Experts: Your Home Could Soon Be Battleground In New Drug War

It is important to consider that our kids will search out all most any possible way to get high, especially if they are dealing with other issues. Many of our kids are living in family violence, abuse, rape; but they believe their parents and family are not guilty of any ‘crime’. For kids, know that any abuses against you are crimes and need to be reported, talk it out rather than use drugs to cope. As adults we have to realize that our kids are not only dealing with the stresses of the higher education requirements, but also the violence and abuse within their own homes, 24/7 bullying online or thru their phone, it is difficult to be a teen or even pre-teen these days. Be watchful, consider the stress, consider the silence, consider the risk of your child!!! Tricia McKnight, author/advocate/speaker/writer/talk radio host/survivor

‘Dusting’ High A Deadly Fad For Young People

Are your kids at risk for ‘Dusting’ – read this report about an instant way our kids are killing themselves and getting high while doing it!!! Computer needs dusted out, parents please do this job yourself and keep the canned air locked up in a safety spot!!! thank you, CBS Chicago 2!!!

Sex Trafficking In Hotels

Thank you for sharing and encouraging our St. Louis and metro area to be alert, get involved and know the truth!!! Too often crimes like trafficking, even when it is done by parents, is commonly overlooked and the victim is blamed.
“Why would they do such things”, it’s easy to turn away, but much more courageous to call 911 and report when you see a minor alone in places they should not be. Please help in some wayu, don’t turn away from them, let them turn to you!!!! Author/Advocate/Speaker/Writer/Blogger/Talk Radio Host/Survivor; ‘My Justice’ pub. Feb 2011

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ST. LOUIS, MO. (KTVI) – Nuns, hookers and babies all come together in tonight’s story about sex trafficking.  Chris Hayes explains how these three worlds converge in his ongoing expose on prostitution in St. Louis.

It happened through Kim Ritter, who coordinates travel and convention events for nuns.  One day the nuns told her to pressure the places pimps use most, hotels.

Ritter explained, “I was able to go online, go to and identify these hotel rooms by the throws in the room, by the curtains, by whatever was outside of their window.”

Almost every online sale of a human body shows a picture taken at a hotel or motel.  Sometimes you can even see St. Louis landmarks in the background — like the Ed Jones Dome and the old St. Louis Courthouse.

Ritter said, “If we could just get all of the hotels to stand together…

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This is a very powerful look into the abuse we continue to push on the child who was the victim. We blame them and are disgusted by the horrible acts they did. We don’t seem to acknowledge that they were forced to do those acts, had no choice in the matter. When we see the acts as something we did because……..then we will stop believing in the connection we need with the parents who abandoned and abused us. Thank you J. D. Stockholm for this fabulous share!!! Your book is a definite must read for me as these post allow me to see what lies inside. many hugs to help relieve your pain, (()) tricia mcknight

JD Stockholm.

Yesterday I wrote about forgiveness and how to do it, almost after I had posted it and replies came in, it occurred to me that perhaps it isn’t my father or even my mother that I have to forgive. Perhaps it is the little boy himself that needs the forgiveness. 

I’ve hated him for a very long time, to the point if anyone asked me I would say, I would happily push him down the stairs and hope it hurt for the things he did.  But I have to ask myself, if he were a real child stood in front of me, if he was anyone but me, would I do that to him and no of course I wouldn’t  I would never hurt a child.

In a way it is like I am on the side of my mother and father, I help them to abuse him even more because I blame…

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Her presence is not gone, Susan will be living in the lives of millions by the many books and the Evidentiary Abuse Affidavit; all of them she created to SAVE LIVES OF THOSE SHE DIDN’T KNOW!! This was her spirit, she was a justice seeker for those who had no voice. I will miss her dearly and having just gotten the news of her passing am still in the midst of disbelief. Susan was a huge beacon of light in my life and I know she will be in the lives of those who use her books and her tools designed to help them escape a violent relationship, move on with their lives, stay safe, and if unfortunately necessary; to speak from the grave. Anny your letter to Michelle Obama should earn Susan the recognition she is so deserving of and place her in line for the Nobel Peace Prize. No one has worked as diligently to protect the lives of women and children of domestic/initmate violence with the true devotion as this amazing woman shared. Susan will always be in my spirit pushing me forward and tapping me with her ever determined nature: “Get out of your own way Trish and do what you need to do. Don’t have a pity party and feel sorry and helpless, just live and do what you need to.” This is the Susan I knew, shared phoned calls with, did a couple of radio shows with and truly admired. In loving memory Susan, may God and the Angels keep you forever safe. much sadness over this loss and it will be felt for years to come through women and men of this crime who will benefit greatly from her masterful creations. blessings and sadness, trish

Anny Jacoby, Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Specialist, Personal Safety Consultant & Instructor

Susan Murphy-Milano

On Sunday, October 28, 2012 when many across the country were praying for Susan Murphy-Milano to find peace and to let God bring her home, she passed through the doorway of the mansion in heaven that was prepared for her.

Is she gone from us? No way.

Susan’s work lives on in each and every victim of violence that she figured out how to save, it goes on through each case she offered her expertise that got the attention it needed to make progress, she lives on through each friend who touched her life and to whom she gave so freely. Although her shoes can never be filled, her work will continue.

All of us have a favorite memory, picture and story about Susan. Please feel free to leave your words at Conquering Cancer in the comment section.

Memorial announcements will be made for a time in the…

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A fabulous look into the much needed support for VAWA Reauthorization!!!

United Nations Delegate

A poem in response to the Vio­lence Against Women Act (VAWA) re-authorization debate in Congress.

Eigh­teen years ago, this week, VAWA was signed into law. In April 2012, the Sen­ate approved a ver­sion of VAWA that extends ser­vices and pro­tec­tions to bat­tered undoc­u­mented immi­grants and to gay, les­bian, and trans­gen­der vic­tims. In May 2012, the House of Rep­re­sen­ta­tives passed the alter­na­tive Repub­li­can ver­sion, explic­itly avoid­ing any exten­sion of pro­tec­tion to LGBT, Native Amer­i­cans, and undoc­u­mented immi­grant women. Rec­on­cil­i­a­tion of the two ver­sions remains to be seen. His­tor­i­cally, Con­gress has renewed VAWA with­out con­tro­versy, but this debate came at a time when women’s rights, par­tic­u­larly to their bod­ies, are being sys­tem­at­i­cally chal­lenged in the polit­i­cal arena.

Take action and learn more with the National Task Force to End Sex­ual and Domes­tic Vio­lence Against Womenand on Sep­tem­ber 25, par­tic­i­pate in an Orange Day.

Late At Night… dear House
By Kathryn Krastin


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“The Good Within…..”

Well here it is 6 a.m. on a Saturday morning and again I am unable to sleep. Seems another morning has come where my mind doesn’t want to shut off. It’s so early, actually I’ve been awake since three, but just started coffee and had to get some thoughts out of my head.

First thing I think however, “Damn…..this world can be so insane and evil at times.” That’s it. That’s the first thought. Then, “How can I try to make things different and what are my next few steps going to be?”

I was just telling my beautiful friend, Michal Madison, the other day on the phone about what I am going to write to you here. She and I have become quite close you see. We have never met, but she knows me; she knows my spirit and my dreams. In fact we share many of the same thoughts and wishes, the passions of how we can try to create something better.

Anyway, here goes. “It’s sad to realize that no other mammal on this earth is as cruel to its young as we humans. Even the most ferocious animals of the kingdom; the lions, tigers, and yes, even bears are nurturing to their young. They keep them safe always. These breeds of God’s creations often stay together happily throughout their lifetime. However, humans beat, neglect, degrade, molest and rape our young. We manipulate them in our domestic relationships and our adult world. We use them to satisfy our own sick demented need for power and greatness, even sadistic desires.”

Do you know absolutely any adult can manipulate, over power, and control a child or even preteen; actually any human who is cruel can make another feel less worthy? It is when they have developed the adult body parts, the adult logical thinking, the adult ability to speak out, fight back, run away we start picking another less powerful force.

I made a statement in a Facebook comment yesterday afternoon. In this I discussed, “What would happen if each person who is able, chose to protect just one other who was younger, weaker, not able to protect themselves in some way; How would our world change? What morals and human decency would we be able to give to the next generation? What basic human skills could we give to our children to make this world a better place?”

I’m not sure if you feel as I do, but I’m more concerned about what morality will exist in my grandchildren’s futures rather than what debt they’ll be burdened to carry. Let’s face facts; “How do we ever expect them to pay off our world deficit?” I really don’t view this as a possibility for them. It really is a hope that we can change our pattern of spending to reduce this, but I believe that it may be an impossible feat for them at this point.

“What if instead we all chip in through moral teachings?” We can start punishing those who harm them, make calls to help rescue them, teach them they are worthy; teach them the process I began teaching my own grandchildren and try hard to pass on to them…..

“There are bad things in this world. There are people who are simply bad and do things to hurt other people. We can’t think that God can fix everything and take all the bad people, all the bad things, and rid them away. What we can do, is each try to be good inside. We each can try to find our good and share it with others. We also have to help protect those around us from bad things and bad people.”

That’s it simple easy step one as explained to my, then, six-year-old grandson. Every time someone begins to bully him or tries to be mean to him, he does speak up for himself, most times. But, at the same time when you talk to him he worries about if someone is being mean to them. He even tells his mom and dad when they’re not being nice. He has a great heart and a true soul. My awesome grandson, Gavin, knows at nine years old what it means to be kind and be a good person. I’m not sure I can say that for many adults I’ve come across in my life. It’s tragic to think of the world he, his brother, and my precious little granddaughter are going to be so sadly changed by the cruel sense of others. **Note: (Gavin wrote a story, himself, about this and now he and NaNa are working on the publication)**

“Do you believe we can change the path of mankind? Do you believe we all have the personal right to be safe in our world? Do you believe that if we all choose to protect our own rather than harm them, that we can create a better, kinder, safer world to give them?”

So you may now ask…..”What are my next few steps in this journey to make a difference?”

I am going to share these statements wherever I can. I am going to write about these statements, do public speaking on these statements, try to inspire some sense of moral kindness towards another. Most of all, I am going to ask you to look inside, to ask yourself;

“If I can protect just one and ask another to protect just one, maybe something will change? If I can speak for the goodness in mankind, if I can try to leave something better for my children and grandchildren; then maybe, just maybe, something will begin to sparkle through the goodness that I pass forward. Rather than hand the world to them with all of the pain, violence, evil, darkness; I can be part of the generation that gathered its voices and decided to take a stand.”

“I can be part of that wonderful group that did something different rather than just accepting what has been turned away from for generations. I can simply begin to be one of those awesome voices that decided to say, NO MORE!!”

Let’s face it folks, if we don’t try to do something, what will our children think of this species called the human race in another twenty years?

If you agree with this and you want to help make a change and just don’t know how to start, look inside yourself. What lies inside your heart? What are your thoughts about these statements?What do you hope to pass forward? If all of your answers here fill your ideas with wonderful possibilities, share that good spirit with others.

“The place we can all begin to create a kinder, more compassionate and safer world; this is the good that lies within.”

Be the rose within!!

Michal Madison Art
Michal Madison Art
Michal Madison; Watercolor Artist

(c) Patricia A. McKnight


Author:  “My Justice”

When we get surrounded by those bad days and negative thoughts, check out the amazing positive influence Ms. Eva Tenter encourages within us all!!!

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Wise Lesson from a Grumpy Cloud

Today I spotted one really grumpy looking cloud.

This cloud made me think of our emotions and moods. More specifically, it made me think about this phenomenon that we usually call “a bad day”, “a bad hair day”, “feeling under the weather” etc.

I’m sure everyone has experienced those days, when everything seems okay and then suddenly this grumpy looking creature creeps in, drags our mood to a negative gear and tries to ruin our entire day by casting a huge shadow on it.

Well, I think there is a wonderful lesson to learn from this grumpy cloud being – we do not have to let it ruin anything! As we can see from the picture below, the grumpy dude is surrounded by many lovely and cheerful beings and all that actually needs to be done, is to wait for the wind to take…

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Far be it from me -

Call for Papers – Our Encounters with Self Harm
Charley Baker BAMA, Francis C Biley RNPhD, Clare Shaw BA MA


This book will form part of a series with PCCS books. The first of these books, ‘Our
Encounters with Madness‘, has received excellent reviews. Fran Biley is now working on
‘Our Encounters with Suicide‘. Both of these are collections of individuals’ own
testimonies and narratives – about the care they have received, about what works and
what doesn’t, about their life events and histories, and about how individuals
conceptualise issues which are commonly only referred to as ‘pathological’ or as a sign of
‘mental illness’. We have been contracted to develop a third book in this series, ‘Our
Encounters with Self Harm’.

Such a book is desperately needed for clinicians and students working with individuals
who self harm, across the…

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This talented author has shared some great tips to watch for when connecting with someone. Is the person you are dating a possible child predator? read on and give it some thought!!!

Love, Life, and Relationships: Overcoming Emotional and Child Sexual Abuse

I was contacted by a friend who witnessed Clayton Griffin, a Federal Police Officer who was just sentenced to 55 years, pursue his interest in me while at work. When she told me what happened I quite honestly did not remember him – but she did. She used to work directly with him, and anytime I came to see her, he would try to talk to me until I abruptly expressed disinterest.

More alarming that the news (because I don’t have any kind of attachment to his plight), was the arguments by commenters who personally know Mr. Griffin. I believe that based on the comments, some of them could be family members and one may be the victim. Why they chose to have this argument on a public website for the world to see remains to be understood but there are a lot sirens that went off in my…

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