Voices InJustice Radio – School is back in session – Education in America 08/16 by Voices InJustice Radio | Current Events Podcasts

Voices InJustice Radio – School is back in session – Education in America 08/16 by Voices InJustice Radio | Current Events Podcasts.

Set your reminder friends, TEACHERS, PARENTS & TEENS – You’re invited to join in as we open the discussion about our American Educational System!! What are your concerns as kids return to school? Are their Racial Issues; Low Income Meals; After School Activities; Are kids getting a positive learning environment with the support from teachers & school officials? Do you worry about teachers possibly harming or sexually approaching your child? Would they tell you if it happened? School Violence is on the increase and today’s children deal with constant harassment, bullying, and online condemnation everyday. Their struggles today are unlike any other generation, are you prepared and do you have a relationship which encourages your child or teen to openly discuss their challenges? JoinPatricia A. Mcknight live Sunday evening at 9pm central time for your Voices InJustice discussing our American School Systems. Don’t forget to invite your friends & family to call in live or join the chatroom discussion. There’s a lot we need to address to ensure ALL CHILDREN & FAMILIES are given the open support they deserve to protect our children’s education. Looking forward to hearing music by Marc Joseph Ludeman!!!

Won’t you be sure to join us??

How is one trained to become the perfect lifetime victim of abuse


Welcome to the introduction of Patricia A. McKnight. Today a powerful speaker & strong advocate, but once a victim for more than 30 years of her life. Incredible right, why would anyone remain a victim of this violence and disgusting degradation for so long? It all started at five, I was trained to become the perfect victim, the perfect long lasting accepting and tolerating of these vicious and vile attacks. You may know a child whose life is so horrifying on the inside they are becoming the next perfectly trained victim. Help is just a phone call away, change your views about what our society has been teaching in the control of silence & secrets these past centuries. Connect with ‘Trish’ and arrange speaking for your next event. facebook.com/triciagirl62

EMAIL – trish.mcknight@live.com


Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery

Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery.

Hi everyone, are you aware that most of the Domestic Child Sex Trafficking cases occur by the direction of a family member, more specifically usually parents. Its actually quite tragic that the child doesn’t even realize they are being trafficked until many years later. A child’s mind, especially the young children, are first going to go with any person their parents say, that’s just the way it is. Over the years they are conditioned, but by the time they reach 12 or so, they become defiant or they get used to the fact there is nothing they can do to stop the insanity, they are trapped and they want to die. It happens every day here in the United States but no one is ready to accept this truth of mankind’s depravity. What’s even worse is when we say we are Christians, say we are one who truly cares, but yet turn away and pretend the cruelty or over abundance of attention given to one direct child by one or two direct individuals, be suspicious and let your gut guide you through. Help the children who do not have a say in this part of the path in their lives, but yet by the time they grow to escape this insane reality of their existence; the damage is deep and the path is set. How many more will we ignore in our human society simply because we’re just not sure yet how to handle it. It is an epidemic and if it were  or other form of illness, we would be waving flags of rescue & assistance. Please friends, be aware of how dark it often gets within the households of our society. There are no boundaries, not economical, not geographical, not religious, not anything at all. ANYONE CAN BE A VICTIM OF ANOTHER, ANYONE CAN BE AN OFFENDER – just always remember the perfect reputation and community status of 
  visit Grounds of Grace, Human Trafficking in the U.S. or visit Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery for more information & awareness you can use.


From The Desk Of Darlene J. Harris- Familial Child Trafficking by Patricia McKnight A Survivor and Advocate

From The Desk Of Darlene J. Harris- Familial Child Trafficking by Patricia McKnight A Survivor and Advocate.


A must read for anyone working directly with children. You never know what might happen hidden in the protective cover of family. Learn the silent signs and give a voice to the silenced children today. Thank you for sharing

Trish McKnight

Finally living in the warm embrace of love, sharing ‘My Justice’

Bookcvr1        “My Justice”

written by: Patricia A. McKnight

Owner/CEO: Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery







A true story of one child’s life spent in horrific acts of violence, family alcoholism, mental health disorders, vicious sexual harm, community trafficking, and neglect so extreme the scars from rot are still present today.

The little girl who became a young woman searching for anyone who would love her; someone who would make that child feel worthy and that her life of happiness & safety truly mattered.

The young woman who became a wife trapped in emotional degradation & an almost deadly cycle of repeated attacks from the dysfunctional dangerous relationships & marriages.

The woman who became a mother and lives forever regretful of the impact her choices and the tolerance of violence has left in her children’s lives.

The grandmother who still tries to undo the path that continues to cycle forward in the suffering of her grandchildren.

A warrior against the harm of all beings which has been tolerated throughout centuries; hidden within the protective cover of family. The generational teaching of forced family secrets and victim blaming which deters our society from making the right decision to report what they suspect.

What would you do if these ugly acts extended throughout your child’s life? What if your son or daughter, a close personal friend or a partner you chose, had been so violated and abandoned by the entire community?

Almost always there is at least one other person who knows or suspects when a child is being destroyed by those given the responsibility of their survival and growth; their perceptions of the world and the influence they will have on others. Are we abandoning our children in a society of evil?

Its a Family Affair with Children’s Author, Julie Federico 03/31 by Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery | Self Help Podcasts

Its a Family Affair with Children’s Author, Julie Federico 03/31 by Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery | Self Help Podcasts.

Tonight’s show, beginning at 9pm eastern time – welcome Award Winning Children’s Author, Author Julie Federico!!! This is a show for all ages & we encourage parents & educators to listen in as we share Julie’s latest works. Its never too early to begin reading to your children and with these vibrantly illustrated and empowering stories, you or your school, will connect with the children and provide them with courage to speak up. Remember a child reporting a violent or abusive crime, either in their home, their school, or in their neighborhoods, carries a lot of power and demands prompt attention. Join us and help teach our children to believe in their own true power. Butterfly Dreams; connecting hearts & holding hands of help around the world. Together we are providing the next generation with a path to secure their happy childhood!! Pass it on and invite friends from your circles. Remember our amazing Butterfly Volunteers & Helpers are always in our chatroom for your commentary or to provide support. Thank you!!!

Pedophilia as an accepted Sexual Orientation – Never!!!



Dear Friends, Family & Media Resources;

Many of you know my story and I personally know many of your stories. You probably know the stories of many others who have endured the vicious acts of Child Sexual Abuse. Now I’m not saying that physical abuse is any less of an issue but this post is focused on the need to stop PEDOPHILES from bringing their attractions and actions against our children. The most important factor, how can a child give true ‘CONSENT’ when they can’t even decide their favorite Crayon Color? Still, we are supposed to accept this as a Sexual Orientation. ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!!

On Monday, March 10th, we did a show on Butterfly Dreams Radio about the U.K. recent talks to permit Pedophilia as a sexual orientation. Fighting for the rights of Pedophiles to be accepted within our society. How much lower will we sink in destruction of our children? This show was inspired by the blog feature provided by David Pittman  http://together-we-heal.org/2014/03/04/we-cant-prove-sex-with-children-does-them-harm-says-labour-linked-nccl/

I would encourage everyone to listen in to this very important broadcast, we will certainly be hearing talk of this in the U.S. at least by next year if it’s not already here. This can NEVER be accepted within our society!!!

Listen to the show here– http://www.blogtalkradio.com/butterflydreamstalkradio/2014/03/11/its-a-family-affair–pedophilia-should-it-be-an-accepted-act

There are studies completed by the National Institute of Mental Health, Center for Disease and Control, and many many advocate resources who all share the many deep wounding affects the moment any form of Adult to Child sexual interaction takes place, but you know what, those studies are back up material to what THOUSANDS OF SURVIVORS are saying today!!

SURVIVORS & SOCIETY, the most important fact we can give to end what is now being discussed as a sexual orientation, but what is really a VICIOUS PERSONAL CRIME – We MUST share our stories!!!

It is crucial for our entire human society to realize that the THOUSANDS, which I am connected to online and millions more that are living among us everyday; we must hear their voices!!! Please take a chance and TELL YOUR STORY TO SAVE THE CHILDREN FROM THIS PAIN TOMORROW. Listen to how deviate and evil the crimes can get against those who we can take over complete control, force our vile acts of sexual desire and then force them into silence and tolerance, day after day, year after year.

An adult who is being attacked can kick, scream, fight back or run. We have the knowledge and understanding of what is actually happening to us and more importantly it’s not usually someone you live with who attacks you. This is not to say that our loved ones/partners don’t rape & molest us, but we understand and we have a choice to leave.

Think about this list of things a child DOES NOT have to protect themselves:

1) A child believes they are completely dependent upon that person for their very survival

2) A child will do ANYTHING if they believe it will make that parent happy

3) A child can be easily manipulated by an adult to permit the act to happen

4) A child can be easily terrorized into believing the adult has the power to end their life as they know it, have them taken from the family they love or worse, kill the family they love

5) A child does not have the understanding of what it means to touch someone there or to rub this, kiss that.

6) A child does not have the mental capacity to ‘CONSENT’ to the sexual interaction

7) A child cannot scream out for help unless we (as a society) begin teaching them differently

8) A child cannot fight an adult

9) A child cannot run away and escape the attack

10) A child’s developing brain suffers deep emotional disturbances, especially when there is years of forced sadistic attacks and a refusal by other family members to protect them or help them.

In years passed we’ve all hid our true self in the closet far away from the judgment & rejection of others and only those in our closest circles knowing any of our suffering. Today there are THOUSANDS who can no longer live in that darkness. They have chosen to share their story for their healing, but more importantly to HELP SOCIETY UNDERSTAND THE LIFETIME OF DESTRUCTIVE BEHAVIORS AS A RESULT OF WHAT WAS FORCED IN THE SILENCE AND ACCEPTANCE OF AN ENTIRE CHILDHOOD LIVED IN THE DEVIATE AND PERSONALLY DESTRUCTING ATTACKS.

Now perhaps you are one who wants to review study after study on the affects of this CRIME on a child’s developing brain? Maybe you want to read the studies about distorted views and perceptions it creates in the adult lives of the survivors? Maybe you would prefer to study the laws and the history of our country’s Child Protection Act, which goes back as far as the first added amendment to the Social Securities Act back in 1963? All of this is important information for you to understand what it is that so many are finally realizing today. It matters to us as survivors because finally we see in black & white that we are ‘NOT’ CRAZY, these are life destroying crimes.

An easy and interesting way to find out about all of the above information here, you can listen in to the broadcasted show archives for Butterfly Dreams Talk Radio. We have discussed each and everyone of these very important truths in our country’s history and more importantly, the ongoing generationally taught human behaviors of these acts and the tolerance and silence we continue to enforce within our homes & our families. Listen in here to shows broadcasting since January 2013 and reaching close to 42,000 listens!!!http://www.blogtalkradio.com/butterflydreamstalkradio .

Throughout history, generation after generation, we continue to ignore what is happening within our families. We continue to ignore all the violence between partners/parents/couples. We then tell our children they are not allowed to talk about the fear they felt, the pain of seeing their mom or dad attack the other parent. This is detrimental enough and we know it flows out into our schools in their acting out what they see.

Sexual abuse is an even more disturbing level of secrecy. The pedophile who they live with, wake up with, and depend on for survival must keep the attacks against their own child (maybe even neighborhood children) a deeply hidden secret. They will go through extreme measures to protect THEIR SHAME from being seen by those they work with, live with, interact with everyday. They must maintain this secret so they can continue to abuse the child to satisfy their need for power or their deviate sexual cravings. We must know the ‘SIGNS & SYMPTOMS’ of a SILENT CHILD VICTIM. Survivors YOUR STORIES EDUCATE!!! YOUR STORIES EMPOWER AT LEAST ONE PERSON EVERY TIME YOU SPEAK!!! YOUR STORY SAVES LIVES!!! Your story is the most crucial weapon we have to combat against the strong ring of money, politicians, and lobbiest who are fighting to have this CRIME accepted as a SEXUAL ORIENTATION!!! Please do not hold back any longer. Your healing journey and a child’s life depends on your story.

We need your stories and we as a human society need to listen to the NUMBERS of stories. Many of the stories I’ve helped survivors through are more violent and deviate than any television producer could possibly imagine, They are more destructive to the child than any ‘NORMAL’ moral person could ever possibly accept.

TELL THE PEDOPHILES ABSOLUTELY NO – YOU WILL NOT BE PERMITTED TO HAVE SEX WITH OUR CHILDREN. Tell the molester in your family, even if it is your partner/spouse, you will not tolerate them touching or having any sexual contact or interaction with your children. Tell our justice system to punish these soul destroying criminals to the fullest extent of the law. Tell our politicians to stand behind the community and create an awareness and prevention measure in every small community around the globe. No child should ever have to endure these vile acts of harm by those entrusted with their care!!!

As a survivor I fully understand that a safe community with which to share our stories is always a much needed and absolutely fabulous resource. However, now YOUR STORY is more important than ever!! We have a huge problem on our hands, the pedophilia sexual orientation acceptance is being discussed now in the U.K.; we cannot allow this. As my dear friend Michal Madison put so very well “We need an Army of Angels sharing all of our stories”. As I’ve said many times my friends, it is the extreme details of deviate acts and the HUGE numbers of survivors who are brave enough to stand up and speak out because they know this cannot be pushed under the rug and ignored any longer. To all of you who have endured this CRIME AGAINST YOU, know that we are not alone any longer. There is nothing to be ashamed of and you have absolutely NO GUILT in this interaction. It is ALWAYS the adult (the attacker) who is to blame for their actions. Today it is crucial to empower our kids to believe and know that we as adults will protect them, we will fight for their wellbeing when they cannot fight or protect themselves. We have to stop the ongoing generationally taught forced silence and tolerance of this vicious crime!!!

MEDIA RESOURCES – PLEASE COVER THESE VERY IMPORTANT ISSUES AND KEEP THIS FIGHT TO END THESE ACTS IN OUR PUBLIC EYE!! We have a responsibility and media, as this particular broadcast will reveal, presents what is acceptable in our society. Think back to the 1960’s when it was rare to see a African American on television, then our country changed and Civil Rights Movement began. Think back to when shows didn’t use swear words, didn’t show Gay couples, didn’t reveal sexual interactions at all. Look at what we have learned to find acceptable in our society by the history of our media. (These listed comments are not a degrading remark toward any person’s race, creed, color, gender, sexual orientation, except the so-called Pedophilia Orientation) It is simply to show the history of our human society and how important our media is to what we in society learn to find acceptable and tolerable. How long will it take before we become accepting & tolerant of Pedophilia? 

Now I first went public with my story back in Feb 2011 when I published ‘My Justice‘. I know of at least 30 authors who have published and connected with me on Butterfly Dreams Talk Radio to share their life filled with pain, emotional breakdowns, ongoing mental health issues, the flat out destruction of their soul from viciously violent & sadistic, even the so called ‘gentle’ incest or inter-family tolerated and accepted years of ongoing molestation and rapes.

 Please speak out you are no longer alone! We as a society have the power to end this now. April is Child Abuse Prevention Month. I am personally inviting every resource who is having an event where a survivor can speak to please give them that opportunity. There is nothing more powerful than seeing a survivor tell their story and release their trapped inner silence; the emotions will rock you to the very core of your soul. If you are holding an event please share in the Butterfly Dreams Talk Radio & Abuse Recovery Open Facebook Group. We will be announcing events on our shows beginning the last week of March. If you want to have your event announced please post it in our group and tell us who your main speaker will be and what are they sharing to make a difference. For all persons in our society, this is a plea for you to attend at least one event in April. Let our children actually see the support we want to give them. Let them take part and feel the energy that stands at their side. Encourage them to be involved and WEAR YOUR BLUE WITH PRIDE. I know of one resource who is selling shirts at this time everyone can buy one online for $25.00. Please let’s give our kids a life filled with a positive influence it is certainly the least they deserve and we can end what has been so blindly accepted throughout our human history. Please give them this gift of love & safety within their homes, their community, their schools, their life.

Thank you,

Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery & Talk Radio Programming

Butterfly Dreams Team


Patricia ‘Trish’ McKnight


Author/Advocate/Radio Host

Mentor/Crisis Resources/Survivor

Team: V.P. & COO Michal Madison, Kelly Townsend, Julia D’Alfanzo, Linda Walcher, Dr. Brenda Joyce Markert-Green, John Lewis Mealer, Mary Graziano, Faith McDaniel, Patricia Caldwell, Debbie Naylor Cox, Robbie Tshcannen, Sue Knepper

Advisory Team: Lynn C. Tolson (Beyond the Tears – A true survivors story) & Petra Luna (PLuna Foundation)

(c) Copyright Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery 2014

Its a Family Affair -Secondary Wounding of PTSD and Family Violence 02/24 by Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery | Self Help Podcasts

Its a Family Affair -Secondary Wounding of PTSD and Family Violence 02/24 by Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery | Self Help Podcasts.

Tonight my friends we welcome two special guests on ‘Its a Family Affair’ on Butterfly Dreams Talk Radio. You and your family are invited to join in our conversation as we discuss Secondary Wounding of Family Violence and the ‘Prisoner of War’ focus on the victims who endures in silence without a weapon everyday, especially our children who don’t even have the right to say ‘No’.


Conversation starts at 9pm eastern time, let’s get our thoughts and conversation points going on this link, or set your REMINDER here and join in with us live tonight. Call in at 347-215-7754 or connect with our awesome Butterfly Helpers in the chatroom. There is a change in the views of these actions and it is all of those who have survived to tell their story who are the greatest teachers we will ever have. Believe in the studies and the truth of how these types of tolerated acts have been endured with enforced silence, but today you are the key to that change. We can empower as we teach our children a better way, no longer do we have to suffer in silence or endure the pain day after day. There is hope & help!! Chat with everyone later. How has violence impacted your life or your children’s perception of safe behaviors today? 

Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery

Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery.


Working through your recovery and understanding your trauma, here are some great daily steps you can use to take back your power!!!  Artwork via Michal Madison Art!!

Male Abuse Awareness Week Feature Broadcasting

Male Abuse Awareness Week Feature Broadcasting.