Dark Acts in a Small Town

This blog may be triggering for some readers! ‘Trecia Ann’ was just another kid, in another small town, growing up in Southern Illinois. She grew up in another time when we didn’t yet know about trauma, Adverse Childhood Experiences, Domestic Violence, and Human Trafficking. Back then we never, ever, talked about what happened inside ourContinue reading “Dark Acts in a Small Town”

My voice is ‘My Justice’

This blog started back in 2011 right after publishing ‘My Justice’, and in finding my peace, I have been inspired to make my journey public. You might think like I do…. ‘What makes her story so special?’ Absolutely nothing! I’ve told myself that since the very beginning, which is why it reads ‘a novel by’Continue reading “My voice is ‘My Justice’”

Domestic Violence ~ It is not just about that moment, it is the impact on our future.

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. BDA invites you to our virtual town hall and vigil on Oct 28th, 6-8pm cst, via ZOOM. Watch our Facebook event page for more information and the link to join the conversation live! Unfortunately, the year of 2020 is unlike any other; mandatory quarantines and job loss created aContinue reading “Domestic Violence ~ It is not just about that moment, it is the impact on our future.”

Longterm Healthcare for Survivors of Human Trafficking

General society, in America, believe human trafficking happens in other countries. So I ask; ‘What about the thousands of survivors existing in small communities and urban neighborhoods right here?’ My experience was growing up in the typical small Illinois community of Freeburgh where I was publicly exploited and traded for the price of a coupleContinue reading “Longterm Healthcare for Survivors of Human Trafficking”

When facing your history is your worst fear

Survivors face many rebuilding roadblocks, one of these is facing our past. We’ve lived so long trying to bury and ignore what’s happened, that we feel facing the harms is more than we can handle. This is true for most of the survivors I’ve spoken with over the years. Keep in mind that the termContinue reading “When facing your history is your worst fear”

Seasonal depression makes the holidays a challenge!!

 The reports from Centers for Disease & National Institute of Mental Health both show that there is no rate increase of suicide during the cold holiday months. In fact, most get a heightened spirit and probably don’t want to miss any hopeful celebrations that might give them hope for life. Now I’d have to sayContinue reading “Seasonal depression makes the holidays a challenge!!”

The voice waiting to be spoken

The past seven years I’ve spoken publicly about my ‘Adverse Childhood Experience’ and the life path of continued tolerance of violence. I’ve been extremely blessed to have made friendships and become a ‘Survivor Voice’ through various task force, trauma training, and community events here in Illinois, but even more so are all the survivors I’veContinue reading “The voice waiting to be spoken”

Breathe – Change – Live

Are you holding your breath as we wait to hear the final decision about Brett Kavanaugh? This is a time when survivors are being triggered because as we hear the details of cases come forward; each has its own similarities our history. It is in its true form, ‘Secondary Wounding‘ because we are waiting toContinue reading “Breathe – Change – Live”

It’s like your emotional brain has a cold

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and I know locally in Southern Illinois there is an effort to inform society about Mental Illness and what we can do to help.  The day to day forms of mental illness you see in family and friends can be anything from the equivalent of I have a coldContinue reading “It’s like your emotional brain has a cold”

#MeToo sparks a new focus on the ‘Sex Talk’ with your teens

In our modern world of ‘Fingertip’ media access our teens are seeing the #MeToo movement bring worldwide awareness to sexually related harms. They are hearing about cases of Child Sexual Abuse & Human Trafficking almost daily. Your daughters & sons are reading the headlines, and talking amongst themselves, but do they fully understand how theseContinue reading “#MeToo sparks a new focus on the ‘Sex Talk’ with your teens”