Experts: Your Home Could Soon Be Battleground In New Drug War

It is important to consider that our kids will search out all most any possible way to get high, especially if they are dealing with other issues. Many of our kids are living in family violence, abuse, rape; but they believe their parents and family are not guilty of any ‘crime’. For kids, know thatContinue reading “Experts: Your Home Could Soon Be Battleground In New Drug War”

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Yesterday I wrote about forgiveness and how to do it, almost after I had posted it and replies came in, it occurred to me that perhaps it isn’t my father or even my mother that I have to forgive. Perhaps it is the little boy himself that needs the forgiveness.  I’ve hated…


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A poem in response to the Vio­lence Against Women Act (VAWA) re-authorization debate in Congress. Eigh­teen years ago, this week, VAWA was signed into law. In April 2012, the Sen­ate approved a ver­sion of VAWA that extends ser­vices and pro­tec­tions to bat­tered undoc­u­mented immi­grants and to gay, les­bian, and trans­gen­der vic­tims. In May…

“The Good Within…..”

Well here it is 6 a.m. on a Saturday morning and again I am unable to sleep. Seems another morning has come where my mind doesn’t want to shut off. It’s so early, actually I’ve been awake since three, but just started coffee and had to get some thoughts out of my head. First thingContinue reading ““The Good Within…..””

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Call for Papers – Our Encounters with Self Harm Charley Baker BA MA, Francis C Biley RN PhD, Clare Shaw BA MA CONTACT: This book will form part of a series with PCCS books. The first of these books, ‘Our Encounters with Madness‘, has received…