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bdarBANNER_thumb.jpg January 2014
Hello there friends, please check out what we have been able to do this past year and wow, the connections we have made; well its just been incredible. We are so very happy to have made so many amazing friends and to have helped so many victims, survivors, children & families through some hard times. We hope you’ll keep in touch. Please do check out our website updates, the new radio show information, and also our new online webstore. We’ve created a great online secure webstore where you can buy a special little gift and help out not only our organization, but at the end of the year we donate all extra proceeds out to an organization helping on a much larger scale. 
Make it awesome in the New Year and let’s continue connecting hearts & holding hands around the world to give our kids a better tomorrow!
Permit me to wish you all a fabulous New Year. In the meaning of advocacy and hoping to turn things around for victims, survivors, families & communities we are just one resource, but we have achieved some great success our first year in service. It has been such an extreme pleasure to work with each of you and I know that as we stay driven the tolerance of these types of acts within our family unit will most definitely begin to change.
Now, what can I tell you was the most important achievement for Butterfly Dreams in 2013? Well, for me it would have to be the 56 different survivors, victims, & families who have reached our for our help. A complete spreadsheet is available for those of our Board who wish to review. It is astonishing to me that we were not only able to help many of the survivors find a healing path through the great success of our radio shows, but even better is to know that our organization was able to directly assist these requests for support, relocation services, or rescue of a child in need. This is the greatest gift in our work, the ones we are able to empower with their own voice or those we can provide a path to rescue.
Butterfly Dreams was built with a strong hope & a sincere drive to create a thought provoking change in the way we have been trained to tolerate the acts of violence and abuse within our family unit. We know that centuries of these acts have been passed down from one generation to another by what was drilled into our heads as young child victims. Many survivors today don’t abuse their children, simply because they know the trauma attached and how the impact of these traumas cause serious developmental harm to a child. We know that the acts of inappropriate sexual contact with a child will cause a break or bend in their psyche development, which will lead to years of dysfunction if not provided a path of support and recovery empowered by our society truly hearing their voice. Also, I’ve learned a great deal more about the path of a survivor and how even our own emotional wounding can impact the life of our children as they see us breakdown in a depressive mental state time and time again, without fully understanding the why of the depression and the internal battle to find our peace. It is with a great hope that our organization, connected to many other excellent resources, will be able to assist understanding, healing, and growth for survivors who still walk in the darkness of these abusive and cruel actions against them.
Its not just the hope & healing for adults we’ve been able to take part in this year; we have empowered teens with the courage to finally break the silence of these acts against them, which has lead to their rescue, change in custody to a safe, supportive environment and now they are being their own voice for other school mates & friends. This is how the greatest healing cycle begins. We empower one on their healing journey, they are then able to pass their courage forward to someone they know, that person then touches the life of another and onward we go connecting hearts & holding hands around the world.
You can each take a look at the direct services we’ve provided this year through phone calls, text messages, emails and social networking. You will find a year end report attached here through Google Docs which will give you a complete overview of who we have helped and our funds that have come in, to then be donated back out to help organizations who work on a much larger scale with victims across the country. I am proud to say that on behalf of Butterfly Dreams, I personally make a donation every month to the following organizations; ChildHelp U.S.A. receives $20.00 every month & RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network) receives $5.00 through my personal Rainmaker Page. 
To continue on with our funding and donations, I’ve attached also the financial report for our organization so that we can follow what we strive to become, a fully open and ethical organization. You will see through these reports we did our very first fundraising event for the ChildHelp Village in Southern California for the Christmas Blankets of Hope drive. It was a huge success receiving $170.00 into my listed PayPal account, which then transferred $186.00 to be used in the purchase of fleece to make the 85 needed blankets for the children who reside at this Merv Griffin Village. Through our year end financial report attached here, you will see we have received an amazing Grand Total of $356.00 in donations with an Expenses Out totaling $1117.60. We have donated out on a monthly basis for the past year totaling $300.00, not including the Christmas Blanket of Hope Fundraiser, but instead monies which Trish donates out of her account to these organizations of true help and earned reputation.
We are a registered business with the Federal & Illinois I.R.S., but have not yet achieved the monies needed to apply for the 501c3 status, which would allow for our tax exempt status and permit us to reach out even further with our radio shows and our local assistance within the communities. I am so grateful to all those who have helped us kick off our first year with flying colors and want you to know it is my drive and my passion to be part of this endeavor with each of you. If you would like to donate to help with a month of radio programming or to help us continue to drive forward and achieve our 501c3, please visit our website and simply click on the DONATE button. http://www.butterflydreamsabuserecovery.com 
Locally, Trish has made incredible connections and built a circle of resources here. We are now involved with the Illinois Coalition Against Human Trafficking, Rescue & Restore, Violence Prevention Center of SW IL, Children’s Home & Aide Society, and our local Boy Scout Troop #225 who has allowed us to create our circulation of 911 Cell Phones which are delivered by Trish to local shelter services, the police department, registered at the local Emergency Room and OB/GYN office. It is reaching out in these little ways which has allowed us to help on a much larger scale and provide emergency response services for victims of violence, seniors in need, and now I am encouraging parents who cannot afford a cell phone for their young child to at least provide them with an emergency programmed phone so that no matter where they may be they have access to help & rescue. 
Our team across the nation,  Michal Madison has achieved a huge success this year with her artwork and gaining the direct support of ChildHelp USA, please wish her the very best of continued success and let’s send a prayer of comfort & get well wishes to Judge Bullock who hasn’t been well either. We also need to send our huge congratulations for the release of Judge Bullock’s very incredible memoir, ‘Judging Me’ which in really any survivors hand guide to working through the many trapped emotions.  Our fabulous Dr. Brenda just earned her certification license with Gambler’s Anonymous so she is working directly with the addiction clients now. As we all well know these types of addictions can often be directly related to some type of home dysfunction. Ms. Linda our board member who is Illinois Retired Teacher’s Mentor Program Coordinator, is still working strong with her students and has also been very busy. Governor Elect 2014 John L. Mealer is still pushing strong with his campaign out in Arizona, which he is also focused at creating a balance in our Child Protective Services and combating Human Trafficking. Kelly Townsend & Julia D’Alfonzo who are Arizona Trackers and Human Trafficking Rescuers have been quite busy. Recently they began a 8 part radio interview on their local radio station addressing the trafficking issues and the need for our societal intervention.
News which has been a big part of Trish’s growth in this venture, is the training completed for Il. Certified DV Advocate; education for various assistance & awareness services including Elder Abuse, Military Sexual Assault. Recently appointed as Panel Speaker for the St. Clair County Illinois Domestic Violence Offender Reform Program & Key Note Speaker for Rescue & Restore Human Trafficking Coalition. Trish did a speaking presentation at the Michigan State Prosecuting Attorneys Association which was held in Bay City, Michigan this past September. She also spoke at the VPCSWI.org Global Health & Human Services Training Seminar with the head of the government’s education program for services to help rescue victims of violence and trafficking within our healthcare system. It is a program put into effect for January 2014. Now when you go to the doctor for any reason, it should be a practice for their office to ask, ‘Are you safe?’ when you are being screened in for services. We do hope that all healthcare professionals will be educated on this inclusion to our recently initiated Healthcare Reform Act of 2014. If your physician or hospital is not asking this question and you feel you are in danger or want to encourage victims and survivors to speak up for their own rescue, please encourage them to initiate the conversation with their provider. 
Also to note, the beginning step to Trish’s drive to change the impact the crimes against her have had in her children’s lives, which she published in the memoir ‘My Justice’ continues to receive incredible Five Star Reviews. This means the knowledge of her journey and where she is at today in empowering others continues to grow more each day. The founder of Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery is asking everyone to please consider the dangers of a violent home environment on the lives of children when doing any speaking at your own presentations. If we can all continue to keep the power of that message moving forward, we will be able to empower those in danger to think about the impact it has on their children’s lives. Hopefully this means that if they do not get out for their own safety, then hopefully they will get out for the sake of their children’s lives.
We have some great information to share about our website. You can now visit our online secure webstore Shopping4Survivors to purchase a gift or personal item by visiting http://www.Shopping4Survivors.com  This will not only keep our program funding, but any monies which are above our needed expenses at the end of each year will be donated out to an organization which helps rescue and rebuild the lives of those who’ve been harmed in some form. You will find that our website continues to grow with information. We want to share more Survivor Stories, Lynn Tolson’s Book Reviews, adding a Human Trafficking awareness & education page, built more with our Butterfly Dreams Talk Radio which can be found on the ‘Radio World’ tab of our website. Please visit our website through this link and share with your friends & colleagues. You will find us at http://www.butterflydreamsabuserecovery.com and we have a lot of great face-lifts on our site to share.
The radio broadcasts have been a huge success this first year out with a grand total of 38,819 listens to our programming. In fact we were chosen as the ‘featured’ broadcasting network for the Male Abuse Awareness Week Event sponsored & created by the P Luna Foundation, www.help4guys.org. It was a fabulous two full weeks of broadcasting with guests discussing their own personal journey, movie making, or the research being done on the aftermath of Child Sexual Abuse on Men. We are very proud to announce a new incredible host joining the broadcasting programs through our network for 2014 is the amazing Sexual Abuse Recovery Coach, Rachel Grant. She holds an M.A. in Psychology Counseling and is a survivor herself. She has built her own recovery program, ‘Beyond Surviving’ which has helped many find their balance and their inner peace. You can catch her broadcast beginning January 14th, and then the 2nd Tuesday of every month, through the link http://www.blogtalkradio.com/butterflydreamstalkradio.
In closing we would like to thank the incredible organizations who have been kind enough to support our work and also to join in alliance with us as we move forward. Giving respect to: P Luna Foundation; Together We Heal; Abuse Survivors & Victims United online support group; Small Rights Big Changes from Australia, and many independent advocates who give their voice and devotion everyday through the social networking sites. A sincere note of appreciation mentioned for Ms. Lynn Tolson, Author & Advocate, whose memoir is published in ‘Beyond the Tears – A true survivors story’. Also to extend the special mention and thank you to Mary Graziano, Patricia Singleton, Debbie Naylor-Cox, Dawna Larsen; these supporters never fail in sharing our radio programs, blogs written by Trish at http://www.survivorsjustice.com, and the fabulous artwork of COO & VP Michal Madison. We would also like to announce we are officially recruiting volunteers to help with our social media support & sharing, doing networking and helping to create events in their location or supporting events here locally.
We have also been blessed to achieve the best in our Board of Directors:  a huge thank you to my incredible friend Michal Madison(COO & VP Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery); Chairman of the Board, Honorable Judge Mary Elizabeth Bullock (Retired U.S. Federal Judge & Professor of Law). Judge Bullock is also author of her own true memoir in an excellent hand guide for survivors in the written & published, ‘Judging Me’. Also our sincere thanks to the rest of our incredible Board of Directors; Ms. Linda Walcher(Retired Teachers Association & Mentor Teaching Program); Dr. Brenda Markert-Green (Owner & CEO Afterglow Counseling, Mediation, & Family Therapy Services); Mr. John L. Mealer (Gov. Elect 2014 Arizona); Mr. Kelly Townsend & Julia D’Alfonzo(Arizona Human Trafficking Boots on Ground Rescue Team & Owner/CEO Arizona Tracker) and Mr. Robert Tschannen, Special Officer – Treasurer who has supported every step of this journey as my friend, my partner, and my greatest supporter. This is our coordinated team of supporters and those who have guided our actions. I’m sure that 2014 will allow us to continue on a much more unified team mission, as our first year has simply been getting our feet wet and seeing how well we can do. I am amazed by all we have achieved this year and I do hope the team above knows how much I truly appreciate their incredible patience and support. They have certainly been the hope as we have spread our wings to soar this first year in service.
Remember dear friends, so long is their is hope & a drive to make a difference then we will all continue to touch the hearts of many as we grow together in 2014. Butterfly Dreams would like to thank each of you for your support and friendship as we have grown throughout this first year together. All I can say is ‘Watch out 2014’ as we all become stronger and even more connected together to bring resources of help & healing to the many trapped and suffering the crimes of abuse, violence and/or trafficking. We will continue our mission of connecting hearts & holding hands around the world to bring the awareness, prevention, rescue, and education to our society as a whole, and more importantly within our own individual communities. I believe that every small community across our country should have a service provider for family healing and recovery for victims. It is the next message in our work and I pray that all of our services and organizations will be blessed to achieve this miraculous goal. Please take a few moments to view the attached message video for our #Resolution4Change in this brief video – http://youtu.be/JU-c-3G1R_U
**Always believe anything is possible with you in the active equation ~~ trish mcknight**
Our best for a grand New Year 2014!!!
The Butterfly Dreams Team
Please submit your contact information, along with a comment or if you need to connect for crisis support and resources. You will be added to our mailing list for our monthly newsletter and ‘Trish’ will be in touch with you personally. Thank you and all the best of dreams your way. Never give up on your own true freedom and your pursuit of happiness!!

Patricia A. McKnight


Phone: 618-304-7438
Founder/Pres. – Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery
Survivors World Online Support Group
Author/Advocate/Crisis Support/Consultations/Radio Host/Survivor
Get your copy of ‘My Justice’ today and help fund our continued efforts to provide one on one support and our blog talk radio programming. Available through Authorhouse.com/Amazon.com/BN.com and most other leading online book resources!!

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