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picture019Patricia A. McKnight, or “Trish” as she is commonly known, now lives her life in the peaceful quiet town of Breese, IL and has finally found the safety, happiness and love she had so desperately longed for throughout her journey. She carries the deep physical scars from the rot of her mother’s neglect, the many emotional wounds of being in an abuse filled life, along with post traumatic spinal cord injury and multiples of vertebral damage from the last brutal attack on her life. However, it is her spirit and vigilance for others that has not been destroyed by the many battles she was forced to endure. In the past few years she has finally found her voice and is now a strong outspoken advocate for the safety and well-being of others.

I am a survivor of over thirty years trapped inside the silence and brutality of abuse. In Feb. 2011 the true and graphic tale of my abuse was published in the memoir “My Justice”, where I have finally removed the coal stained hand, which viciously sneaked in to terrorize and steal away my voice, then holding me captive in the dysfunction in the aftermath of hell. Living in the true spirit of freedom, I have now become a strong advocate against the crimes of abuse. You can join with me in this mission by visiting our new resource and recovery website, or listen in to our live radio broadcast; all which was inspired by the publication of just one voice.

Just think of what your voice can inspire; believe in the power of those wonderful Butterfly Dreams. Thank you.

Thankfully sharing my story has helped hundreds find the courage not only to face their past, but conquer the demons. Abuse and Violence within the home is a destructive force which can take decades to face and a lifetime to recover. Maintaining a healthy positive attitude and focus on your dreams will allow you to find inner peace. Completing small daily goal lists will help build the value in your person, which is commonly destroyed through degradation and dark actions. There is a lot we can do to help survivors recover and rebuild. There is much we can do as a society to help end crimes within our homes. The first step in this mission is to STOP TEACHING SILENCE within our families and placing shame on the victims of these crimes. We are Generation No More; giving our stories to educate society about the struggles of recovery, the damage inflicted, and the lifelong battle of self destructive behaviors. It is an honor to have ‘My Justice’ already used as a teaching guide for upcoming therapists. Feeling grateful~~ trish

Come on over and visit our incredible website. You will find information not commonly shared on other sites, along with a grand personal touch of all those incredible Butterfly Helpers who join in or share our information & their voices!! http://www.butterflydreamsabuserecovery.com

You are invited to join in with me through Facebook, http://www.facebook.com/triciagirl62 or catch her inspiring tweets on Twitter @triciagirl62

We All Deserve Roses in Our Garden of Life

Steps to Recovery – Power Point Presentation Training – https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1k2Dzkr_vmxXOMj675HaZ6bykeR-MitWe7URqPKlDZ9g/edit#slide=id.p

~~Always believe anything is possible with you in the active equation ~~

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26 thoughts on “About the Author:

  1. Dear Patricia,

    I am inspired by what you have done and who you are. I started a blog a couple of months ago that is a platform for me to do exactly what you are doing- raising- screaming for awareness. I want to do more- reach more people. The language of abuse needs to be spoken until it is something our culture can do fluently and without shame. Do you have any suggestions?

    Thank you for your courage and openness. I will continue in my fight as well.

    Warmly, Cairn Grow

    1. Just keep talking and never give up. There are children depending on us to protect them. Tell the pedophiles, molesters, monsters that we are watching our children and we will stop them from hurting them. Thank you for joining in the fight 🙂


    I was so shocked in happiness, and a sense of calm when I found this site. I t gives me hope that I am not alone. I am trying to find a organization/ therapist to finally help overcome my childhood/ adult abuse. I the meantime I can go online and get understanding and comfort from you all.

    yours in health,

    Elinor J.

    1. Elinor J. – First let me say that I am so sorry for what has been done, let me encourage you that there is light at the end and the happiness is there for you!!! As you start facing the horror of your past it is very important to have the support and connection with a qualified therapist especially one who works with trauma of this type. You are invited to join me on facebook.com/triciagirl62 or on the Dreamcatchers Blog Talk Radio – This is where I share my voice and my empowerment of others to help in this battle to end these crimes, but also to support those who are struggling. There is a support group online that I founded and manage, connect on facebook so we can discuss further. Love & light to you, praying for your strength 🙂 ty

  3. Thank-you for returning my message so fast. Yes, I would like to join you on facebook. I am in the process of contacting a counsillor who specializes in Trauma. I have been in counselling off and on most of my life but never get to the trauma I suffered and now I wonder if this is why I have problems with relationships of all kind, work, personal, social, whatever. Thank you once again.

    yours in health,


    1. We can definitely talk more on Facebook and get you connected with some amazing positive support women!!! thank you Elinor and breathe my friend. You are not alone and we will help you through, it is possible to be happy and heal from the trauma of our youth. hugs sweety, ty 🙂

    1. Annie, thank you dear for your huge encouraging words here. This is wonderful coming from you. I respect and admire you so very much. Always your fan, Hugs 🙂

  4. You are such a inspiring woman!!! I truely learn a lot from your talk shows..keep up the fabulous work your doing. God bless everyone who has been abused ❤

    1. Kathy, dear lady, thank you so very much for all you have supported and continue to share with others. You are a personal friend that I’ve had the pleasure of connecting with through this journey of support and reaching out to others. It is with this that I give you my extreme appreciation & gratitude. hugs & ty 🙂

    1. Elaine, thanks so much dear. I appreciate the enjoyment of the blog. I’ll continue to share, especially as long as others continue to read.
      regards returned,

    1. Wanda, thank you for the cheers on the blog. I am glad it grabbed your attention. It is also wonderful to welcome you into my new family circle; the circle of survivors. Be proud of who you are and feel comforted in the growing voices that are gathering together.
      Love & Light

  5. Patricia, I applaud what you are doing. I too am writing a book on the same subject. I will be adding your blog to my blogroll at Vigaland: Coming out from under, and hope you can do the same for me. The more of us speaking up and coming out, the more we help those who have yet to find the courage to do the same. Thanks.

    1. Vigaland, thank you so much for the kindness and support. I have proudly added you to my blogroll and look forward to sharing in this mission. Our voices together will make a true difference, our children will know we tried to create something better, give them confidence, allow them to speak against any harm!!! ty 🙂

  6. Hello there, simply changed into alert to your blog thru Google, and located that it’s really informative. I am going to be careful for brussels. I will appreciate in the event you continue this in future. Lots of other people can be benefited out of your writing. Cheers!

  7. Patricia, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry so I’m doing both. I only found you moments ago and if someone asked me how I couldn’t tell them. I don’t know how and I don’t care how, only that I did. I am so overwhelmed at this moment I don’t know which way to turn, I just know I need to move, somehow, just pick a direction and start moving. You have so much information here for people like me and I’ve added your facebook page to my liked pages; I’ve clicked follow on your blog; yet I can’t bring myself to go to either of them. This is not me, yet it is exactly me. The human yo yo with the string in a knot. Lord help me, I’ll get there. I just wanted to say today there’s a little more light than there was yesterday because a random click cracked open a door, your door. Tomorrow maybe I can take another step toward it. Until I do, I’m just thankful for that beam of light shining in the dark prison in my mind.

  8. Rhonda, (blog 50 Shades of Gray Hair) Fabulous blog you have girl, love all your info about your adorable dog, how indeed that vets have become a lot like other doctors in their failure to treat properly or good bedside manners. You commented but I was unable to reply, which I found very disheartening, but something in the system would not allow it to ‘Reply’. Anyway, your words are much more that I can possible take in right now. I want you to know that I so appreciate the follow and the ‘like’ of the new press release. It is the many hearts like yours that make going public with my story that much more powerful for me and such a heartwarming experience. I thank you and hope to connect more with you, especially since you went to the facebook page as well. Just wanted to send a huge hug your way to let you know how much I appreciate your words, thanks so very much ❤ trish

    1. Thanks for the love on my best friends fight. Sadly the fight was lost but couldn’t bring myself to blog about it. If you were to find yourself with a couple free minutes in what I can only assume is a hectic beyond belief day, please visit my post entitled The Year That Broke The Dam. Thank you for the huge hug, always appreciated and always welcome. xoxo

  9. “Trish is, an Advocate/Author/Speaker/Writer/Talk Radio Host/Survivor and now founder of a new site filled with recovery help, resources from other advocates, orgs, foundations, survivors. This is how she hopes to provide empowerment, education and encouragement to others and inspire all of society to get involved and be the extended arm of help for others. She reminds us to stop the blind acceptance of the crimes of abuse that exist within our homes; to look inside each person before allowing our judgements to take over our thoughts.”

    Wow! Inspiring lady!!! I’m glad I stumbled upon your blog 🙂

    1. You are so wonderful to leave such incredible comments, thank you tons and have a marvelous day, trish 🙂

  10. Hi Patricia! let me first start by saying YOU ROCK! Bless your loving heart for expressing yourself the way you have.

    I really appreciate this article because I too have been trudging through my layers of anger and reading your article was like having my own vent. Listening to what you have endured makes me sick to my stomache and it brings out every loving part of me I have. I just want to hold that inner child of yours and pour pure love into her whole being. I don’t have childrend of my own but what I find as I heal myself I have discovered this deep compassion for survivors and I just want to love them all up.

    It disgusts me what you have gone through and I am on bended knee honoring your soul for coming this far in your journey. I hope you know what a treasure you are for sharing your story. The Universe has a very special plan for you and I hope you know that you are loved beyond belief.

    Thank you for your courage, strength and hope for discovering inner peace. I send you a thousand angels to remind you how special you are. Namaste!

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