our kids and our society as a whole? I can tell you that since Nov 1997, it has been my personal focus to change how my negative and tolerating choices had influenced my children’s young lives. I’ve talked to them since I first started gaining a better understanding of the what & how of their suffering through my own recovery and life changing developments. Constantly reinforcing that it is a choice to act against another being or to dominate them by way of control or fear; It was absolutely necessary to make certain they understood how wrong this behavior was and how distorted we can become as a result of those influences.

My strongest focus of this was to make certain my son understood that HE could not, should not, and I would NEVER tolerate him believing that women were sex objects, or there for his purpose at all. I refused to raise a man that believed women were his to control or dominate, to use in any sexual form and to dismiss any belief that he had a right to expect anything other than an independent mind from any other human being. For my girls, they were always told that nothing could hold them back. I taught them about the need to be self supportive in life, that dependence meant you had to tolerate being de-valued and controlled. I taught each of them that SAFETY was guaranteed in their home, I would not let anyone harm them or intimidate them ever again. I’ve done my best to uphold this even in their adult lives and to continue speaking, publishing my story, our path in rebuilding, and focus in helping my daughters be strong independent mothers today.

So it has been some 16yrs since I first began focusing on my rebuilding and influencing positive life and hard work to succeed. I’ve worked on releasing the trauma of my past, being able to feel confident in who I am as a person, and truly believing that I instilled the correct beliefs in my children. Now, children do grow up and they become their own person, but what they live and are taught in their younger years becomes their foundation for what they actually are able to conquer or rise above today. It becomes the environment and behavior they accept in their homes and allow others to influence in their children’s lives.

Overall I cannot be more proud of who my children are as human beings. Have they lived a difficult path? YES!! Have each of them been able to live in a safe respecting life and influence their children and others around them in a positive way; Like many young adults today, this is still evolving and each child in their own age is working in their own pace. I can say my son climbed above and beyond in developing a good sustaining career, but his fear of failing women as a whole has long been a difficulty. He was highly endearing as a young man, and today his root core is based on human acceptance as individuals and to NEVER cause harm to another or enforce his will upon another. He has countless co-workers and friends who share the same long standing respect for who he is and how he defends all others around him. He is always the first one to step up when they need any type of help and a tender ear that many have turned to and sadly taken advantage of over the years.It certainly brings a ‘Proud Mama Moment’ when I reflect on all of his previous sorrows and the man he has become today, by his own sheer hard work and determination. He was always a good gentle soul, but he has become an outstanding young man with a respectful attitude towards everyone around him. He has never taken advantage or degraded a woman, but instead has given them compliment after compliment and done everything possible to make the women around him shine; helping them realize who they are as individuals and that they have the ultimate power over their lives and their choices. He has inspired them to believe that although they may be living in pain or tragedy today, that many millions live with this, help is available, he will take you to help, and he will support your efforts to become self sustaining individuals, but he has never put them down or caused them harm, so to me; this is a huge success and I am absolutely thrilled.

My daughters have lived in trauma caused by the aggressive harmful behavior of the men in their lives. Their father was an abusive man physically. He began leaving their faces and bottoms bruised from a very young age, and then he chose to run away with them and put my babies in a home with a woman who lost custody of her two young sons because of sexual deviation behavior. She and the two teen sons my ex-husband was trying to help her regain custody of; these three people had such a horrifying impact on my children that when they did come back to live with me there were so many negative behaviors. My daughters have not yet found the strength or ability to face life completely alone until they and their children are safe. It is a terrifying experience and it is a journey that takes a lot of twists and turns. It is financial, it is educational, it is exhausting, it is something that requires a great deal of inner will, a will to become greater than the past harm against you. I continue offering help and speaking to all of my children about my past, our family’s past, and the rise to live in our own safe home and the values they were taught as young children. It is those basic values that are their inner strength and foundation. My daughters are truly beautiful spirited women, and I know that someday very soon they will be just as happy and peaceful with their own life and successes.

It is our childhood and our young adult influences and treatments from others that shapes who we are by the time we are thirty/thirty-five. This is when we begin to really grow as human beings but first we have to control our behavior and what we tolerate against those around us. Without independent financial abilities our children cannot develop their own personal reliability, their own life skills practice, and it will affect their path in a continued dependent cycle and be forced to tolerate whatever treatment their supportive partner deems necessary to inflict or cause against them. It is teaching independence and assisting single moms to rise above and live in a self supporting environment that they give the greatest possible influence to their children. 

Together in what was the aftermath of my horrifying trauma,, changing the negative outlook and behaviors began with providing a secure home. It was OUR HOME, and they were allowed and encouraged to share their opinions and thoughts about what happened inside our home. If they had an objection to a punishment, to a bitch session about something they did or didn’t do, they were absolutely allowed to speak on what they felt was their opinion about the subject. Most times they talked me into reducing the grounding or changing their assigned punishment completely. They were taught to have a voice and to speak up about what they did or didn’t like, even the food I cooked and bought was based on a majority approval. We built a strong foundation to the point that my middle daughter, at just 16, was permitted to directly approach the last abusive boyfriend I had living at our house. She spoke to him about his rage, about busting in their bedroom door, about constantly yelling at them; then I took him to the bank, withdrew the deposit he had given me to help with bills, and told him to find another place to live.

My kids each had a positive loving influence around them and it made all the difference. They lived in a clean home, spotless & sanitized weekly because of my extreme OCD behaviors. We all ate dinner together every night, they knew mom’s whistle meant it was time to come home, and they knew without doubt that if they needed love, a hug, or protected that I would absolutely be there. In the sense that I had finally realized how cruelty had affected their daily world, this became my devoted mission to change and it was not an easy process at all. My struggle to be a single mom, desperate to find one sincere love and be respected like any other being, support my three kids and give them a decent, safe, loving home was the greatest challenge I’ve ever faced and I know I do not have the strength to do it again physically, but I damn sure made it happen if they were still young.

In truth, to feel superior, as if we have some type of right to harm or use another human being at our will and demand our dominance over them is a learned and tolerated behavior. We have lived and accepted centuries old traditions of what is and is not acceptable in our society and especially in our families. We ALLOW someone to control us or harm us without ever trying to find assistance or believe that anyone cares simply because it is what we have always known and it is really challenging to step up and away from those beliefs. A large part of our tolerance for these types of attacking behaviors in our homes and families is done first by what is witnessed as young children. The arguing, addictions, and cruelty inside their home teaches them to either be dominating of others or to tolerate the same. Our very first step is to become watchful of our families, our friends, in the apartment building and trailer parks across the nation. We can either continue hurting ourselves, allowing drugs, crime, gangs, abuse, violence, and sexual trauma to tear us down, or we can make a decision today to change just one thing in their lives, to teach them good, teach them human kindness and respect, teach them appreciation of another human being. We can give them hope and give them a better life, but let’s start with the most important of all; to be safe & live safe.

Our strategy as a society must be to open our minds, our ears, our eyes, and help those who need support. Teach our children from the very beginning that NO ONE, not even their parents & family, has a legal right to actually cause them physical, emotional, or sexual harm. Teach them the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Constitutional Inalienable Rights to be SAFE; that every human being has a right to live free from harm & free from the fear of harm. We cannot change our past until we begin teaching and living in a new behavior. Survivors of these traumatic and violent homes have been sharing their stories across the country and around the world to empower other persons to speak up when someone harms them or when they witness harm to another. Just as we combat bullying behaviors inside our schools, we should also combat abusive bullying behaviors in our families and communities as a whole.

We cannot allow injustice or harm in any form. It is harmful to commit actions against another human being and it is a crime to wrongfully accuse another of a harmful behavior against you if they indeed did nothing at all to you. This is not a topic we want drama incited teens to accuse without proof of an action. It is not something we can take lightly in false or true accusations. It is a disgusting cruelty to make a false statement because you then are using your own cruel actions to ruin and cause extreme emotional distress, or severe legal ramifications to an innocent person. Our courts across the country are filling up with trials about Child Sexual Abuse, most of them decades old and these victims absolutely deserve justice because they were definitely violated against. Trust me I would absolutely relish the opportunity to get the women and two young men who harmed my young children in court for their crimes, but since the kids were so little at the time, there are few true memories they can put together, but it is still there inside their spirit and it will always be a part of them.

Honestly there are more victims out there of different levels of trauma and they certainly know this suffering; they should be able to hold those who harmed them accountable for their choice to act on their deceitful behaviors. I know we also have to protect the innocent persons who are having life destroyed because of false reports of these crimes. There are adults who use false reports of harm as a custody issues in family court. There are also teens who report falsely because of their anger, jealousy, or targeted behaviors with complete disregard of what it does to that person, their career or life path, and whether or not they spend the next 20 years in prison for something they absolutely did not do. We have a responsibility to teach appropriate reporting of these crimes and to ensure that justice is served for those who indeed offend against others. At the same time, we must ensure that innocent people are not kept away from their children by a false accusation, something that is twisted by suggestive investigations and over zealous child protective service caseworkers. We have a responsibility to uphold a true justice in our society as a whole, to respect the need of evidence of behavior or of offending crimes before we actually prosecute and send innocent men and women to prison or condemn them in a Sex Offender Reporting Status for the rest of their lives.

If you know anyone who reports an offense, of which there is no real evidence to support; be courageous enough to maintain your true sense of justice and contact someone immediately about the possible false report. Standing by and doing nothing when our justice system is twisted by angry or vengeful people, when we allow our systems to be used as a manipulated weapon, rather than protecting the very foundation of our American Freedom; this will only allow the corruption and greed, the pain and possible prison death of an innocent person. Do not allow yourself to be used as a weapon of destruction and pain. Let your true spirit shine and become a warrior in the rebuilding balance of our human society as a whole.

It is an amazing time in our human history and we should all absorb the life changing possibilities of living in a SAFE SOCIETY. Just imagine how tremendous it would be to give this ability and environment to every child in your country, no matter where you live. Think of the changes we could bring in the health of our planet, our animal kingdom, our rainforests, our traditions, and most of all in the hearts of our children if we can begin making a positive choice for our own lives today. I believe it is the one true thing that can change the path of our human society as a whole. Only love can heal the hate, the pain, the trauma of our centuries old behaviors and lifestyles around the world.

 Be strong for you, because you make a difference in someone’s tomorrow!!!!

Thank you for reading and I hope you inspire one precious being in your lifetime

Peace & Strength Always

Patricia McKnight

Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery 

Author: ‘My Justice’          mj-2

Facts Confirmed so far…..

Centers for Disease estimates at least 1 in 4 American Children are dealing with some form of abuse, violence, or sexualized trauma. (2)

National Institute of Mental Health estimates 1 in 5 Americans suffer with some form of mental illness. When helping people deal with mental illness, the illness (90%) of those affected, have endured these types of violent & sexualized traumas.(3)

Department of Corrections estimates at least some 78% of inmates have endured some form of childhood violence or sexual harm.(4)

National Institute of Health estimates some 75% of drug or alcohol addictions first began by trying to cope in a daily suffering environment of harm or sexual destruction. L Khoury 2010 (5)

National Human Trafficking Resource Center estimates 70 to 80% of prostitutes/trafficking victims have first endured brutal physical or some type of sexual trauma in childhood.




1) The estimate totals are separated on all available research so this is the sum total of each reporting national estimate; $64.7 Billion in the estimated medical & productivity loss costing analysis from National Centers of Disease & Control based on data for year 2000, published by Finkelstein; the same person whose finding are still being used to support data today. PS Corso 2007 – President Obama re-enacted the VAWA in 2013, with the following estimate of cost for each sexual assault ranging from $87,000 to $240,776 per rape

2) Centers for Disease/http://www.cdc.gov/violenceprevention/childmaltreatment/

3) National Alliance of Mental Illness/ http://www.cdc.gov/violenceprevention/childmaltreatment/

4)  Humanity Against Local Terrorism http://haltnow.ca/what-is-abuse/child-abuse/statistic-of-child-abuse

5) National Institute of Health http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3051362/

6) National Human Trafficking Resource Center http://www.nhrtc.org

Head Trauma; Disability from Violence

Many times in a person’s life they may come across another person who is violent to the extreme. Sadly they end up with ongoing physical, maybe neurological, difficulties with their health from that moment in time. Reading this might cause some triggering, ‘bad emotional response; anger, anxiety, sadness, pain). However I do feel that what I’m discussing here is more critical for you to know than to ignore because of possible negative response. Please do take the time to read, share, respond. This is our ongoing multitude of issues revolving around our history of tolerating personal violence inside our homes, which simply ‘trains’ our children to tolerate this in their life, affecting their children, who then accept their own level of suffering in their life, which then affects their children and so on, etc……..

Our topic of Head Trauma from Violence can be viewed as the same information provided for the football players in repeated concussions. The biggest difference, the football player has a helmet and body pads. Inside a home of violence however, you never know when things might go extreme and if you are a child, to have a person twice your size and maybe 3x your weight; the end result can most definitely be death or lingering physical or neurological issues from the trauma.

We, our ‘decent’ human society, often feels as if this subject matter is being discussed to either get pity for things they have already survived or climbed above, or it is considered to be ‘Too Intense’ for common conversation. How about the fact that most of us know someone who is being violently or sexually attacked on a regular basis, or at least once in their lifetime anyway. The length of time a person endures these traumatic experiences depends on a few specifics;

    • How old are they? – Do they have the ability of age to speak up, get help, drive a car; get away, or work to support themselves?
    • What is their level of tolerance learned? – How long have they been living in this pattern of accepting violence?
    • What is their perception of self? Do they feel they deserve this type of treatment? Do they believe they can survive to pay their own way through life without someone who hurts them verbally/physically/sexually?
    • Do they have a close friend to talk to or who will get them help when needed; hopefully medical help and a police report?

This constant level of extreme violence, which quite often involves threats with weapons, use of weapons, threats of death or sudden violent attacks without cause of anger. This happens more often when people on are heavy types of illicit drugs such as Meth or even heavy drinking. I personally know a lot of people who are affected by drinking Whiskey or Tequila. Drinking, rather it is wine or whiskey is a very common act which happens in almost every household. This is something our kids learn as social behavior and many of them in our inner city or urban areas see drastic levels of drug or alcohol use on a regular basis. This is not to leave out our rural or rich society, because it most definitely is a staple of coping life in their homes as well.

Since I’ve worked much of my life as a bartender, (an excellent backup skill to always have an income); also I grew up in an alcoholic and drug enticing environment; I’ve seen people under the influence on different levels of drinking or illicit drugs. In this type of human acceptance of drinking and the BAR environment; I’ve seen first hand how alcohol has the greatest negative response for many people. They are trying to cope with the struggles of their life, maybe past trauma, but instead of finding a peaceful place they find an angry place. This will cause many family arguments, many of those simply because someone was in eyesight so they end up getting attacked. Violence is an instant reaction caused by someone who has reached their angry place inside. The choice to act against another person can be triggered by conversation, being in a difficult environment, around people they feel are a threat to their identity, or from the chemical reaction of the alcohol itself. 

The violence usually begins on a verbal foundation, suddenly a rage in the person’s reactions; slamming a fist on the table or couch, stomping their foot, throwing an item, or suddenly grabbing the person who is closest to them. The violence can quickly become intensely dangerous, which results in kicking, punching, strangulation, or by slamming the person’s head against a solid surface. This is when it becomes most life threatening and could cause a lasting trauma within the brain itself from possible bruising on the brain, just like what happens in the concussion injury of our major NFL Players or the controversial high school football when they begin to get more physically developed to cause an injury.

Myself, I lost count of how many times I was actually knocked out or had my head bashed against a solid surface in a violent attack. I’ve been slammed repeatedly against dashboards, windows, mirrors, stoves, refrigerators, doors, walls, even a huge tree slab that was meant to be a table top about eight inches thick. There was NEVER any type of medical follow up to confirm a concussion, especially during my childhood. No way could my parents risk taking me to the doctor and having my leather strap lashes and bashed up head examined; the state would have taken their family slave immediately. This is why most people in a violent home rarely receive the necessary medical treatment. I’ve had cracked or broken ribs, couldn’t move or breathe well for weeks. I’ve had both collar bones broken at the end from having my shoulder area smashed against a wall or stomped on while being kicked in the head.

Today, in my mid 50’s, there are a lot of chronic pain issues from injuries. There is also the Fibromyalgia from living in a constantly high stress environment. Our medical community have confirmed that Fibromyalgia ‘can be directly connected to the Fight or Flight Response’. Our human system is designed to enhance our adrenaline and heightened response to threat. However, if you cannot change your situation and cannot avoid being harmed, your body’s reaction to stress becomes confused. Your nerve endings go into an intense reaction from the heightened response, yet you are physically not able to do anything to get away; this causes a ‘trained’ intense neurological response to any sense of ‘threat’ and becomes a cramping, burning and intense pain in the upper body, pressure builds up in your forearms and calves, then shoots down into your fingers and feet as if they are on fire. I’ve found that Lyrica is the best medication for this type of pain, but Coping Skills must be used to calm your intense reaction so that your body & adrenaline response also calm, which then loosens the muscle contraction and burning sensation. Fibromyalgia is commonly found in those with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. It is also found more in women, but I believe that men have not yet been fully examined in this research as they are just beginning to seek out help when in a violent relationship. Fibromyalgia is also found in those who have been in a threatening situation for a long period of time.

These are just a few lasting injuries from violent trauma, which are directly linked to possible ongoing disabling and chronic results which impact our nation’s healthcare system. Since many of us are harmed as children, we tend to accept a certain level of violent (verbal, physical, sexual) depending on what you lived through during your formidable years. It’s important to consider the types of influence on our growing deficit as well. The cost of those who cannot work for their independent survival income, either because of physical or emotional injury from violence and abusive actions; these millions of persons become a national responsibility, which we all know is already crippled, bankrupt, and out of control.

However, if we are trained to spot the WARNING SIGNS OF TRAUMA & VIOLENCE, as given from many reputable organizations who are experts on these traumas. I have also developed a presentation which connects all factors of violence, sexual trauma, and the result of what can become human trafficking or exploitation. A View from the Inside’ is available for viewing but is copyright research which has taken about three years to put together in the total connection of what can become the most dangerous place in the world; the connection of ‘Family Violence & Human Trafficking’. This is a crucial topic in our society and should be a priority topic for all of our elected officials and our service providers, regardless if you are a neighbor, family member, educator, law enforcement, or healthcare professional. You NEED to know what are those unspoken signs of trauma?

According to this attached article & graphic from American Academy of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, there is a very strong correlation between Adverse Childhood Experience, especially in those who score between a 4 to 8 on the counted scale of what you endured. The higher your score on the ACE Study creates a 95% greater risk of early disability, which can become a complete dependency on Social Security Income & Medicare/Medicaid for ongoing health related challenges.

In closing, think of Shaken Baby Syndrome, if we consider how detrimental to natural development is interrupted by shaking a baby, causing their brain to bounce off the skull, then what is also the cognitive and lasting affect after concussion or bashing a teen or adult head repeatedly for an extended period of time? This is something I am researching now as I focus on the growing impact of violence in our society, especially in family violence with rarely any type of medical attention received. Most of the injuries go unreported as a whole, and the victims are taught to ‘simply walk it off’ type of conditioning to tolerance. We cannot end the travesty in our society of street violence or school violence, until we tackle the growing pandemic of ‘Family Related Violence & Trauma’.

Thanks for reading and I do hope you will help share this crucial information. When we can provide needed medical help, we reduce the possibility of permanent injury and in the end also reduce the high risk of injury and early disabling conditions.

Something to think about…..

Patricia “Trish’’ McKnight

CSA Survivor Force Regional Spokesperson

Family Violence & Child Sexual Trauma Specialist

Cert Human Trafficking Trainer 2013

IL Cert DV Support Advocate 2012

Panel Member DV Offender Education Reform Program

Assisting victims & families since Nov 2010




1) National Institute of Health, Pain Treatment Research, Article 2011; 2012 Manuel Martinez-Lavin

2) Copyright © 2014 American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved. PMID:24486921 [PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE] PMCID:PMC4306581

3) Types of Abuses & Warning Signs: Patricia A McKnight, Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery (Child Abuse Warning Signs & Relationship Violence Red Flags) Pub 2012 ©

4) ‘A View from the Inside – Family Crimes & Human Trafficking’ © Patricia A McKnight 2015

Begin the Human Recovery….

Attention Please!!

Re: CSA Survivors

The history of Family Offenders, Grievous Permanent Injury & Sex Crimes Against Children, Understanding Family & Trauma Dynamics

Public Plea for our Media Journalists & Advocacy Organizations;

You hold the answer to everything!!!

In your journalistic program you share knowledge with the world, not just in our local area. It is your team that puts information out there, and lately we are hearing more about the predators of Crimes Against Children. You inform the neighborhoods of new predators to watch out for, those arrested or help our legal system find the possible victims of these predators. You also keep society on it’s toes about the growing gang violence, street crime, home invasions, drug overdoses, domestic shootings and homicides, as well as details concerning the very alarming rates of Mental Health & Chronic Pain Management on our already broken healthcare system..

Some huge Illinois changes. The Criminal Committee passed, with full support; HB 1127, 1128, 1129 each covering the Statute of Limitations for Sex Crimes Against Children!!! Now I am personally pushing Illinois Legislators & our Nation’s Federal Policy Division to address the problematic system when Child Trafficking is connected to a relative or direct person of care/guardian.

What if I told you that I have absolute proof of how all of these are connected to trauma in our childhood, especially trauma affect related to Child Sexual Abuse/Assault/Trafficking?

Here are a few details which I’ve personally spent five years researching to confirm every detail.

Centers for Disease/Child Maltreatment

Data from the most recent National Survey of Adolescents and other studies indicate that one in four children and adolescents in the United States experiences at least one potentially traumatic event before the age of 16, and more than 13% of 17-year-olds—one in eight—have experienced posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) at some point in their lives

National Child Traumatic Stress Network/Traumatic Stress and Substance Abuse

In the National Survey of Adolescents, teens who had experienced physical or sexual abuse/assault were three times more likely to report past or current substance abuse than those without a history of trauma3 n In surveys of adolescents receiving treatment for substance abuse, more than 70% of patients had a history of trauma exposure. This correlation is particularly strong for adolescents with PTSD. Studies indicate that up to 59% of young people with PTSD subsequently develop substance abuse problems.

Several studies have found that substance use developed following trauma exposure (25%–76%) or the onset of PTSD (14%–59%) in a high proportion of teens with substance abuse disorders. Recent research in this area also suggests that traumatic stress or PTSD may make it more difficult for adolescents to stop using, as exposure to reminders of the traumatic event have been shown to increase drug cravings in people with co-occurring trauma and substance abuse.

Child Welfare/Maltreatment and Brain Development

The structural and neurochemical damage caused by maltreatment can create deficits in all areas of executive functioning, even at an early age (Hostinar, Stellern, Schaefer, Carlson, & Gunnar, 2012; National Scientific Council on the Developing Child, 2011). Executive functioning skills help people achieve academic and career success, bolster social interactions, and assist in everyday activities. The brain alterations caused by a toxic stress response can result in lower academic achievement, intellectual impairment, decreased IQ, and weakened ability to maintain attention (Wilson, 2011).

An underdeveloped cortex can lead to increased impulsive behavior, as well as difficulties with tasks that require higher-level thinking and feeling. These teens may show delays in school and in social skills as well (Chamberlain, 2009

They may be more drawn to taking risks, and they may have more opportunities to experiment with drugs and crime if they live in environments that put them at increased risk for these behaviors. Maltreatment as a younger child can have longitudinal negative effects on brain development during adolescence. Adolescents with a history of childhood maltreatment can have decreased levels of growth in the hippocampus and amygdala compared to nonmaltreated adolescents (Whittle et al., 2013).

In the FFY 2011, Dept of Health & Human Services/Children’s Bureau; I researched the 237 page report to determine the crucial factors that we needed to know in our statistics concerning the reporting & confirming of child maltreatment in the United States. It took three months of day and night connecting the crucial demographics which directly impacted the lives of our children. I have published this now 5 page specific report along with an Excel Sheet for exact demographics in each state.

Here is the critical information we can absolutely prove as it is provided in the official report publications.


FFY 2011, ended in a GRAND TOTAL OF 3,734,012 Child Maltreatment calls to CPS and Alternative Response reporting systems. A total of 2,360,614 were written off as either Unsubstantiated, Closed with no finding, No need for further investigation.

***Total Child Population Reported = 74,830,766

***Total Number of Calls to CPS Services = 3,734,012

  • Substantiated = 687,817  = 18.5%
  • Unsubstantiated = 2,360,634 = 58.9%
  • Boys are 48.6% – Girls are 51.1%
  • 1 in every 9.5 girls & 1 in every 8.5 boys are the victim of maltreatment.
  • More than 75 percent (78.5%) suffered neglect
  • More than 15 percent ( 17.6%) suffered physical abuse
  • Less than 10 percent (9.1%) suffered sexual abuse

As of this published report via Children’s Bureau; 1 in every 9 children are the victim of some form of maltreatment. Apply the Congressional Statement of 2012 in addressing Adult Sexual Assault on Campus & Military (adults who had control over reporting);

Congress released; ‘For every ONE report that is made, at least SIX others are not.’

When using the confirmed counts of 1 in 9 children being sexually abused, apply the six reports never made, we can reasonably estimate 1 in 3 children being sexually abused!!

How poverty is connected, although these heinous acts cross all demographics, there are some environments which have a more devastating influence on the lived & learned behavioral patterns of teens and adults.


In 2014, the official poverty rate was 14.8 percent. There were 46.7 million people in poverty. Neither the poverty rate nor the number of people in poverty were statistically different from the 2013 estimates

During the 4-year period from 2009 to 2012, 34.5 percent of the population had at least one spell of poverty lasting 2 or more months. The poverty stressor within the family unit or home, can influence addictive or raging behaviors, it can fuel the fire so to speak for more deviate or grievous actions.

It is a well known fact by many World & National Anti Human Trafficking organizations, the economic & family stressors, an abusive parent or a guardian with pedophile tendencies; these are all factors for children at risk of forced sexual encounters with other persons or adults. At least 1 in 10 children, those who live in these high risk environments, are at a much higher risk of being sold or shared, exploited for money, food, shelter, or simple control of the child.

In closing this hopeful reach for your help to educate our society about these facts, there is one more truth that is crucial to connect – the connection to Prostitution.

The average age a child is trafficked into the commercial sex trade industry is between 11 and 14 years old. National Center for Missing and Exploited Children estimates that one of every seven endangered runaways reported to the Center are likely victims of minor sex trafficking. And, from 2004 through 2008, the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Forces have experienced an increase of more than 900 percent in the number of child victims of prostitution.

The National Human Trafficking Resource Center confirms at least 70% of Adult Prostitutes report Childhood Sexual Abuse. The early influence that it is just our bodies, it is just for sexual pleasure; this takes away from the true inner value of that human being and sets a negative life path that will be continuously challenging, even relating to later life chronic health conditions as a result of high stress environment.

On average our National Funding Provides the following in the lifetime recovery & prevention estimates:

$124 Billion every year in the recovery of child abuse

$    8.3 Billion every year in the recovery of domestic violence

$       120 Million every year spent in Anti Trafficking measures

Gross estimate = $ 132,420,000,000.00

Our United States Taxpayers are covering the ongoing cost, and multiple growing deficits in supplying rescue, recovery, life skills, and prevention of our own learned destructive human behaviors. Think of lifelong medical & mental health problems, inability to maintain steady employment, and the cost of providing drugs or alcohol in their addictions, the cost of crime rates and incarceration. It is a never ending dollar amount that only our change in tolerance and teaching appropriate behavior and connections in social settings that will change any of this human destruction.

It is time we get a public interview and constant discussion with our political representatives about just how important this topic is for our Human Recovery as a whole and rebuilding our families in a more supportive and assistive circle between community, schools, healthcare, law enforcement, and our judicial system in Child Protective Services.

Please contact me so that we can discuss any opportunities that your special talents can help us unite across the country and around the world.


Patricia A McKnight

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