Reaching out to locals – St. Louis & Chicago

Reaching out to connect with the survivors of abuse in my local area. I would like to invite you to connect with me and also to encourage you to share your story. Dreamcatchers for Abused Children has brought me on board with their blog talk radio programming to give the survivors of abuse a place toContinue reading “Reaching out to locals – St. Louis & Chicago”

There are millions of survivors keeping secrets!!!

SPOTLIGHT: Ill. woman shares her story of abuse This article was written by the wonderful journalist, Jennifer Bowen, who writes for the Belleville News Democrat. She has done a true justice to give my story such amazing impact. Thanks to her great work this story is being spread everywhere on the web. Truly honored Jennifer;Continue reading “There are millions of survivors keeping secrets!!!”

The Love of the Mother

Many times I have written about the scars of my abuse; the “trained” behaviors that I was taught as a child. It is very hard to explain the depths of these scars because there was such an extensive amount of damage done by my parents. They were the people responsible for teaching me the rightContinue reading “The Love of the Mother”

A Survivor’s Words

A Child’s Story of Abuse A Woman’s Story of Domestic Violence A Survivor’s Honesty about the Crimes and their Scars There are many different sites that will provide you with statistics about Child Abuse and/or Domestic Violence. The majority consensus is that 80% of our children will be or have been a victim of Child Abuse.Continue reading “A Survivor’s Words”

Child Abuse – Speak Out

NEED YOUR COURAGE SPEAK OUT AGAINST CHILD ABUSE Dear World: Inside, in secret, we all support the efforts against Child Abuse.  However; it seems as though no one wants to be the big star who speaks out publicly against this tragedy.  Every day we see commercials to end abuse against animals, which I also highly support.WeContinue reading “Child Abuse – Speak Out”

My Justice – A Child’s View of Abuse

A Child’s Story of Abuse A Woman’s Story of Domestic Violence A Survivor’s Honesty about the Crimes and their Scars According to the victim’s assistance organization Safe Horizon, one in four women will experience domestic violence during her lifetime. A survivor of such abuse, novelist Patricia A. McKnight offers an empowering narrative in My JusticeContinue reading “My Justice – A Child’s View of Abuse”

The Strength of Survivors

It isn’t just my story that is speaking out through “My Justice”.  Instead it is a story of so many others living in the aftermath of times when child abuse related to almost 95% of all children. This wasn’t just sexual assaults of molestation & incest, but a severe physical pain inflicted by mothers and fathersContinue reading “The Strength of Survivors”