Male Abuse Awareness Week Feature Broadcasting

Male Abuse Awareness Week Feature Broadcasting.

Male Abuse Awareness Feature Broadcasting

Butterfly Dreams Talk Radio

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Male Abuse Awareness Week


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Founder; Pluna Foundation

Special Radio Interviews

Nov 25th – Dec 7th

Official Press Release by P Luna Foundation

Nov. 25th, Monday Philip Paris; Author ‘Men Cry Alone’
Barbara Ochoa & Stephen Spires


Nov. 27th, WednesdayDave Pittman, Fndr – Together We Heal
Blair Corbett, Fndr – Ark of Hope for Children


Dec 2nd, MondayMolly Wolfe, Research on Male Abuse
Lori Barnes, Representative Pluna Foundation


Dec 3, Tuesday – Ms. Jennifer Irons, C.E.O. MEStudios/Writer/Producer

                         ‘Shame’ Short Film, Domestic Violence Male Victims w/ Cast

                               Barbara Ochoa, Fndr. PLuna Foundation /–shame-the-movie


Dec 4th, WednesdayMichael Skinner, Fndr Surviving Spirit & Musician
Harmini, Christian Rap Artist/Actor/Model                        

Barbara Ochoa, Fndr: Pluna Foundation/ & Musician


Dec 5th Thursday – Mr. Bill Murray; Advocate/Speaker/Survivor

                                              S.C.A.N. Blog Talk Radio Programming

                                       Fndr. National Assoc. Survivors of Child Abuse


Dec 6th, FridayMartha Flores, Research & Studies
John Miller, Survivor & PlunaFoundation Rep.–closing-it-out


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Join us for this very special event in tribute to all males harmed by

the ugly & painful acts of abuse, violence and/or trafficking!!!

Let’s Hear It For The Boys!!


©Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery Nov.2012

Patricia ‘Trish’ McKnight

Fndr/C.E.O. Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery

Butterfly Dreams Talk Radio

Author: ‘My Justice’

Butterfly Dreams makes it BIG TIME!!

Butterfly Dreams Talk Radio







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The fabulous, Petra Luna, ‘Artist For The Abused’, has awarded Butterfly Dreams Talk Radio the very distinct honor to be the OFFICIAL RADIO NETWORK for her celebration –


It was a little over a year ago when I had the absolute pleasure to interview Petra Luna; Founder of PLunaFoundation. I was so overtaken by her direct and very firm views about child abuse, especially giving a voice to the MALE SURVIVORS!! She has made it her mission through her music, writing, developing the foundation, and most of all  holding a concert/event venue welcoming all MEN who have been harmed in Child Abuse.


“Male Abuse Awareness Week is an awareness campaign held every year from Dec 1st through 8th and the website is the extension of that program.  It is a program dedicated to the special needs of young boys and men who have been abused, in an attempt to stop these young males from growing up to abuse others and repeat the cycle of abuse.”  PLuna Foundation


VISIT or – Be sure to GET INVOLVED; help the boys & men around you be aware that it is SAFE for them to speak up and be heard. Check out the websites so you can stay up to date with the information for the event this year.  You can also review information from previous years, and read how many young men are breaking down the societal stigma of the silent, enduring man of yesterday. These incredible voices have joined in the hearts of many others; finally they are feeling enough support, friendship, respect, understanding and most of all SAFETY to express their hidden fears.

Join us this year as we celebrate the FREEDOM for the MALE VOICES OF ABUSE. Butterfly Dreams Talk Radio will be honoring the voices of MALE SURVIVORS for the ENTIRE MONTH of December in a special celebration with the PLuna Foundation’s Male Abuse Awareness Week!!

Share the experience with your friends, family, social networks & communities. Butterfly Dreams Talk Radio; Not just another abuse radio program!!

What is the PLuna Foundation?

Our Mission
The P.Luna Foundation fights child abuse by creating innovative programs to educate, aid law enforcement, an…d build awareness about the growing epidemic of child abuse and exploitation.
Our Vision
We aspire to end the anonymity of child sexual predators and to prevent future abuse through intellect, logic and virtue.
What do we do?

Catch the world Petra Luna!!



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Patricia ‘Trish’ McKnight & Michal Madison

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