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Tolson 4 Tears; Lynn C Tolson Reviews ‘My Justice’ – http://beyondthetears.blogspot.com/2013/07/tolson-4-tears-reviews-my-justice.html


Recommendation for Author/Advocate, Ms. Lynn C. Tolson

In these last two years it has been a great pleasure to meet and interview some of the very best devoted advocates. One of these incredible advocates is Author Lynn C. Tolson, whom our first contact originated from her autobiography, ‘Beyond the Tears; A True Survivors Story’. Having first communicated with Ms. Tolson during an interview on Dreamcatchers Talk Radio, I researched and read her intense story of child abuse, child sexual abuse, rape and the aftermath of the broken adult survivor. Her story opens up at the age of twenty-five as she contemplates suicide due to the mess of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, along with many other related emotional dysfunctions. However, it isn’t until she goes through the process of therapy to break through the barriers of understanding the many confused emotions, when finally she realized how all the pieces begin to fit together.

Her memoir, published in September 2003, is one of the first survivor stories to be shared at a time when only a few had challenged breaking down the barriers of silence about lives tormented from the impact of Domestic Violence, Sexual Abuse, Physical & Emotional wounds, which she finally pieced together as the deep embedded scars from all she had endured as a young girl. Her childhood home was chaotic with broken dysfunctional parents and a terrorizing father who’s only shown emotions were that of rage and sexual destruction of his daughter.

As you read this powerful memoir you are taken through her recovery from the madness, the life lived in self-destruction from alcohol, drugs, and constant thoughts of suicide. You walk with her through regaining her strength as a human being, reclaiming the life taken and invaded by the ever so present violent and abusive actions that had existed since her beginning. Ms. Lynn C. Tolson had finally found her healing courage, which has led now to her mission in life; telling her story in all its ugly truths and empowering others with the belief in their own power to heal. In publishing her story she leaves her soul vulnerable to the general judgments and condemnation from a society trained into the ever so present heavy silence about these horrendous crimes within our homes. Thankfully as Lynn has shared in her own words many times during our chats, ‘Writing her story to help others find their way is simply a labor of love’, but in this path she has found also a blessing of peace from the treacherous journey of rebuilding her inner self.

It is in these last six months that I have become quite close to the voice that had been so strong. She had quieted back some not sure of her ability to truly make a difference; however, this is one true survivor who has resurfaced with the spirit and determination not only to talk about her journey, but to create a program that is educating society about the connections between Rape & Suicide.

Author/Advocate, Lynn C. Tolson, has published a synopsis on the relative connection between these two topics. Her devotion to helping survivors find their way through to reclaiming their true life in the spiritual, physical, and emotional healing is a non-stop mission. Lynn’s education in Social Services led to her created program, Research 4 T.E.A.R.S., which she presented at the Annual Social Work Institute, held at Missouri Western State University in Saint Joseph, MO, which was also published in an article of the National Association of Social Workers Missouri Chapter Newsletter.

This was her new beginning, this was her found path; the path intended and embedded within her soul. She now gives her expertise and her voice as she shares her study, TELLING EVERYONE ABOUT RAPE & SUICIDE. Lynn has brought all that she went through in her healing to a published study on the correlation between these two entities. Having reviewed many cases and studying the destruction and desire of suicide, she found there was a distinct connection between the sexual assault and sexual abuse of a child to the ever present thought of suicide. If you think of the many broken souls of adult survivors of childhood rape, molestation, and even the cases of adult rape; you will also find most if not all of those affected by this crime have also contemplated or succeeded at taking their own lives. She has given the world another conclusive fact concerning the deep impact of these crimes. Many studies have been provided by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and also by the National Institute of Mental Health, which I have studied long and hard in my own healing path and what I wanted to pass forward to others in education and prevention. Ms. Tolson’s relative connection study of these two factors is another study which should be shared and published around the world.

It is with the highest respect and a personal sister survivor spiritual connection to the amazing work of Ms. Lynn Tolson, that I gladly submit this recommendation for her studied program of education to be shared, but also as a survivor myself encourage everyone to read her memoir Beyond the Tears; A True Survivors Story’. I would also recommend that survivors who are struggling today review the information supplied in Ms. Tolson’s study and perhaps you may find a glimpse of your person in the aftermath and destruction felt by the impact of these many silent, but soul murdering crimes.

You can connect with Author/Advocate, Ms. Lynn C. Tolson, through many of our social networking sites. I also highly recommend that you take the opportunity to read her blog site, which provides the published article of the Rape & Suicide Study, the many links to her memoir, and a huge collection of reader reviews, which just on Amazon alone you’ll find at least 50 or more who have given their Five Star recommendations for her journey of reclaiming her life in the aftermath of a lived filled with pain and terror of a child, young woman, who has grown strong and found her happiness; her own true freedom from abuse and sexual violence.

Beyond the Tears: A True Survivor’s Story: Welcome 2 Beyond the Tears

Recommendation by: Patricia ‘Trish’ McKnight

Author/IL. Cert. Advocate/Speaker/Talk Radio Prod & Host/Survivor

Founder: Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery & Talk Radio Programming



Recommended bloggers and resources of help

Recommended bloggers and resources of help

Friends this link will take you to the blogger spot which I fail to use as often as I should, but wanted to share some of those incredible friends I’ve built bonds with in this mission of awareness, education, and vigilance against all forms of abuse. I do hope you’ll check out those listed and see what they are sharing today and tomorrow. Perhaps you’ll follow what they’re doing and make new friends as I have. Perhaps you’ll also check out our radio programming on Butterfly Dreams Talk Radio by visiting http://www.blogtalkradio.com/butterflydreamsabuserecovery – We are NOT JUST ANOTHER ABUSE RADIO PROGRAM!!!With only 70 broadcasts under our belt we have an incredible 22,939 listens to the shows already!!! I’ll be broadcasting every Monday & Wednesday evening and our new host Debra Mize brings her Life in Transformation broadcst of Metamorphosis to the show. We are also looking for a MALE HOST to join our team. If you are interested, please contact me at butterflydreamsabuserecovery@gmail.com Thank you for supporting our programs and we hope you check out and use the website!!! Remember to hit those share buttons as we all are hoping to rally our voices to end the crimes of abuse and violence, especially those within our homes!!!

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